In 8 steps out the door with your baby

A quick pick up in the supermarket or half an hour before your appointment to get up from the bank and come on time: this was all fine. But now that you have a baby, it takes a little longer before you are out with your baby.
In this blog we will give you some points that you can take into account. That way you might be a little less late the next time!

8 Reasons why you always come late with a baby!

  • Step 1: Change number 1

    It is time to wake up and to hear that your little one is already out of dreamland. If you thought you would be ready within an hour, then you probably forgot that your morning now consists first of washing and changing your baby, feeding and waiting for that peasant. Result: half an hour later.

  • Step 2: Speedy shower

    Time to take a shower and have a good time. Or at least take a shower of 5 minutes and apply a wipe of mascara. You may now have the ambition to arrive on time.

  • Step 3: Clean clothes?

    That you walk around at home in clothes with a delicious peckish smell is not so bad, but for the outside world you still want to be a little cared-for.
    Have you not been out of the door with your baby for a long time? Then probably the big question is: do you still have clean clothes? That is searching! The hands of the clock are already 10 minutes further.

  • Step 3: Hip clothes?

    Maternity wear and nursing bras: what are they a result and especially very comfortable. But now that other people next to your partner and baby are going to see you, you realize at once how dull the pregnancy clothes are.
    It is therefore time to squeeze yourself into your 'pre-pregnancy' clothes and find out what 'is still possible' and for which it is unfortunately still a little too early. In the meantime, 20 minutes have passed!

  • Step 4: Your baby in the most beautiful package

    Now comes a nice moment: you can dress up your baby, because everyone must of course see how handsome he or she is. High time to choose the best outfit with matching socks, hats and so on. You will notice that you are quickly 15 minutes further.

  • Step 5: Your baby in a new package, mama in a new package

    If you thought you were ready, your baby should spit. Exactly yes, about the beautiful package and about you. And let that be the only shirt you could still show yourself in! That will repeat the above steps and definitely another half an hour later!

  • Step 6: Change number 2

    Do you smoke something? Yes, shit! That will be a diaper change again and 10 minutes later!

  • Step 7: Pushchair! How did that work again?

    Maybe you were excited to try out the pram for the first time, this enthusiasm is likely to end soon. Because no matter how easy they were in the store, it is not that easy to fold! Only count 5 minutes for this bumbling!

  • Step 8: Diaper bag

    A diaper bag only for diapers? Certainly not! Everything has to be done here and what was that again? Nutrition (how much again?), Toys, sunburn, teat, bottle (1 or 2?), Spit cloths, nappy towels and do you also have to bring toys? Or did you already?

Take your time! You are probably already too late right now! Count only 10 minutes here, let's be realistic, 20 minutes on!

The door with your baby is not that simple yet. Coming on time is a thing of the past, but you're always going to be easier!

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