Low budget baby - Many baby outings for little

There has been a special period in your life: you are pregnant! After the first exciting months it is time to make some practical preparations for the arrival of your baby. The children's room has to be decorated, do you opt for the Bugaboo or for that cool Koelstra stroller? Do you want a Tummy Tub or a bath? And then there are those only baby clothes that you can hardly resist now!

Low budget

Unfortunately, you do not have that much money to spend and buying everything at a new price would not be feasible. Time for a treasure hunt through low budget baby wonderland!
In 'Low budget baby - Lots of baby care for little' we give you tips on how you can get everything in the house with a low budget for the arrival of your baby.

The baby room

You can bring the future baby room into the right atmosphere by buying special baby wallpaper or by painting the room. However, if you want to save costs and effort, you can also choose to place a few emphases. For example, stick special stickersets on the walls. You can decide how much you spend on this.
Buy some paint items and a large canvas at the Action of Blokker: costs around 25 euros. Then ask the children in your area, cousins ​​and nieces to make a painting for the baby. You will be amazed by the colorful and artistic creation that comes from this!

Photo frames

Purchase some photo frames and put pictures of animals in them and then hang them in the nursery. Small children often like animals very much and in this way, if your child is a little bigger, you can already practice the animal sounds.

Also note a healthy design of the baby room. If there is carpet in the room, you can consider replacing it with a smooth floor such as laminate. This is more hygienic and means less dust than floor coverings.

Cover bare wall

With a large sheet of MDF (or plywood / hardboard = even cheaper) and one roll of fun children's wallpaper you can make the room a lot of fun. Wallpaper this plate and hang it anywhere on a large bare wall in the nursery. So you do not have to decorate the whole room for that baby atmosphere. Cut out some figurines from the remaining wallpaper strip and stick them with good glue wherever you want. You can also cut all kinds of nice images from magazines instead of buying a wallpaper roll and stick the whole plate with it. Then spray a good layer of varnish over it.

Visit the cycle

Take a look at a cycle for fun lamp shades, lamp feet, trash can buckets, coat racks, photo frames, rocking horses et cetera, buy a can of spray paint and spray these assecoires in the color you want.

For the window sill: filling a large glass vase (as large as possible) with all kinds of different small toys. You can get these toys on the cycle, as well as in the cheap toy stores, as free at the supermarkets (bungels). After all, these are purely for the ornamental!

Used baby items

No objection to decorating the baby room with used items? On the internet you will find a true mecca of baby stuff. Sites such as Marktplaats.nl and E-bay offer you the opportunity to make a first selection from your lazy chair because there are mostly pictures of the articles. A nice side effect is that once parents decide that there is no next child coming, they usually do everything that has to do with babies in one go. Often you can buy a large part of the baby set-up at one address. An example from practice: a complete nursery, maxi cosi and a box for 200 euros!

Tips for used baby stuff

When you choose a used pram, buy a not too old one. Prams are very fashionable and it is common that there is a new collection every year in the stores. Should your used child's carride start to show unexpected defects, then chances are that there is no part left.
Also note the weight and collapsibility of the older models. Nowadays there are lightweight strollers on the market that you can fold in with one hand. With the older models this may still be different. Transporting children is growing muscles and if you also tell the pram you are away from home.

Alternative baby bag

With a new stroller is often a matching baby bag. If you buy a used pram, it is possible that this bag is no longer available. Try a backpack instead of a special baby bag. At the baby shops you can buy a loose change mat and then the backpack is also very useful as a baby bag. And ergonomically responsible!


If you buy a used maxi cosi, you can protect it with a special terry cover. This folds around the maxi cosi where you turn a used one into a new one. The cover can be obtained from baby specialist shops.
If you want to be fully equipped, pay attention to the presence of an adapter when purchasing a used maxi cosi. With the newer models, you can place the maxi cosi on the chassis of the pram. The maxi cosi and the chassis are then connected to each other with the help of a special adapter. Handy if you want to go to the store, you can lift the maxi cosi out of the car and click on the chassis. The bin of the pram will leave you at home. Check whether both the maxi cosi and the pram are suitable for this.

New articles

Another way to put your pack together is to shop at baby outlet stores. These megastores offer all baby items under one roof. Because they sell directly to the customer, they can sell the items at competitive prices. They also often have offers and stock lots that are sold for little money.

In addition to the usual store, the outlets often have a web store so that you can place digital orders. There are baby outlets that sell a combination of new and used items. You can determine exactly which used items you buy and what you would rather have new.

Request various baby boxes. There are several to get and everything you get, you do not have to buy!


Do not forget yourself: your pants will not close after a few months and you also want to look nice when you are pregnant. There are web shops that can help you with this. In addition, there is also beautiful lingerie for sale for when you are pregnant.

Tips when buying new baby items

Do not buy too much, especially if you have a limited budget. Everything is equally cute, but you limit yourself to what you need. For example, spoons are very useful, but the purchase of a series of 20 pre-read books may be a bit premature.

Pay attention to the price-quality ratio. Advantageous does not mean that you have to compromise on quality. So look for things that are of good quality, but have less luxury. For example, if you buy a cheap bedstead, make sure that it meets the requirements for a baby's safe sleep.

Baby clothes

Do you remember your own baby photos? With those cuddly homemade outfits? Making your own baby clothes for your own baby can save you a lot of money. After all, you do not need much material that you can buy at the market or in the fabric store for a nice price. A sewing machine can be used on the head, or maybe you can borrow it from someone. In addition, if you have the taste, you can have fun and you can receive all those compliments for your well-dressed baby! Perhaps you can ask the makers of your baby clothes if they want to bring you the intricacies of clothing making. You can also follow a course in clothing at the regional fashion school. In the special monthly magazines you will find countless patterns for baby clothes. If you are looking for a specific pattern, you can often buy it separately via the internet.

Birth card

In the Netherlands it is tradition to send birth announcements at the birth of a child. However, this can run in the papers. There are other fun opportunities to let your friends and family know that your child is born.

Put an advertisement in the newspaper, just like in Australia.

Purchase the birth announcements via the Internet: there are many designs available and this is often cheaper than ordering tickets through a printer.

An example of tickets ordered online: 75 tickets, including envelope and design for 133 euros. For the same number of tickets at a printer you will soon lose 200 euros or more.

Own site

Do you want to go all the way with the digital age, then you can, for a small amount per year, create a website for your baby on which you describe his or her developments. You mail the address of the website, also called url, to everyone who wants to inform you of the joyful news. On this site you can place a wish list of maternity gifts. When a visitor chooses a gift he or she wants to purchase for your child, you can click on the gift. This gift then disappears from the list. It seems a bit blunt, but that way you get, in addition to the fun, functional gifts. It is the tone that makes the music, so if you dress it with a nice poem, you do not bump people over! Some examples:

Example of a poem

Would you like to give me something
but can not you think of anything like that,
I would like to say this:
we have created a wish list for you.

If you come to greet me, make us happy,
but would you like to add something d'?
Is it difficult to come up with something,
Then surf to our wish list.

Make a card yourself

Of course you can also make a ticket yourself. You can already prepare the text with, for example, a sweet poem. The birth data and possibly a photo of the small you can add later. For those who can use some help, there are affordable software programs on the market of around 15 euros. You can choose from different card formats and layouts and make the card yourself, from design to print. So you have the costs in your own hands and you have a unique birth announcement!

Maternity package

In addition to the large purchases, you also need a number of smaller items during the maternity period. There are handy checklists with articles that should be in the closet when the maternity assistant and the midwife are at your door.

Many health insurances have included a maternity package in their cover and automatically send you this in time, about six weeks before the due date. In this package you will find a basic set of articles. This basic set-up can vary per insurer. Ask yourself before you buy maternity articles yourself, if you are insured for this package and what is in it. You do not have to buy those items yourself anymore. Do you not get a maternity package through your insurance? Then you can still purchase one at the pharmacy or drugstore.

Free and affordable

Now that you are pregnant, you can get acquainted with articles that you will use a lot in the future in the form of gift boxes and test samples. You can request this via the internet.
If you like to gamble, you can take part in numerous competitions where you can win all sorts of useful articles. For example, Vadersenmoeders.nl has several competitions per month! You can almost always participate for free via various websites. The more often you participate, the greater the chance that you will win. And what you win you do not have to buy yourself anymore!

To make parents' busy lives easier, there are comparison sites that keep track of which baby item at which supermarket is on sale.

Unnecessary products

On many baby lists you see a few products that you do not really need. For example, a bath thermometer. You can also feel good with your elbow if the water is not too hot for your child. If you have a limited budget, delete it from your list.
You can also omit the purchase of spit cloths. You can use a hydrophilic diaper for this. In fact, it is much better. Such a hydrophilic is much larger, so the chance that your child spits right next to the cloth is much smaller.


You can breathe a sigh of relief, it is possible to shop for your baby set-up in a fun and inexpensive way. What better to not economise on?
Safety goes for everything. Make sure that everything is whole and functions well. This can be done anywhere in, a good bed, a safe mattress, a solid stroller and toys without sharp edges.

All in all: buy functional items and make sure you do not make expensive sales from cheap! Some pampering is of course best and you can buy that only baby suit, and that cute cuddly toy and ...

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