Cutting tips or saving tips that work

Your balance is zero but one look in your diary teaches you that it is only halfway through the month and you still have to be patient before the salary is paid. But there must be eaten and drunk! When that is one month, that is not a disaster, there is always something to rustle up, but when it takes structural forms, it is high time to take measures.

Life becomes more expensive

You only have to open the paper or start a current affairs program and you hear almost nothing but: credit crisis, jumping banks, rising health insurance premium and threatened layoffs. Not every household is able to go with all these increases, once the bottom of your wallet is in sight. In some cases, this soil has been in sight for much longer and it is becoming more difficult to close those holes every day.
But honestly, whether it is necessary or not, it can never really hurt to thoroughly review your spending pattern, you can sometimes come to (un) pleasant surprises.

For everyone who needs or wants to cut back, we have the most useful tips for you sought together (for this, thanks also to the visitors, who have sent us dozens of tips).
Of course there are even more drastic tips, but we have limited ourselves to austerity tips that absolutely do not have to affect the quality of your life, but which can ensure that - hopefully - you will not fall short at the end of the month. or maybe even something else to keep ...!

The groceries

Of course, there must be groceries, after all, there must be eaten and drunk. Yet there are opportunities to save on this, options that are easy to implement without a bite to eat less! And do not want to save on your wallet, do it for the environment, because if we all use a little bit of energy this will only benefit the environment!

At which retail chain do you currently do your daily and / or weekly shopping? Is this store really that cheap? Compare the prices of the items you need regularly with a competitor.

A private brand is often an otherwise packaged A-brand item. Just as much quality, but for just a bit less. Just try it. Maybe it is your expensive A-brand in a different jacket!

Every store chain has interesting offers. Keep an eye on them because who knows, there is something you regularly use. If you want to store several copies at the same time, pay attention to the best-before date. If you finally have to throw it away because it is not good anymore, cheap is just becoming expensive.

This newspaper report tells us that a lot of food is thrown away. Try to plan it all better, so that less has to be thrown away by, for example, preparing recipes with ingredients that match and leaving ready-made dishes (or ingredients) that are left to freeze for a later time.

Create a regular weekly shopping list and try to stick to it here. This prevents you from randomly throwing things into your cart. During the first few weeks you can always critically review the list of things that did not go well. Did you miss? Or did you just talk about it? Adjust your list accordingly. Such a list is easy anyway and prevents you from forgetting to take things with you.

Leftovers left? Make up - together with your children - which meal you can make of these leftovers. By involving your children in this process, there is a good chance that they will also start to snuggle up after preparation.

Go to the market more often! Fruit and vegetables are a lot cheaper and often also of better quality. When it is possible, buy it directly from the farmer because that is of course the most advantageous. Unfortunately, not everyone has a farmer as a neighbor and in that case the market is a nice alternative. Did you know that at the end of the day on the market, everything is even more economical?

Eat with the season. Biologically responsible, cheaper and much tastier! Check our vegetable calendar for the right season!

You can be a bit strict for yourself, by taking a fixed amount of cash when you go shopping. Of course, you leave your cards at home and you are obliged to stay within certain limits and to make your expenses more aware.

Do the shopping preferably without children. Bet you keep your cart army?

An in-store, but we call it anyway: Do not go shopping with an empty stomach.

Adjust recipes a bit. There is often a lot less meat or fish in a dish where the quality and taste of a dish is not less, but everything is just a bit cheaper.

Take a shopping bag with you when you go shopping, so you do not always have to buy new - expensive - plastic bags. You can of course also put a crate in the car for the message moments. Have you forgotten? Then take a cardboard box, instead of a bag. At most supermarkets these are ready for you. Good for your wallet and good for the environment!


Put all subscriptions once in a row. Which do you really need? For example, you have a TV guide online and free of charge. A newspaper? Take advantage of Google News. All online news items are gathered here and you can also easily search by topic. And also completely free and for nothing.

If you would still like to continue reading certain magazines or newspapers, take a look in your immediate vicinity to see if there may be neighbors who have the same subscriptions. Maybe one of the two can cancel the subscription so you can share the costs.

Would you like to read all the gossip magazines every week? Try out a Reading Book in which these sheets are collected, instead of buying all the sheets.

Do not be fooled with all those lotteries! All lots cost money and how big is the chance that you will win something?


It is an in-store to say: "Take the bike instead of the car." But whether he has a beard or not, you can save money! And it is also a lot healthier. And for the excuse: "It always rains", very cool rain suits are for sale!

Carpooling! With colleague or neighbor / wife. You can also alternate that one week you drive and the other week the other. Saves 50% travel money! And it is also more enjoyable.

Look for a cheap (er) pump in your neighborhood. This can quickly save you 0.05 euros per liter. Easily earned, right?

Make sure your tires are in tension (preferably check every month) and switch to a higher gear as quickly as possible. Use the air conditioning as little as possible. If you drive 1 percent more efficiently this way, you can generate 18 euros on average per year. All small bits automatically form a big one!

Pay attention to good tire pressure. A too low tire pressure provides 5% extra fuel consumption!

Drive a bit slower. At a speed above 100 km per hour, the speed is the determining factor for fuel consumption. Because of the speed you have more problems with air resistance which is detrimental to your consumption.

Members of the ANWB can receive a discount at 600 petrol stations in the Netherlands via their ANWB membership card.

Clothing & shoes

Is second-hand a bridge too far? Then dive into an (online) outlet shop. Big brands, for greatly reduced prices!

Have your children already grown out of their clothes and does the clothes look good? Sell ​​the weather on the internet! The few euros that you earn with this are the beginning of the purchase of a new wardrobe.

Of course you want to walk smoothly and hip, but is that only possible in new clothes? Worn once and it is not new anymore. Why not buy second hand? There are many nice second-hand shops on the internet. Just visit it.
Especially for children is second hand a good recommendation. After all, they grow out so quickly that it is almost impossible to wear out. And why should clothing, worn in a sandbox or lawn, be new? Used or new, it's both dirty within a quarter of an hour ... if it's not five minutes!

In and around the house

Use a towel a day longer to dry off after showering, saves in washes and in the end you were so much less! Saves you annually around € 20 euros!
More energy-saving tips? Take a look here for more energy-saving tips!

Only light on the spot where you are working. All other lights in the house can simply go out.

A thicker sweater or cardigan quickly saves 1 to 2 degrees. Did you know that one tier lower quickly saves 50 euros per year? If you then set the thermostat to 15 degrees one hour before sleeping, you save another 40 euros per year. Closing curtains in the evening also makes a difference in the heat.

Candles give off a bit of warmth in addition to mood light. Saves the heating costs again and there is again a lamp less.

Shut down the computer if you are not using it. Do not leave it on unnecessarily.

Take a critical look at all your insurance policies. Are they all useful? Are there no doubles between them? For example, if you are a member of a trade union, there is a good chance that you will also be covered by legal expenses insurance. That makes a separate insurance superfluous. Also compare the premiums.

When were you last in the attic? Or in the barn? Betting that it is full of stuff that is barely looked at? Maybe you should clean up and sell all that 'junk' at marketplace (or Speurders), garagesale, flea market or free market. Tidy up neatly!

Probably there is such a huge collection of cleaning items in your kitchen cupboard. Most are completely unnecessary. Every stain does not really need its own stain remover. There are also well-functioning home-garden-and-kitchen remedies. Take a look at or
Cleaning with a micro cloth works fine without (harmful and expensive) products.

Replace your lamps for energy-saving lamps.

Replace old windows with double or triple glazing. This results in an average reduction of 20% of the heating costs.

Paint your walls in your house instead of wallpapering, which is much cheaper.

Do not leave electronic equipment on standby, but do everything. This will give you an annual saving of about 25 euros. In addition, leaving devices on standby is a fire hazard (er). Did you know that there is a standby killer for sale (± 5 euros for hardware stores)? This killer switches off the standby mode of devices.

If devices are charged, immediately unplug the charger.

Bargains and mazzels

If you want to go to an amusement park, or a different day out, look at market place or searchers, many people offer (won) entrance tickets or discount coupons. That makes a day out a lot more fun and affordable!

Sign up for newsletters at websites that regularly have competitions. This way you can be there when the chickens are there and you can win nice free prizes.

Join all free competitions from Who knows, you win!

Have you indeed won a nice prize but can not you use it? Just sell it at Marketplace or Ebay. But there are also sites where you can exchange such won prizes at a price that another person can not use, but you do.

Used toys are just as new for your child as new. Children absolutely do not see the difference. Once they are played with it again, you sell it yourself again! Somebody else is happy with it and you have earned a few euros again. You can also become a member of a game library.

Request as many free items as possible. There are various websites such as, and many more who collect these tips for you!

Short and simple

A walk through the forest can also be a fun outing for children! Especially when you are looking for leaves, chestnuts, acorns and so on to make an autumn viewing box at home - in an old shoe box. No shoe box? Then make a cozy autumn table.

Take a subscription to the library, then you read the latest books for an incentive!

Save your toilet paper roll flat than it rolls less easily and you use less paper.

Throw the chicken pecker (small change) into a piggy bank every day. Many little ones eventually make a big ...

Fill empty lemonade bottles with diluted ranja. Cheaper and healthier. Of course you can also make lemonade syrup yourself. That is even better and even healthier!

Keep you in the traffic to the rules! It prevents annoying expensive fines and it is also a lot safer.

A self-made pizza is made quite fast (maybe a little less than a phone call to the Pizza Hut around the corner, but still) and many times tastier and cheaper! Pizza is also a dish that can be made by (small) children. Then it also delivers a lot of fun!

Begin well in advance with collecting Sinterklaas and / or Christmas presents. Certain products may be on sale during the summer season! Well hide and you have saved a few euros.

Give your child cleaned fruit to school, instead of those expensive cakes. It is cheaper but also healthier!

Limit your impulse purchases. Usually after a while it appears that you did not really need it ...

Watch out for water waste. Do not allow small children to wash their hands unattended, do not run the water unnecessarily while brushing teeth, and small children may share a bath or shower. A few minutes shorter showering also saves (if necessary with the help of a kitchen timer). A water-saving shower head makes it complete.

Plastic rain boots can be provided with a loose buy hot "bar sock". This way you have water boots for the summer / autumn / spring and snow boots for the winter.

Do not throw away used sandwich bags, but use them as a poo bag for the dog. Provided you obviously have a dog ...

Most laundry can be washed slightly less hot, the difference of 40 to 30 degrees can save you just 20 euros a year. It is also not really necessary to use the tumble dryer after each washing. Once a week the laundry fluttering outside can produce a saving of about 25 euros per year. And nothing smells so good than dry-wiped laundry.

You can also wash your car yourself and maybe the windows of your house? Provided you of course do not have to break out in front of it, because safety goes for everything!

Bake your own cookies! A cozy, creative activity and again a bit cheaper than the ready-made work.

Someone's birthday? It is not always necessary to buy a present. How about a gift in kind? Maybe you can help someone with something? There is no better gift!
No idea what you could do for someone? Then go into a thrift store. There you can buy nice things for little money.

Keep a vegetarian day at least once a week. Good for your trade fair, your health, the animals and the environment!

Enjoy the free coffee that is sometimes offered in supermarkets.

Stop smoking!

Just go eat one extra time with your (clean) parents!

Is there nothing more from the tube of toothpaste? Cut it open! Betting that there are still a few clean-ups!

Organize an exchange party. Invite friends, acquaintances, colleagues and family. This way you can exchange clothes in a fun way. And of course it is also nice!

If the shampoo bottle seems empty, let a little water run into it. Just shake before use and you can do it a few more times. This also applies to conditioner, bath foam and shower gel.

Tea bags from Pickwick can be done in two. Carefully remove the bag, and then you see that there is a tight part in the middle. Carefully tear away.

Buy a large bottle of the cheapest bath foam and fill in the liquid hand soap pumps.

Try to help each other, so that fewer professionals need to be hired. Everyone has their own qualities and when you bundle this everything is possible!

Bring your own sweets and drinks to the cinema.

Buy sustainable (wood) toys for your children. This can be played with for a long time and does not break easily.

Do not buy toys that require batteries for your children. Not only the batteries run out quickly, but also your wallet! If you do have something that requires batteries, opt for rechargeable batteries.

Buy a second-hand computer, instead of a new one.

Do not use screen saver on your computer, but switch off your screen.

Drink tap water instead of bottles of water.

Bring old stuff that you no longer use to the thrift store. You do a different job and you do not have to pay any waste costs now.

Keep your bread in the freezer, so you have fresh bread every morning and no (old) bread has to be thrown away.

If your clothes are not dirty, just hang them outside in the wind and do not throw them in the laundry.


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