Birth decorations - A nice addition to the birth announcement

The birth of a child is a very special event, often the most special event in your life. In many cases these moments are cherished in a poem (you). Some are used on birth announcements and others to give your feelings a place.

We have asked our visitors to write a birth poem. Some poems were already written and used on a birth announcement, others express this very special event.
We have placed the poems in the trust that there are no copyright. If this is the case with a poem, you can report this to We will then remove the poem as soon as possible. We have poems in the following categories:

General birthmarks

I know that I love you even before birth
During the birth I only think about you
After birth it is that I behold you
Now I want to tell you what I always wanted to say to you
Namely: I love you

Submitted by Monique

We were allowed to experience it four times
Four times I shouted it from the roofs
Four times a child healthy and well
Countlessly happy with our beautiful couple

Submitted by Joost and Jolanda

Two hands and two feet
Ten cloves in a row
With a cheerful face too
And two small ears
Yes, that's her
So sweet and tender
Our little wonder
So excited and happy

Entered by Liesbeth

There you are sweet little girl
Your skin as pink as an ice cream
The full package
We will never let you go again

Submitted by Nienke

You are a beautiful little miracle
We are very happy that we may be your mom and dad

Submitted by Danielle

Good baby day
Know that forever
A place in our hearts is prepared
Know that you are always welcome there

Submitted by Angela

Leaves have fallen
The cold is coming
A small child
Is what we are going for this winter

Entered by L.

June 7, 2007 a beautiful sunny day
The atmosphere sultry and so special
But nothing that day is so special
As the birth of our little miracle

Submitted by Natasja

Unformed without limit
Is body and members is name
Entered by Arjan
Yes you hear it right
I do not know what it does to you
But one thing is certain: It does you good!

Submitted by Stephanie

After 9 months of curiosity
Are you finally here?
We now know who or you are
That makes us very happy
Your black hairs, sweet eyes
And your mouth small and fine
Make it great for us
To be your parents!

Submitted by Carin

If you look into my eyes
The world seems to stand still
The wind stops blowing
And frozen is the moon
You are radiant like the sun
You are perfect, so naked and small
And the world seems to be perfect for a moment

Submitted by Kim

So small and then a miracle
A life ahead
Sometimes you do not get everything you asked ...

Submitted by Chantal

After nine months of fun with his three in a bed
I took a weighty decision
Because my Daddy and Mommy did not want anyway
That's why I went out
And sleep in my own bed from now on

Submitted by Cindy

Sweet little girl
You become a stubborn
Whatever it may be
Help me with the washing dishes

Entered by Ria

After months of looking and longing
We could receive a son and a brother
All thanks for the new life
We should give the Lord.
Submitted by Nency

Eyes like diamonds and a skin so soft
Tiny little hands and a mouth that smiles
A nose special and hairs of down
It is a real wonder that baby of us

Submitted by Karin

In my belly
In my body, under my skin
I want you in your bed with a jug
A child and a mother from one born in one tel

Submitted by M.

Our love
has hands and feet
Submitted by An
Your little life
Our great happiness

Submitted by Melanie

Daddy and Mamma duck always swim with each other
Because ducks are a pair for life
Mamma duck laid a beautiful egg
And ... now a baby duck is swimming

Submitted by Petra

From the water world born in the water
A child who will hear us so
Girl, pure sweet and small
Wonder of which we are quiet

Submitted by Petra

Little paws and a red jacket dotted
From a juicy green leaf slipped
Hey, the ladybug, are you doing this great to us?
Because by this little child we will from now on
Being with his fives

Submitted by Petra

We are supplemented with a totally new particle
Our newborn child is to see a figurine
We are not a bit happy but very much
Because with our second girl we form
a complete whole ...

Entered by family F.

Short legs, mini toes
Smiling mouth, pamperkontje
Welcome dear ukkepuk
You are our first measuring machine

Submitted by Christel (not written by yourself but found on the internet)

Love is the only thing that multiplies
if you share it together

Submitted by Annemarie

What a stork? No no!
My mom and dad have been fighting hard
And that's how I grew up in mom's belly
But now I am finally born
And can thus disturb their peace

Submitted by Astrid

The still bearable lightness of existence
Submitted by Ilse

A surprise for many
For us a big decision
But certainly not a mistake

Submitted by Kristel

The time is now after 9 months
That I would rather be spoiled by both
I was dreaming with mommy
From a stork that still had to come
When the creature did not come
I made a decision
And in the end it eventually came to itself

Submitted by A.

A miracle has been given to us
Still so tender and so small
That it (he or she) in the world
A sunbeam may be

Submitted by Peety America (not invented)

Little boy…
You are in this world
So you will have to fight like me

Submitted by B. (text song André Hazes, Little boy)

Birthdies brother / sister

First I had to go from the cot to the big bed
That was a lot of fun for me
But what happened now I do not forget my whole life
My brother was born and I want to let everyone hear that

Submitted by Danielle

Playing alone
Began to get bored
But now I am happy
With and sister there

Submitted by An

Natasja could no longer handle the mischief alone
Now she has a little brother to help her

Submitted by Astrid

Birthdies difficult pregnancy / birth

If you think that a child will never come
Keep that nice dreams
But from time to time
Dreams become reality

Submitted by Karin

With sadness in the past
Now we look at the present
Maybe a son expected
But brought a beautiful daughter
Silently ... we enjoy her
'New life' sometimes a sensitive string!

Submitted by Pam

With 30 weeks of singing, things went almost wrong
Daughter-in-law gallbladder surgery, felt miserable and not fresh
But luckily Kay was not born by that operation
And he just went to hear us healthy after 39 weeks

Submitted by Carla

That you came into the world
Was a whole experience
So sweet, so small, and delicate
But full of movement
You can not yet go to our house veins
The sister has to do it for so far
You nurse very often
In your glass cradle you are very happy here
As soon as you are big enough, we will steal you

Sent in by Truus

It sometimes happens unexpectedly
Just a little different than you thought
Keep hoping, but still powerless
Our Joanna, so small as fragile
Yet you will not give up
You have the power to want to live
Light breaks through the darkness
To realize what a miracle is
The most beautiful gift that you can give us
Is surviving

Submitted by Ivo

Ten fingers, ten toes
The full package
Ready after nine months
Go on a voyage of discovery
By trial and error
Looking forward to your future
We will enjoy every day
Of all the steps you do

Submitted by Mirella

Ten little fingers and toes
Two arms and two legs
The full package
To enter the big world

Submitted by Marleen

Long birthmarks

Nine months in mommy's belly
Well, we knew that
What was the time slowly passing by
But after your birth we were very happy
It made us forget the difficult time a bit
A bright spot after a heavy, black time
Because in this we lost your grandmother
Life and death were close together
But now you are there to remind us of her
Oh, Grandma knew your sweet hugs and kisses
Your starletoma looks down on you from above
An angel that protects you, time after time
The biggest star, which seems very faithful to you
And lets know time and time again: I love you

Submitted by Ingrid

Birth of a baby, what is that nice to see and wonderful to experience
And new life on earth and you know how to hit it
Happy with your own child, because with a birth a new world opens up for you
Also for your child and hopefully everything goes well
It is painful once, but soon you have forgotten it
Strange, but when you see your baby, the pain is already worn out
Times go fast and before you know it there is another birth of a brother or sister
And that completes life and family, but it was a job

Entered by Peggy

Birthdies for twins

Born out of love
More precious than gold
Two new lives
Entrusted to us

Entered by Liesbeth

Birth poem for an adoption

Born in a very distant country
miles away from here
So desired, so beautiful and sweet
You bring us so much pleasure
Now you're with us
as our sweet little child
Shooting words really too short
how wonderful parents can be

Submitted by Carin

Birth poem fatherhood

Empty is my thought
I live in full joy
I could never have expected this
So this is fatherhood

Submitted by Marco

What do you say to your three-year-old son?
When he walks into the bedroom at night
And asks: 'Daddy what are you doing'

How do you respond to your three-year-old son?
When he comes to you crying
And says: 'Dad does not succeed'

What do you do when your three-year-old son
Asking you to come
And says: 'Dad what is ministry'

But how happy and proud are you at your three-year-old son
When he raises FOUR fingers and says:
'Look daddy I'm already THREE'

Submitted by Marco

Birthditches grandchild

A new life
Will be given to us at the end of April
Already it is very loved
Our first grandchild

Entered by Ria

One will be added in September
Then we are all very happy again
Maybe a boy this time
And it becomes just like daddy and real gentleman
But Arwen wants a sister to play
Then she does not have to be bored anymore

Submitted by Marlies

Birth information informative

Calling is a small gesture
But then the biscuits are ready
And I like it
At between 12 and 15 hours
Only to be with mom, dad

Entered by family F.

Do you want ... to see his eyes twinkle
Then let the telephone ring first

Submitted by Kristel

Cherished for months
To last a lifetime
And visit is nice but can it be after a phone call?

Submitted by Kristel (not invented, but found on the internet)

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