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Suzan Tuinier is nutritionist at the Table of 3. She coordinates the Vitamin Information Bureau, an information agency in the field of vitamins and minerals. Suzan knows a lot about infant nutrition in theory and in practice. She is the mother of Daan (7) and Mia (5).

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Our visitors asked her the following questions:

I have a 2ling of 20 months that do everything properly and eat everything right. I only want to get rid of the morning bottle, but I do not know how to do this when they wake up for 6 hours. So far they take a bottle of porridge around that time. Help!!

I understand that you do not want to give bottles any more. Dad is a good breakfast, but give it in a bowl with a spoon. If you do not want to give the bottle, because they still get breakfast later, you can slowly reduce it. first a bottle of warm milk, then a cup of warm milk and then a cup of tea with a small splash of milk. I hope you have something to do with these tips!

I just ate half a mourning meatball saw it later I am now 33 weeks pregnant make me worried

You really do not have to worry. It is not wise to often take raw meat, but the chance that you have become sick of this is really very small.

My 8 year old son is still not clean. I have understood from a number of people that it may also be due to a certain vitamin deficiency. Which vitamins could this be?

How awful! I am not aware that this can have anything to do with vitamins. I advise you to discuss this with your doctor.

My daughter has become 1 year old. She is full of health, we only give her healthy food.
In addition to breastfeeding, she also receives sweet potato, fish, vegetables and silk tofu (uncooked / unheated).
SInds 1 week I started giving homemade 'scones / biscuits / cake' to replace bread and also to keep control on the ingredients (no egg, no butter, no cow's milk, only baking with coconut oil etc.)
We avoid salt and sugar as much as possible, but sometimes the taste is a little boring ... Before that, I wondered if I could use the following ingredients for her:
- syrup (agave / mulberry)
- vanilla (freshly scraped)
- nuts
- grated coconut

It is difficult to answer your question properly, because you choose a way of feeding that deviates from what is advised. I advise you to follow your own feelings refer to the Nutrition Center for more information.

I actually have two questions: Can a toddler of 19 months take out Chinese food, especially bami? To what extent is it healthy for a toddler to eat vegetarian? Do you still have to pay attention to certain things or give things extra?

A child of that age can eat noodles from the Chinese. However, it is not a very healthy meal, because there is little vegetables and a lot of salt. In addition to a healthy diet, it is important to give your daughter at least 10 micrograms of extra vitamin D every day. If you doubt whether eating healthy enough, a multivitamin can also be a good supplement (it already contains vitamin D).

Are you allowed to put salmon on a bun if you are pregnant?

Usually salmon is smoked salmon on a roll. If the salmon is vacuum packed and has been around for a while, then the lysteria bacteria can be found in it.
You can eat fresh (smoked) salmon. If you heat smoked salmon (for example in a sauce) you can also eat it. I hope it is so clear!

Can you eat fresh herring from a herring stall / tent? One person says yes and the other does not. What other fat fish can I eat more? Thanks for the effort.

There is nothing wrong with eating FRESH fish during pregnancy. In fact, vitamin D and fish fats are important for the development of your baby. Be careful with smoked salmon that has been around for a long time. So always check whether the fish is fresh.

Whether I am pregnant, I only know that at the end of the month. But suppose I am, I may continue to swallow L-lysine against a cold sore. I usually get a cold sore if I have had my period so maybe my resistance is different when I am pregnant?

L-lysine is an essential amino acid (part of a protein that you ingest with food). As far as I know, you can continue to use this perfectly during pregnancy. However, it is not scientifically proven that l-lysine helps against cold sores, but if you feel that it works, then I understand. Sufficient rest and healthy food are important for your resistance. And for now extra folic acid until the 10th week of your pregnancy!

I have been pregnant for about 3 months.
This morning I just ate a sandwich with Italian salami milano ... Now I just read on the internet that Italian salami is actually raw meat, which is of course for a pregnant woman out of the question.
I'm pretty worried. Can you provide me with clarity?

It is not recommended to take (half) raw meats including salami during your pregnancy, because it can contain a bacterium (Listeria monocytogenes) that can be harmful to your child if multiplied. This bacterium can also be found on vegetables and fruit. This is to indicate that it is good to eat as fresh and hygienically as possible and to avoid certain products. This is to keep the chance of contamination with this bacterium as small as possible. This does not mean that you always get infected with this bacteria if you eat salami, for example. It is good that you have become aware of it and that you now pay extra attention to what is and is not wise to eat during your pregnancy. And since stress is not good, not too much stress about it. Discuss with your midwife if necessary.
Also important: make sure you take extra vitamin D (10 micogram per day)!

We have a stubborn and temperamental daughter of 18 months old.
The introduction of new things in her dinner is always accompanied by refusal.
With her jars she has never wanted to make the transition from 6 months jars to food with pieces, but luckily she now eats "with the pot" (in a sense).
Our most important question is whether and if so how we can / should let her eat new things?
For example, she only eats potatoes (only baked, fried or out of the oven, sometimes mashed), no pasta, no rice. Furthermore, she only eats chicken, hamburger / meatball or croquette on meat. Vegetable only green beans and carrots. She eats bread very well, yoghurt / desserts and drinks she does well.
So she does eat some variation but very limited. Now we also know that fighting at the table because "something new" must be eaten is not conducive and therefore does not know whether we should change it at all.

I understand that it is very frustrating that your daughter is very picky in supper and refuses new things. one thing is very important: provide a cozy atmosphere at the table and minimize stress. Make small steps for introducing new food, for example put one spoonful of rice on her plate. Vegetable varieties and also slice of sausage can also be practiced as a snack, again offered in a festive way.

My 18-month-old son refuses his milk if I do not put it in a bottle. He takes 1 sip, pulls a dirty face and pushes his cup away again. He now drinks a bottle of milk in the morning and buttermilk at lunch. For dessert, he gets yogurt. I want to get rid of the morning bottle. Is it bad when he starts drinking buttermilk? Are there, for example, vitamins contained in (semi-skimmed) milk that my son misses if he only gets buttermilk and yoghurt as dairy products? He eats everything else well and he still has a lot of baby fat (13.7 kg and 83 cm). When it comes to calories, buttermilk is better than semi-skimmed milk.

How nice that your son actually eats very well. Only he is still very attached to his milk bottle. If he drinks buttermilk well from a cup, that is also allowed instead of milk. Buttermilk is a full-fledged dairy product. And indeed buttermilk contains fewer calories. Your son needs 300 ml of dairy products until his 4th year. Milk, yogurt, buttermilk are all counted!

Our Toddler of 18 months does not eat independently. She wants us to feed her. We have already tried everything, but she does not bring food to the mouth herself. So no pieces of fruit, pieces of vegetables, breakfast cereals, nothing. She does not pick up any food from her dinner plate either, nor does she use cutlery. Is not a troublesome eater, seems to be pretty tasty but does not take any initiative to hold her sandwich, her fruit etc. HOW can we further stimulate her? Fortunately, the meals are always fun, we eat with her and make sure we eat more or less the same food she eats.
We do her for how she can put the food in her mouth etc but nothing helps. Please advice.

Glad that your daughter is a good food. Maybe it takes a lot of time with your daughter. The more stress you get about this, the more difficult it could be. Maybe it's just helping to put the food in front of her and if she does not take anything away from it, just wait for the next meal. Repeat this daily, but only at one time of the day. But again, it can also come naturally. Discuss this further with the CB if no steps are taken in the right direction.

Hi, my son will be 8 November 4 months. However, I must start working on October 31st. He absolutely does not want to drink milk from a bottle. We have been trying for 3 weeks ... and all the ways to do this have already been passed. Now there must be a solution for when the babysitter will come soon ... is it an idea to give organic rice flour mixed with baby milk ??? or can I do something better or give something else?

I can imagine that you are worried! From my own experience (my daughter is also 4 months) I know that it is hard to go back to work and leave your baby with a babysitter. I hear a lot more often that babies refuse the bottle. They have to get used to it. Have you tried to give someone else the bottle? Which is also a good tip to give the bottle and not make eye contact, so with his back to you. Unfortunately, there is no golden tip. Have patience and do not force anything. But that's easier said than done ...
You can give a 4-month-old baby a good rice flour, but I would not do that more than once a day. Moreover, do not think that this solves the problem.
Hopefully you can do something with these tips!

Our 16-month-old son is a real everything eater. He enjoys eating and drinking. Only it sometimes seems as if his focus is so on food and drink that he knows no stop. He also drinks a lot. Everything that is offered goes on! So I do not offer too much because otherwise I create overweight or a child that always asks. He is now neatly within the normal line of height and weight and is also a happy child. But drinking five straws without any effort is going a bit far and if I would give more, he would drink that too. The same applies to food. What to do?

I think that many parents will be jealous of your son who can eat and drink very well. You're already doing well: offer him small cups and especially water or tea and if it really gets too big, say no. Offers healthy food: among other things wholemeal bread, fruit, vegetables whatever fills. He apparently needs it, because he stays neat in his 'line'. It may well be that he will soon get a period that he no longer wants to eat certain things, that is part of it. In other words, as long as he keeps his own line neatly, I would trust that he does not get too much food.

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