This is how our visitors arrange a children's party

We asked our visitors what a fun children's party is for them. How do they celebrate it? What is being done? We have placed the most interesting, playful, original or valuable tips and experiences here. Maybe these experiences bring you a nice idea!

A successful children's party means to me:
As a first, hopefully a day with a lot of sun.
First we start the day with a piece of cake and some fresh. This cake allowed the children to decorate with all kinds of delicious things and whipped cream. This can then be eaten. Then the children can play outside and play games, such as cake naps on a rope, munch Apple in a bowl with water and apples, throw a ring, kick a ball into a goal, color, tie drop-locks with ring chips, et cetera.
I prefer to keep the children's party at home. Much nicer and cheaper, since you would otherwise lose a lot of money for a day out. Almost not affordable, very unfortunate.
The party ends with pancakes eating (self-baking) or fries with snacks (self-baking).

A successful children's party is for me if everyone and especially the year-old likes it. This year we are going to the Dinobos at Amersfoort Zoo

Children's parties, every year a moment that I am looking forward to. In advance I think together with my husband a theme (pirates, cowboys, knights) and then we think of all kinds of activities in the theme. Craft games, diplomas, treasure hunts and of course the food and the treat is adapted to the theme. Of course everything is written down and examples are saved, because there are now fellow parents who want to borrow the stuff!
Friends are wondering every year what kind of theme it will be and how the afternoon will go and at the end of the day we will bring a group of enthusiastic pirates, cowboys or knights home!
Once I went to an indoor playground in need, but the next year my son just wanted to party at home again!

For my son Lucas I am working on a game.
After school we gather 6 friends / girlfriends. First some food / drinks and of course unwrap presents. then towards the beach of IJmuiden for an exciting tour of the bunker museum. Afterwards, dig, dig, play football on the beach! To end something together in a beach restaurant. Then all back home.

A fun children's party is a children's party where all children can enjoy themselves one by one. There is something for everyone whether you like it quickly or not. Everyone can go there. That is why we are thinking about going to Billy Bird Park Hemelrijk in August with my daughter's birthday.

A treasure hunt through the neighborhood where we live.
Walk through the neighborhood with instructions and assignments and find things.

All together to a nice playground, picnic rug, and all tasty things, and finally to Mc Donalds or eating home fries.

My daughter celebrated her 4th birthday this year. It was party, rightly. Fortunately, we had good weather! We started to unwrap presents, sing a song and eat a mini-tompouce. Then we went outside and we all made beautiful drawings with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. When this was finished, we made a call so that the street looked really festive. Then all made up, princess or pirate of course. Finally back inside where everyone got a packet of wicky and a plate with a pair of drop-laces, nibb-it rounds of chips and all kinds of sweets with a hole in it and the most beautiful food-chains were made.
At the farewell everyone got a balloon on a stick with a bag with a bubble and a candy in it.
During her party my daughter called me: MAM !!! I am so happy with my party !!!

We prefer to celebrate the birthday of our daughter with her boyfriends and girlfriends at home. Nowadays you do not hear that often anymore, but we like to keep an old-fashioned children's party with games that we used to do when I (mom) and my daddy's birthday.
We go that day old Dutch games with, among other things, cake bites, apple snacks and nail poops and a fun that children have because this is something different than to the bowling, indoor playground or fast food restaurant. We then round off the day by eating French fries with applesauce and a snack together. Everyone is satisfied after the party.

We often go to an indoor playground, the playground, or the pancake house. It is also fun to go to the football club and get a tour there, and celebrate the children's party.

Delicious at home, as the children bring from school, roll of frankfurters, delicious puzzle tour, decorate cake or even nicer vanilla ice cream with all kinds of treats, some crafts and the kids are completely happy.

Our eldest daughter will be 5 years old on 28 June and may give her first children's party. We already have an idea what we are going to do. We will go on a trip with our own tinker (horse) and coach and have some old Dutch games like nail pooping and baking. et cetera, if the children like it then we think so too ...

We had the first children's party of our daughter at home. A messy party. A lot of preparation, a lot of work but very nice. Have had a lot of positive reactions.
But, our daughter has of course arranged a children's party as well and what was our surprise: Indoor playground, Mc Donalds, Indoor playground and for the surprise another indoor playground ...
Anne's second children's party, of course, she also wanted to go somewhere ... home was stupid. The whole internet is ripped off ... Mama is not like Binnenspeeltuinen.
We have made a walking tour with 7 children. We have rented a covered wagon with donkey and a loose donkey. First the donkeys carry and care and brushing. The manager also told us very animated about the animals. Then 6 children on the cart of which 1 on the buck. In turn a piece on the donkey. They loved it. Picnic basket with drinks and chips. Upon returning, make popcorn over a campfire and at home fries with a snack and an ice cream. I have never had so many positive reactions from parents of children who have been along and also from parents who asked where, what, how, how expensive? Meanwhile, there are already more who have followed our initiative and went outside in nature.

With our 2 children we celebrate next to the family / friends party, the children's birthday just at home.
Our oldest will be in September 7.
We always make a theme party of it; Leprechaun party, cooking and feast, etc. They found scavenger hunts great and sometimes we have a bouncy castle in the garden. Often there is a craft moment, such as decorating the biscuit box at the baking party or making a plasticized gnome placemat at the kabouterfeestje.
It is more work, more expensive and gives more clutter to do at home, but is also super fun to do. The moment they prefer to celebrate outside the door party is coming soon enough! Besides own ideas, we pick a lot of games and tips from the internet.

My idea for a successful children's party is to make something together and then eat together nicely, for example cookies in the form of everything that has to do with a birthday, for example a flag, a hat, a cake and so on.

Our daughters are almost the same year and so we celebrate the children's party together.
We have been to an apple orchard last year and there the children all got a plastic bag and they were allowed to pick apples from the tree themselves.
With the picked apples we went home and at home we made applesauce and apple pie. So we have entertained ourselves out and at home.

My children have not been ready for children's parties so far, but that's when it comes. And for me a successful children's party is just a party at home where the children can play. With or without a theme but especially fun games and when they get older a quest. And of course, cake, sweets and fries and / or pancakes can not be missed. For us nothing no parties outside the door. Children who come here get it like a perk because we live on a farm and many children do not know that.

A successful children's party looks as follows for us.
A living room decorated with garlands and lots of balloons, a table full of delicious things such as jugs with ranja biscuits, chips, bacon, sweets. Singing together for the birthday party and of course unpacking presents.
After that, playing music, kind of disco so that they can have a good time. Then it's time for something quieter, bingo all together with which the children can win nice small prizes. Then it's time to have something to drink and nibble and the kids can go to their heart's content in the garden or living room to do other games .
At the end of the afternoon, of course, pancakes or fries, when the children leave a bag of sweets and a balloon.
What also is nice for older children an afternoon to the skating rink, Success assured !.

The ideal children's party exists for us.
Invite a number of children and then take the train and tram to an indoor playground where a special space is rented to sit and eat cake and use the lunch. Furthermore, depending on their age, they can play for a few hours in the indoor playground. And then back home by train and tram. Children like this a lot because many children nowadays do not use public transport so often and it is extra exciting.

I think that when a child turns 5, a children's party can still be celebrated at home, if a child turns 7 or 8, it is often a different story. Because most parents leave with the children, and these children want that too.
Organizing a children's party at home is fun to do. First create a theme with your child, such as fairytales, princesses, pirates, soldiers, mega mindy, or bob the builder.
Based on this theme, we will come up with games. For example, at the fairytale party: a seven-mile race (with big boots to take a course), donkey's prick (but then a little prick), a quest with questions about the different fairy tales, also a sweet house can not be lacking.
In princesses it is of course also pink cake decorating and other games that are about princesses, here can also be a lot of crafts such as a crown and a mirror.
Some cooler games are being done for pirates and soldiers
At bob the builder is a lot of timbered and built with, for example, building blocks and making a wall.

The most successful children's party looks like this:
First the children come in and are allowed to play who can give the gift first. Then we will eat delicious cakes that they can decorate themselves! Ranja in different colors with cool different straws they can choose from!
Then there will be a covered wagon with a horse that will pick us up and we will have nice canoeing songs for the kids and we will drink children's champagne! In the covered cart we also do a game ... who sees the first one (for example red car, horse, grandfather, green bird etc etc)!
Then we arrive in the woods and we have a children's buffet with sandwiches, pancakes and they can make their own stopover bread. This must be in a clearing where you can make a campfire. Clean sticks with a knife (this is what the parents do, of course) then wrap bread dough around it and then keep it in the fire. If the dough has a nice tan, get it off. Lump of butter and sugar in it and taste delicious! Afterwards, the kids can search through treasure for a treasure hidden in the woods! If they have found the treasure (this goes through questions they have to answer and so they can win the next hint !!!) we eat another tasty ice cream that you have taken in a cool box and we go back with the covered wagon that everyone home sales! A successful day that looks very nice from a cost perspective! It's a bit of work, but then your child has a great party that will be talked about for a long time!

I really enjoy doing something creative with a birthday party. Last year my eldest son was allowed to give a party for the first time. At the Kruidvat I bought some photo frames that they were allowed to paint, but before they could do so they had to find the lists first, d.m.v. a quest with all kinds of assignments they finally came to the lists.
Going home framed as nicely as possible, in the meantime I had a beautiful picture of the child and printed out and at the end of the party they got it, was a really nice day.

Our idea would be to play in an indoor play paradise and on the way back to good food at MC Donalds with a happy meal

Our last children's party was a great success. Our son Alex was 7 years old. We let the children (if they wanted to) dress up as knights or ladies. We visited a small castle in the neighborhood and we told stories about it (mostly invented) to make the whole thing more lively and to make it appeal to the imagination. I had also taken all kinds of pictures from that time from the internet and showed them with an explanation. In the castle the stories from home then come to life and dressed as a knight the children really felt like knights.
We went home completely full of stories from the beautiful castle. It was November so it was dark early. We have made a fire pit and have a BBQ. With a bit of attention, that's going well. Outside we have grilled sausages (bread roll) and at the end they were allowed to roast marshmallows. All this in the dark and in the vicinity of the beautifully burning fire pit. The children in the classroom are still talking about this fun party.

I always let my children think it's their day the one loves tinkering with parties and the other wants action 7 and 8 then also one in the summer and one in the winter birthday when I see after a party that they tired and satisfied going to bed is this delicious they must be nice dirty and enjoy with girlfriends.

For my daughter who was 6 years old, I did a jewelery workshop at home.My girlfriend gives those workshops.And now with children's beads.They were allowed to make a bracelet and a necklace.In between we did games, chair dance, handkerchief, et cetera. To get rid of some energy!

I recently went "farmer's golf" with my daughter and her friends in Garderen (farm 't Molentje). All children receive a stick with a clog attached at the bottom. They also get a ball. With the golf stick (ie the stick with the wooden shoe) they have to go from hole to hole in the pasture (marked with large flags). The nice thing is that they run between cattle (like cows, sheep). And for the road you get a picnic basket so you can have a picnic in the meadow with the children. I can say that they all thought it was fantastic.

25 years ago this was our favorite party: Playback / dress up party.
A mountain of clothes / clothes from dad and mom and music! And then take turns / playbacken. This was always a party!
If my daughters are old enough I will certainly introduce this idea!

We go with all children to the petting zoo and take everything, eg drinks, sweets, chips etc and when we get back home, eat pancakes with ice cream and fruits.

We always make a combination of the children's parties. We first unpack the presents at home and make the children shine in the theme of the party. For example princesses or witches. Then we go to a nice location such as a forest. Here we do all kinds of games that we make in the theme of the party. Then we go home to eat good fries, etc.

An idea for a children's party: making candles. In Den Bosch you can make candles at the company with all children candles. You make candles from slices of wax (the slices make yourself, by pouring candle wax and then you punch the slices out). You also dunk a string until you have a candle, then you can make nice shapes and eventually you dip them in different colors, so you get beautiful colored candles.

A successful children's party depends entirely on the phase in which the small person is located and the size of the group.
With 1 and 2 and 3 years we have just opted for a party at home.
With her 4th birthday we went to an indoor play palace with about 8 children. Face painting, running a real disco was even there. The children have been entertained for a long time, supervisors were dead ... naturally closed with fries. We went to Trollenland with her 5th birthday. Little climb on a small scale and clamber. There was a fence around it, so the supervisors had a wonderfully quiet time. Children only came out to eat, drink or be comforted. With the 6th birthday, Mrs wanted to go to the Mac Donalds. Super success!
The ideal children's party according to us:
- Not too long (max 3 hours)
- Not too far from home
- All inclusive (drinks, food, entertainment)
- Max. 8 children, min. 3 supervisors.
-Liest opportunities for climbing and climbing
- Max spending per child 10 euros

Conquer flags.

The nicest parties we find theme parties and every time something else.
Michelle Roalddahlschool
Experience 36
For us, a party should always be low budget so we go to the petting zoo with the wild wide stones and tasks everywhere and streams of water a kind of flintstone park chips and drink!

To the children's theater and then to eat pancakes or poffertjes.

When they were little, they were just at home, now always something outside the door. As is often the case for Hemelrijk.
Why? It is very good to do in bad weather and in good weather, sufficient indoor and outdoor activities. And also important, for young and old. Because we always bring the children along with the invited guests, also the own children, the age is very varied. There is enough to do for every age. Even for the adults / supervisors. Their favorite attraction is the water slide with those boats. Delicious. Then some food inside. Those who are quickly ready can immediately start playing indoors. Supervision is easy to keep there, No hassle at home. So ideal. We also visited Toverland and the Leemkuil (unfortunately only outside). Now that the eldest is an adolescent, her party becomes something else: cinema, bowling, and the like.

My ideal children's party: A children's picnic with games! Make sure you have a huge rug (if necessary sew several together) and fun kids snacks and children's sandwiches. With naturally tough shakes. Furthermore, of course, space for ball kicking, playing hide and seek ...

A children's party is a success for us when all children have fun. This can be at a children's party at home or a children's party outside the door.

I am very creative myself and I also like to do something with it during a party. For my daughter, for example, I had her birthday around Santa Claus marzipan at the bakery in various colors and made figurines of it. My son is a bit younger and I'm going to paint T-shirts with that.

You get a successful children's party when you have made all the preparations and you do not have to do anything at the last minute. What is always very popular with us is tinkering yourself or a puzzle tour through the neighborhood.

What children really like is in Almere Survivelle they go with an experienced teacher / res you can choose from different times according to the age.
They climb over walls and go through the mud, burgers are baked you can have a picture taken (very nice was 11.00 euro).
What does a child think to be nicer than getting dirty is really a top party for both boys and girls.

Day to the Zoo in Overloon and then to MC donalds in Venray good food! And for dessert delicious Hero IJS in Horst. Party ends with a Pajama party at home. All children in pajamas and then sleep ....

I always have good memories of our birthdays at home. My mother invented all sorts of games, such as sweets in a bowl of water, making mummies (wrapping each other in toilet paper) and when we got older it was a quest on paper. Even the boyfriends and girlfriends looked every time again for what fun games there were again conceived.
Costs are nil ... Fun is fully present !!!

At 13.30 the children came to us for the birthday job. The presents were hidden, and then they got a cake with drinks. Then the gifts were sought by the birthday job. Nice to unpack and then the party could start!
We all went to the forest where a search was set out, informed the parents in advance, old clothes on !! At the end of the treasure hunt "the treasure" was a drum full of candy. Then the children went their own way, we had brought a ball, so the kids enjoyed themselves in the forest in the open space.
After having played in the forest for two and a half hours we went home where mother-in-law had baked a whole batch of pancakes !! They all decorate that pancake, and feast!

A fun children's party of High School Musical with singing dancing good food pizza, fries, poffertjes at Studio Bloem in Weesp super you can choose from different parties for every taste

We do not know yet what a children's party looks like because our eldest daughter will be 5 years old on June 28 and she may give her first party. We are planning a ride with our covered wagon and old Dutch games (nail pooping, biscuit bite, etc.). cetera.)

Children enjoy the most from a children's party. Pancake pancakes and a treasure hunt in the forest. And then play on the moss. Keep it simple that is nice for children too. They like to be at a party.

I gave the Olympics a real Olympic games last year in the year. An opening ceremony with all a flag. Cake in colors so it also seemed to be a flag Divided over 2 countries and then all games that they had to do with their group against the other group.
Who won a game won a medal.
Especially because everyone had received something from the Olympics, they were wonderfully fanatical and it was a very nice afternoon.

A children's party always has a certain theme with us and that is what the kids can choose themselves. Then I get started with for fun games and crafting in and with this theme. So far it has always been very successful!

I give a children's party in the woods of schoorl. There you have the climbing dune and children can eat delicious ice creams. They love it!

First reception at our house to unwrap the presents with syrup-lemonade and delicious slices of caké, then a treasure hunt in the open air and finally cozy (and delicious) pancakes eat again at home.

Nowadays it seems to have to be more expensive and more expensive at every children's party; The children themselves enjoy doing everything at home, we always celebrate the birthdays of the children in May and June, then we can go outside and the children choose a theme and then we transform the garden into that theme and become the children expect to be dressed in that theme; to date it has always been a success

The best thing I would find is all-day eating all kinds of great attractions and cool things and fries! Do not go to school but go to BillyBird with all my friends and girlfriends and have a nice party!

Just an old-fashioned children's party. First cozy with everyone eating chips and then playing games like nail poops and cake bites. If it is a bit of course, you can enjoy it outside in the garden.

Our successful children's party is that we carry out assignments indoors and outdoors as well. First pick up the kids from school. Walking home all together and then eating pancakes or sandwiches with frankfurters. We have hidden tickets with names in the balloons and then with a pin a balloon piece punching and whose name is on the card can give his gift to the birthday. Then nail poops, while drinking and giving a bag of chips. Keep treasure hunt out, looking for the treasure, giving all directions on paper and answering questions, walking on to the next clue and then suddenly .... there is the treasure with medals for every child and a delicious treat. At home a drink and a goodie bag and the party is over. Everyone goes home satisfied again and the birthday job has had the day of his life.

We have opted for a party at home for my daughter so far. Fixed part is decorating cakes. They always like that. You can now buy very nice boxes for making cakes (eg princess lillyfee). It is part of the anticipation to make the cakes with my daughter before the party starts. The decoration can then be done by the guests.
We also always hide the presents so that the birthday girl can go looking for them. That too gives reason for fun (especially if they are very well hidden). Tip is always to check how many gifts are hiding there (sometimes you do not find gifts that have not been brought along because the giver was confused (were there 2 or 3?)).
And we're tinkering something. We once made a butterfly mask. We then make the butterfly shape in advance. Decorating is done on the spot. We also made chains with the girls once. That was also a great success. Especially when they were allowed to take home a package of beads.
My experience is that there is always time too short on such an afternoon! But if there is still time, we always have a quest behind us. Or we use a barbie DVD. The last time the girls asked themselves if that was the last half hour and yes, why not?
In short, giving a party at home is fun!

I always look for the child for the children's party:
With my son (who only has boys at his party) we are always looking for an outdoor activity where they can easily lose their energy. An outdoor playground or small amusement park (old falcon, linneushof) is then very nice.
But we start and end the party always at home, unpack the cake and presents and hide a nice activity, for example gifts o.i.d.
For my daughter there are some quieter activities on the party program, dressing up, tinkering, decorating cakes and playing games they always like.

A children's party still has to be celebrated at home is my opinion. It is exhausting and busy, but the result is usually satisfactory.
I think it is best to organize a theme party myself. For example, a pirate party. Every child gets an eye patch and a pirate hat on (homemade in advance with the birthday job, she was allowed to punch out) After giving the presents and eating real pirate cakes, the children can color their pirate hat. Meanwhile, we will clear up and prepare ourselves for the search. Because of course the treasure is stolen and must be found back. After an exciting treasure hunt we end up at a playground with a sandbox where the treasure is buried. There are small gifts and bags of chips in the treasure chest. At home we still eat fries with frankfurters and then dads and mommies come to collect their offspring.

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