Shoe presents under 10 euros!

Sinterklaas is (almost) back in the country and your child is already eager to put his shoe. To prevent that he prefers to do this every day, as soon as the Sint has entered our country, it may be useful to make arrangements in advance so that your child does not expect a gift in his shoe until 5 December.

How often?

As a little girl, for example, I was allowed to put my shoe every Saturday and Wednesday. I knew that beforehand because my mother had explained that Sinterklaas naturally had to fill a lot more shoes, so of course he could not come every day. I thought that was a plausible story as a child. So I looked forward to the Saturdays and Wednesdays and I did not bother about the other days. Of course everyone has a different idea about this. With one person, putting a shoe on a daily basis will not be a problem, with the other one is more than enough once a week.

Nice shoe presents

Shoe presents do not have to be expensive at all. It comes to the surprise the next morning and those few pepernoten who may have been in it. My 14-year-old son is still putting his shoe because he is purely for 'goodies'. A handful of gingerbread cookies and perhaps a small Sinterklaas of chocolate. If he finds it in his shoe the next morning, he is more than satisfied. Years ago, when he still believed in Sinterklaas, I gave him a good present in his shoe. But never more expensive than a few euros. It must be nice and the more expensive gifts I kept for parcel night.

Keep it within limits

The best you can collect small gifts during the year. An offer here or a low budget item there. Just between the messages, you can gather a lot together. Especially if you have several small children, it can increase considerably. If you start early enough, you spread the costs over several months. The month of December is already expensive enough.

But what are nice gifts for a few euros? I set out for you. Of course you can make it as crazy as you want, but I myself have a budget of up to 10 euros. That is actually quite a budget, but luckily there are also a lot of gifts between under 5 euros.

The best Shoe presents under 10 euros

Tip 1: Lost kitties blind box

This is so cute! Lost kitties blind box, for 4.95 euros. Your child (from 5 to 10 years old) can have a lot of fun here. The kitten is hidden in the clay with two accessories. With the clay they can model fun things for the kitten. I think the kittens are in any case very cute and there are different ones so you can collect them. Every cat belongs to a team. In the collection guide you can see exactly in which team your kitten belongs. Of course you do not have to collect all the kittens, one such cat is also very nice.

Tip 2: Bouncing ball with glitter stars

While surfing, I came across a different webshop and here they have nice stuff for children. In addition to nice shoe gifts, you can also win many more nice gifts here. There is a varied offer for different ages and price categories.
For example, this bouncing ball will make you happy. I do hear! And for the price of 1.95 euro you can let it bounce! For children from 3 years to infinity. Because bouncing is also fun for the agility and reflex of the parents.

Tip 3: Janod lovely puzzle Juliette celebrates

Coincidentally, I spoke about a week with a friend about puzzling, that I did so much as a child. During my search for nice shoe presents, I came across these puzzles! Two very colorful and fun puzzles, in a very nice package. For children from three years. The puzzles cost 9.95 euros. Of course I could not ignore them! I had found this fantastic as a child!

Tip 4: Lock Stars figure

In a family with more than one child, the older children - who may no longer believe - also get something in their shoe. Then this Lock Stars figure is very nice. Suitable for children from 4 to 15 years. They are hip clasps with surprises. There are two keys, two accessories and a secret minibuddy. In short, one and all surprise. How hip is that about your backpack or your jacket. You can collect them but that is not a condition to have fun with these hip slots. They are for sale for 5.99 euros.

Tip 5: The animal race

Of course we should not forget the little ones! This booklet is a reading book and has an educational character, namely each page has a puzzle piece. This book costs 7.99 euros. Suitable for children from 1 year. The picture alone, I find very nice.

Tip 6: Starszoo Rainbow Rope

Ooooh !! Do you remember this? I used to do it with a woolen thread or insignificant string and I think I could make a teapot. But maybe I dreamed that too. At least a teacup and the Eiffel Tower. This will give you a lot of fun, especially if your child does this with friends or girlfriends or just with mom or dad. It is a super bright rope, and for 2.70 euro this is a very nice gift for your child's shoe. From 10 years to ... well, maybe I'll put it in my own shoe!

Tip 7: Crayola Frozen Coloring book with stickers

Winter is coming! And what is more fun than being creative with your child. Or that your child is very creative and you have time to read a book. And then with the figures of Frozen as a sticker that you can stick in the book. Hours of fun. Even better than all those pixels of the mobile phone or television. Colors is always good! On our website we have discussed products of crayola more often. For example the Washimals or the magical color pens.
The Crayola Frozen coloring book with stickers costs 4.99 euros.

Tip 8: Wooden tool set

For the handy Bob or Bobiena the Builders! Teach your child to get acquainted with tools at an early age and let him or her help mom or dad with DIY jobs. The tool set consists of a saw, a hammer and a ruler and is made of FSC wood. Durable wood, and can possibly be passed on to a younger child in the family, or to someone else if your child is too old for it. The set is suitable for children from 2 years. And costs 3.00 euros.

Tip 9: Cardboard knight costume

Do you also have such a tough knight at home? Then this is a very suitable gift for your little knight. It is made of cardboard, and your knight can color it yourself. This will make him or her happy. First colors cozy and then the tough knight hang out. Who would not want that! The cardboard knight costume costs 3.00 euros and is suitable for children from three years.

Tip 10: Wooden stacking rocket

Yes! I was sold immediately! What a nice color this wooden stacker has. And it has an educational character. But of course it's all about the fun. It is suitable for children from 18 months. They can then already learn how to stack and for the motor development it is very good. There is a doll in the rocket, which I think is very funny. The stacking rocket is made of sustainable FSC wood and costs 6.00 euros. I always find wooden toys very beautiful. It has something warm. Who knows, your child may want to become an astronaut later on!

Tip 11: Cardboard costume fairy

If I was just talking about the cardboard knight costume, I will also meet a fairy! Is that nice if your child would rather be a fairy! Also with this costume can be colored first and your child can then turn to a fairy including magic wand! This cardboard costume costs 3.00 and is suitable for children from three years.

Tip 12: Cuddle pig

Too cute just this stuffed pig! Would anyone know who wants it. Cuddly toys are always nice for your child. So nice and soft to cuddle and play with. And hugs can also have a comforting character for your child. The cuddly pig can be put in the washing machine and that is a nice extra. The pig is suitable for children from two months and costs 6.00 euros. Do you see your child lying with his cheek against this super-soft pig? I do hear!

Tip 13: Sorting box with 9 shapes

For the little ones there is for example this sorting box with nice disney figures. Your child learns to recognize shapes and press the right block into the sorting box. I always find it very funny to watch and am always surprised how quickly small children have things. The sorting box costs 9.99 euros and is suitable for children from 10 months.

Tip 14: Make your own neon mucus

I find it dirty, that stuck to your hands or that feeling of the mucus. But apparently I am an exception, because mucus is hot! I would even say almost: 'Everybody loves slime', but not me.
With this self-made glue set you make your own neon mucus. With such a set you know in any case that your mucus will not fail.
This set is suitable from about 8 years up to me as far as I'm concerned. Because I hear several adults who also like the mess with mucus. The set costs 4.00 euros. And all the ingredients are there to make neon mucus. So success assured.

Hopefully I showed you some nice presents and you do not have to ponder for too long what your baby should put on his or her wish list. At least a lot of fun with picking out the presents and then of course the enthusiasm and joy of your child when he unpacked his shoe! And then sing together:

Oh, come and have a look!

Oh come and see
What I find in my shoe
Everything received from that best Saint
A doll with braids in her hair
A cuddly dress ready
Three handballs in a net
A letter of banquet
Oh come and see
What I find in my shoe
Everything received from that best Saint


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