The smallest diaper for premature babies

Pampers recently came up with the message that they have developed the smallest nappy in the world especially for premature babies. Even slightly smaller than the diaper that Huggies manufacturer released early this year. The premature diaper of Huggies is for babies with a birth weight of less than 900 grams, the diaper of Pampers is even suitable for premature babies with a birth weight of less than 800 grams!

Smallest diaper ever from Pampers

If your baby is born prematurely and ends up in an incubator then you do not immediately think of diapers. But if you then look at your baby in the incubator, the excessively large diaper is something that bothers you. That they can not do something about it now? The overly large diaper is the only thing premature babies can have and that can certainly be different.

Pampers, just like Huggies, has brought the smallest diaper ever on the market, not much bigger than your hand. The diaper is so small that it is even three sizes smaller than the smallest diaper that pampers now sells. This premature diaper is made of soft material, has no velcro and a better fit for these little ones.

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You can not buy the diapers in the store, they are meant for use in the hospital in the neonatology department. And the profit of this diaper? Pampers indicates that the proceeds of this smallest diaper again fully benefit the care for premature children.

People react massively on Facebook about the news of this smallest diaper and the reactions are divided.
For example, a mother of a handicapped son asks pampers: "Hopefully you also start on diapers for disabled children. My son is 11 and has a size small Tena and that is a bit small. The successor size medium comes far above the navel and is really for adult buttocks. My son can only play with pampers (formerly) and Tena and with the other he gets rash ".

(Source: Huggies, Pampers)

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