Low-budget tips for the holidays!

A handy collection of low-budget tips for the holidays!

The holiday period comes closer again. Holiday is not available for many people this year. Matter of no money. You are absolutely not the only one, but that is a meager consolation. Days out can be fun, but generally also cost a lot of money.
How do you get through that six-week holiday in a pleasant way? We have put the best low-budget craft-do-out-tips for you in a row!

Low-budget tips

1) Picnic

Eaten has to be done anyway! But eating in the open air is just a little more fun than at home at the kitchen table. So pack in that stuff, dress with it, go with it and go out. Children love picnics and it does not have to cost anything extra!

2) Quest

Consider a fun search in advance. Write notes with fun, exciting or instructive assignments and pull out in the early hours to get everything ready. Scavenger hunts always find children exciting! And at the end ... there is of course a 'burial' treasure buried! A small box with sweets is of course already a perfect treasure!

3) Natural crafts

First a nice walk through nature or forest and looking for suitable material. Sprigs, leaves, flowers, everything is fine. Once again at home, this material can be used to craft. Think of a nicely made 'natural dish' for on the table, or a sort of peepbox of an old shoebox.

4) Beach

Do you live near the beach? The beach is always fun for children. Bucket along, scoop, food and drink, sunscreen and of course a big towel and you have fun for ten. Make sure that your children do not burn and do not stay in the sun too long.
Do your child (ren) a wristband with your name and mobile number! If he gets lost, you can at least be called!

5) Swimming pool

Almost every child can have fun in the pool. Not yet a swimming certificate? Always put straps around his arms. If you lose sight of him, you know at least that he is safe and can not drown.

6) A day at work

Many things are still new for children. So they can find it wonderful to be able to join you (or your partner) for a day! Of course this should also be possible, but if possible, this is a very nice experience for your son or daughter!

7) Playground

It may seem like a piece of cake for you, but no matter how famous the playground is, it will still be fun. What food and drinks? Good book for moms and the day can not go wrong!

8) Petting zoo

The petting zoo remains fun for small children. Petting, cuddling, looking, discovering the animals! Educational and fun! And the fun of a petting zoo, there is always one in your area!

9) Museum

Museum boring? That is no longer! Most museums have special activities for small children. There is often plenty to be crafted or there are many other activities that are fun for children.

10) Game Day

Get as many games as possible for the day and make 'game day'. The children of course determine what will be played and the whole day, even during the meal, can be played. Something good and it will be fun!

11) Bike out!

Children in the bicycle seat, or on their own bike, and get out. Of course there is a bicycle bag with lemonade, fruit and tasty sandwiches! On the way somewhere to buy an ice cream and the party is complete!

12) To a park or playground

Children do not need much to enjoy themselves. Often the presence of other children is already nice enough. Take some toys, dress with you and have a nice magazine or good book for you! Pleasure for all parties and enjoy the sun!

13) Event in the neighborhood?

Check the local newspaper for a free event in the area? No local newspaper. Then just google. Chances are that there is something fun to do in your area too!

14) Cooking studio

Small children love to cook! Turn your kitchen into a true cooking studio and get started with your offspring. The best part is of course to make dishes that also have a good taste for your children! Cake, cupcakes, cake, pancakes, poffertjes ... Decorating before eating, the fun can double again!

15) Children's party! Yeah!

Organize a party in your garden with friends who also have children. If everyone brings something to eat and / or drink, the party is complete! The children will have a great time together! The reason for the party? Um ... because it's Monday?

16) Craft time!

Collect a few days of toilet rolls, empty plastic bottles, paper, cardboard or other useful craft material and make a nice craft day out. Two left hands? Does not matter ... it's about the fun of making and your child finds something very beautiful!

17) Internet

Many tips can be found on the internet about a free day out. There are also regular competitions where tickets can be won from expensive amusement parks. Participation is usually free. Who does not dare ...!
Also take a look at www.gratisdagjeuit.nl. On this site you will find lots of great tips for free attractions. Perhaps also in your area.

18) Nothing at all

Just a day of doing nothing and going around in your pajamas, is sometimes not at all wrong! Not only the children in the nightwear, but you too! Because that is part of an old-fashioned pajama day!

19) Camping on home soil

Do you have a garden? And a tent? Hopla, tent in the garden and camping! Your children will love it! No tent, but a garden? Then build your own tent with branches, sheets and everything else you can use for it.
Does tent not have a garden? You can also set up a (homemade) tent in the room! Maybe you have to get used? Of course there is also eaten in the tent!

20) A lot of game ideas

With these game ideas, both inside and outside you can be sweet for many days!

21) Home theater

Of course we try to hang as little as possible for the TV but ... a day at home cinema, surrounded by DVD covers and a bowl of homemade popcorn, is of course very nice! Tomorrow just active again!

22) To the forest and the ducks

A day at the forest always remains fun. Of course a few peanuts for the birds and the squirrels and who knows, they'll eat it from your hand! Of course do not forget the old bread for the ducks in the pond!

23) Visit the local riding school

Children and horses remain a nice combination. Usually the horses are easy to stroke and cuddle at a riding school.

24) Grandpa and grandmother

Do you still have them? Then a day to grandfather and grandmother should not be missed during the holidays! Enjoy each other as long as it is still possible!

25) Neighboring activities

Often during the holiday period all kinds of neighborhood activities are organized for children. Ask for your neighborhood center. Chances are that there are very nice activities!

26) Clay dough

Let your toddler or toddler get nice clay from (biscuit) dough! Nothing bad when something disappears in his mouth! And then, of course, baking and tasting!

27) He determines

Fun for the smallest: Walk with him and let him determine the direction! He will feel completely cool!

28) Nice decoration

A bag of nibits, dropveter and you're basting the best, but for the tastiest chains! Need garlands? Then you just tie a pair of drop-laces together and you'll feel like you're in a land of excitement with that wonderful decoration!

29) Water fun

Make a mini band in the garden or balcony. Children can be happy with this for hours! Another old big brush? Then they can paint the fence with that! Of course with water.

30) Second home

Try to come to a big box and craft, together with your child, a new house. Includes with windows and doors. Nice also for the cat to play with.

31) Drawing and coloring

Young or old, coloring and drawing remains a fun activity for most children. Colored pencils, markers, watercolor, finger paint. You live out and of course you join in!

32) Balloon fun

Balloons are fun, lots of balloons are even more fun! Just blow up the entire bag! Or two, or three. Your child will love it! Nice to surprise him in the morning when he wakes up! Besides playing balloons also lend themselves well to tinkering!

33) Police or fire department

Often there are open days of fire brigade and / or police during the big holiday. Children love this kind of days. They can often sit in the cars or on the police engine and many activities are organized.

34) Babysitter

Arrange a babysitter and plan an evening of entertainment for yourself (and your partner). It's best to install time for yourself in between a few hours. Just a bite outside the door, or a picnic on the beach at sunset. Can you go all the way again the next day!
And your child will find a different face that makes for him just fun!

35) Re-direct his room

Change your child's room together! Do anything else, maybe a little lick of paint on the walls? It hardly costs money and it looks slightly different!

36) Water balloon fight

Nice weather? Get a big pot of water balloons in the toy store and fill them with - you guessed it - water. All together - preferably the whole street - at the water fight! Children love it, especially when you also participate! And well, it's just water ...!

37) Kite flying!

An open field in the neighborhood? Little wind? Totally great! Because then it's kite time! You can buy kittens ready-to-use, but even better is the kite to tinker with your child first!
Build kites for advanced users

38) Sporty!

Playing with the kids outside, playing football, playing tennis, badminton, you name it. Enjoying sports with each other. Good for the children, good for you!

39) Spotting!

Do you live near an airport? Go and see a day of airplanes! Especially for small children this is an experience! And maybe you think it's a bit of fun?

40) The library

Go with your child (ren) to the library and let them choose a number of books. At home, of course, nice to mother and read aloud!

41) Gaming!

After a reading day, game day and a movie day, the game day should not be missed. Dive into the world of those digital games. Of course together with your child. On computer, Nintendo, WII, Playstation, DS, app, it does not matter. This day is all about the game!

42) BBQ

Closing the holiday, bbq time! Make all preparations during the day with the children. Making salads, stringing satés and enjoying each other in the evening!
Do not forget the marshmallows!

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