Tips for a long car ride

Do you have a long car ride in prospect? Have no idea how your toddler or toddler will experience this ride? We made it a little easier for you. A collection of tips to survive a long car journey with one or more children. Turn off this document, because these tips can be of vital importance! Or you should find a screaming child in the back seat a pleasant background music. In that case you better surf further. Do you have a good tip yourself, which is not listed here yet? Let us know! Because maybe your tip is the golden tip for someone else! Mail your tip or car game to:

Preparation of the car ride

Involve an older preschooler in the choice and preparations of the holiday.
At the ANWB you can get information about the resting places with playground. This way you can cut the trip into pieces and it remains clear for children. At the ANWB there are children's tickets for older children. This way they can follow a route themselves. Of course you can also make your own map in advance with all kinds of nice pictures of sights on your way. You can indicate the stops on this map in advance.
Pack a few small gifts in advance that you can give to him every hour. Think of: hand puppets, (window) stickers, pencils, coloring book, bubble bladder, et cetera.
To have the toys at hand, you can make bags with all the boxes where you can store their belongings. Such bags may also be for sale.
Provide a good preparation and stipulate a good route in advance.
Rest well before you start the journey. Driving a car is exhausting enough and the more equipped you are, the better you can handle everything.

Check the vignettes

If you go on holiday by car, keep in mind that you may need a vignette. Not only for the country where you are going to stay, but also for the countries you are driving through. For example, if you drive to France you need the following: for Belgium a safety vest, warning triangle and first aid kit. In addition, you still need an alcohol tester and an environmental sticker (for certain areas).

The car ride

Stop regularly to stretch your legs and do this in a place where your child can run equally well.
Take a ball along the way. If you take a break, your child can just run behind the ball.
Driving in the night is less warm, but make sure you are equipped yourself.


Provide a good temperature in the car and never leave your child in the blazing sun. Give your child enough to drink in warm weather. Cover your windows with sunscreens or cloths if necessary.
A wet washcloth can provide a nice refreshment.
Sunshades from favorite friends are very popular with children. They will invent entire stories along the way with their favorite boyfriend in the lead.
Park your car preferably during the breaks in the shade.
Do not open two windows together.


Adjust the sweets as long as possible. Your baby will quickly become nauseated from a lot of snacking. Preferably prepare some fruit or raw vegetables in advance.
Give babies (from 1 year) 'finger food', small, tasty edible stuff to play with. Think of popcorn, breadsticks, toddler chips, et cetera.
If your child is a little older, he can make a tasty fruit stick with some fruit (prepared in advance) and a satay stick. And of course you can eat it afterwards!
Take a (empty) plastic bag for the waste along the way.
Take: kitchen roll, refreshing wipes, bottle of water, rice cakes or biscuits.
Make sure that his stomach stays a little filled. With an empty stomach, he runs every chance of getting nauseous.

Your child during the car ride

Always leave your child in his car seat and do not be tempted to take him on his lap.
Make sure the car seat is high enough so that it can look out nicely.
You can change the baby at petrol stations or roadside restaurants.
There are bottle warmers that you can connect to the cigarette lighter.
Keep a place in the backseat free (if this is possible) to sit with your child.
There are (approved) shelves in the trade for over the car seat. This gives you more options to let your child play (puzzles, LEGO, drawing, etc.)
Two children in the back seat? Place a small crate with lid between the children in the back seat. They have an armrest and storage space for their belongings. In addition, this deposition gives less chance to fight because everyone now has his own place.


An extremely quiet game: Who can keep his mouth shut for the longest time?
Make a special case for your child, where you adjust the content to his age and interest. There are those plastic deed cases for sale, with this case they have a hard surface on their lap. Things that you can put in are for example: drawing block, markers, colored pencils, CDs with music or listening story, new cars, favorite treats, Donald Duck, Sesame Street, coloring book, Teletubbies, et cetera. For the way back, refill the case again.
Let your child also sit in the front seat (of course in his car seat)! Make sure that there is no airbag in place.
Attach a (pants) belt to the door or driver's seat. Do a string through all the holes and attach the favorite toys to them. For example, the cuddly toys and / or other toys of the little ones can not fall and you do not have to cover all your muscles to take something from the floor (obliquely) behind you.

Toys and plush toys

Do not forget his favorite hug!
Of course, favorite toys are always nice to have on hand. Keep in mind that he can throw, so no hard materials.
Your own steering wheel, so that he can 'drive' is a guaranteed success.
Let your toddler tell his favorite cuddle what can be seen outside.
Bring a pair of puppet puppets and pick up a piece from the front seat to the public in the back seat.

Electronic pleasure

From five years a gameboy guarantees hours of fun.
Hang up a portable DVD player with his favorite movie! You have no child for him for the time being!

Reading pleasure

Take a nice reading book and read a few nice stories.
Is your baby still a baby? Then a crispy book, rattle, teether or sock with a bell on it can be very nice.
Buy a sticker book in advance and let him paste stickers.
Start telling a story and let your child finish the story.

Creative fun

If your child has a shelf in front of him, you can of course bring paper and a few pencils so that he can make a drawing. A coloring book is also a nice idea.
With plastic stickers, your child can decorate the window nicely. It is easy to remove again so that he can start again.
If your child is a little older, you can give him a diary with pens, magazines and leaflets from your holiday destination. He can then make a holiday diary with pictures and drawings in it. On the way and in the course of the holiday you can then collect all things that can be pasted into it (sugar bags, leaflets of roadside restaurants, receipts, napkins, etc.).
With washable pens (pens for Whiteboards) your child can simply draw on the windows. With a wet cloth they can wipe it out and start again.
A whirlwind is a great entertainment for several ages.
Buy a cheap disposable camera so that your child can take pictures at the stopovers!


Put on a nice CD song and sing along comfortably. It is advisable to run the CD a number of times before you travel, so that the songs are already a bit familiar.
Neurie a song and let the other guess which song this is. If someone guessed it, the person may choose a song.
A walkman with nice nursery rhymes or a listening story. Certainly useful if there are several children in the car or if you yourself all those nursery rhymes start to get a little tired.
Do not feel like reading for yourself while driving? Take a story in advance of what you read. That way your child hears your voice and you can just concentrate on the road.
Of course you can also sing and record some nursery rhymes in advance
Sing a nursery rhyme by mistake and let your baby discover the mistake. Then sing it together well.

Board & word games

Play the game: I see, I see what you do not see and the color is ...
Have your child close his eyes and write a letter on his hand with your finger. He has to guess which letter you have written. If letters are still too difficult, you can of course also do it with shapes (square, triangle, circle, et cetera).
Everyone closes his eyes (of course except the driver) and guesses which side the car is approaching. Left! Right! The one who calls it wrong, it is finished.
Make nice words of the letter combinations of the number plates on cars you come across. Each letter is then the first letter of a word.
Play the game: Who sees the first ...? (Red car, truck, black car, female driver, bus, etc.). Prepare a list of topics in advance. You can of course also make small notes from them and hand them out. Have you seen the right subject? Can you take a new note. The one with the most notes has won.
Prepare a kind of bingo letters with a few subjects in advance, for example: black car, police car, truck, windmill, et cetera. If you see an object on your note, you can omit it. The person who is the first to have his note has won. You can of course also vary by having to see more copies of a specific subject. So for example: 3 Belgian license plates, 5 red cars, 4 white trucks, etc. For the smaller children who can not yet read, you can of course also work with pictures.
Play the games word snake: one calls a word, the next must come with a word beginning with the last letter of the previous word. You can make it more difficult by choosing a certain category (animal names, cities, countries, etc.).
Count certain things you encounter, for example: red cars, windmills, trucks, cows, et cetera.
Take a person, object or animal in mind and let your child guess what you have in mind through questions. You can only answer with 'yes' or 'no'. If he has guessed it, he may consider a person, object or animal.
Play the game: I go on holiday and take along: a ..., I go on holiday and take along: a ... and a ... The first person to make a mistake is finished.
Play the game: No yes and no no. Whoever insists on saying yes or no for the longest time has won.
Say an arbitrary word and the other person must add an (existing) word to it. The person who ultimately does not know a word anymore is finished. For the smallest one it does not necessarily have to be an existing word, it is already very good if he knows how to fit.
Let your child close his eyes. Give him something in his hand and let him guess what it is (obviously without looking).
Name an animal and your child needs to make the sound. What does a cow do? What does a sheep do? Turn the rollers around once.
Play the game 'cow-horse-dog'. If you encounter a cow or horse, you must keep your mouth shut until you encounter a dog.
Let your child make up words with letters. So for example the A is of monkey, the B is bread, et cetera.
Play the game: Confess color. Each player mentions a color. It's about who first saw ten things in that color. It can be anything. Cars, traffic signs, clothing of fellow road users, buildings, et cetera.

Do not forget the return journey! Save some new candy containers for the return journey.

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