Will Vero become the new Facebook? # blog45

The last days you suddenly see all sorts of reports in the media about the new social media platform Vero. Maybe you have read something about it? In itself, this hype is quite surprising because the app has been around since 2015 and a week ago almost no one had heard of this app. In recent days, however, the number of users has increased exceptionally, in the United States alone around 500,000 new users have registered within 24 hours. That is pretty intense.

From a hand full, within a few days, to more than a million. Perhaps this is because - according to reports - the first million users can use the app for free for life. This story is a bit vague, because this limit has already been exceeded and the app is still free. Personally, I think that there is currently a kind of guerrilla marketing and crucial influencers and / or celebrities are being used to promote the app. So almost nothing seems redundant. Maybe that's why you have to read it a little further before you get the app.

Money is power

Money is power. Within the Facebook group where social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram belong, much money is made. Really a lot of money. Billions. This happens mainly through the sale of advertisements, but your private data is also very popular. Your profile information is interesting because it can be sold. You do not want to know how much Facebook you know. You can, by the way, find out - in part - by downloading your profile file. Everything you do and / or have done is kept in a file. In this way Facebook knows even better than you what you like and who your friends are. Do you think that is already a scary idea? Then you will certainly find that completely when you have viewed this file.

How do you download this file?

Start Facebook and click on the arrow in the upper right corner. Go down a bit and there you will find 'Settings'. Click on it. The page opens with 'General Account Settings' and you must have it. Halfway through the page you see the following text with a link: 'Download a copy of your Facebook data.' It almost does not stand out. But you can click on this. The download is now compiled for you and - depending on how active you have been on Facebook - it takes a few minutes (or a little longer) before you can start downloading.
In this file you can see which data Facebook has collected from you. And believe me, that's a lot. Very much. Even all the contacts that you only have in your smartphone (provided you use the Facebook app of course) will see you pass by.

Information is also power

So you can say that information, our information, is also a form of power. Because how interesting is it to be able to put together group profiles of like-minded people and to send very specific (commercial) information to them?
The apps like Facebook and Instagram are all free to use, but for free is something natural never. Your data is worth a lot of money and in return they make you feel good with a free app and give you the feeling that you actually can not do without this app. But by sharing all your data and giving so much of yourself, it is actually expensive.

New hijackers on the coast

Then there is Vero now. A new hijacker on the coast. Vero is not the first app that wants to compete with the established social media order. There have been previous apps that have tried this, such as Ello, Diaspora and Mastodon. They have not succeeded one by one. Whether Vero will succeed in this is of course still the question. After having chatted for three years, there is suddenly a momentum. So you can speak of a good restart. That anyway. But whether they will achieve their final goals? That is still the question.

Established order

With such an enthusiastic new hijacker on the coast, it can not be denied that there is also counter-noise. For example, the founder of the app would be a controversial Lebanese billionaire (Ayman Hariri). It would have been completely built by Russian developers (what is that lately with those Russians?) And Velo would become owner of everything you post (this is already the case with Facebook?). The agreement that you enter into with them as a user would be far-reaching. It would go beyond the agreements you make with Facebook and / or Instagram - I have my doubts about this. In addition, the app does not currently have the option to delete your account again. I assume that this is going to happen, but for now you have to submit a request for this. Want to know more about the negative side of Vero? Then read this article.

Facebook is also not a good hendrik

It is certainly true, but in this case Facebook and Instagram are also not free. The Facebook group is certainly not the best boy in the class, that does not do anything with your data. And let's be honest, they obviously do not want any competitors at all. I therefore take all those negative messages with a grain of salt, because who can guarantee me that they are written objectively and are not covered with a Facebook sauce? If you want to use free apps, there is always a price tag. You get bitten, anyway, whether it's by the dog or by the cat. And they eavesdrop on us all. Read my review about 'Cybercrime and cyberwar'. In this I describe my own experience with these bugging practices. A true anecdote.


If you believe that Vero violates your privacy, I can get you out of the dream. That is because every site or app does. Everything that you post can be copied and used. Text and image. Everything you post on the internet can hardly be removed anymore. Everything you post can be copied - and therefore used by others. Vero is no different in that. You always have to take that into account and ask yourself in everything you place: Can anyone see this? How would my children find this in ten years? Etcetera. If you are sure that you can fully stand behind your post, you can post it. This does not only apply to Vero, which applies to all your social media channels. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, you name it.

Own choice

Whether or not you are going to use this platform is of course entirely your own choice. Perhaps the best choice is not to use any social media platform at all. But yes, it's fun too. And addictive. For pennea.org I have now created an account (oudersenzo), because I was curious and actually I was positively surprised by the app. Maybe there are some teething problems here and there, but for me it certainly has potential. I will also explain why.

Benefits Vero

The biggest advantage of Vero is the different possibilities. It is actually Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter in one. In the beginning maybe a little wrestling with the apostles, because there is no further explanation and because the servers (because of the hype) are often stuck at the moment, but it is not difficult to get out of that. They can clearly not cope with the current tsunami of applications. That is a bit of a shame and that does the app absolutely too short.
You can choose from different options to share your information. For this you can choose from the following options:
Camera (photos and videos), Link, Music, Film / TV, Book, Location. All these things can be shared in a very simple way. It looks nicely cared for and it ultimately works very well.

Specified friends

It is nice that you can enter into friendships at different levels. So you can indicate per friend to which group he belongs. You can choose from: Aquintance (knowledge), Friends (friend) or Best friends (best friends).
You can indicate per blog which specific group the photo or message can see. That is of course very nice if it is a snapshot of your child. You may not want to share it with those hundreds of acquaintances, but with that handful of good friends.

Another big advantage

There is another big advantage. There are no annoying advertisements. That's fine, because it ensures a lot of peace in your timeline. Of course there is also a downside, because where do they earn their credit? Usually billionaires want to earn money and not just invest. Probably they will get the earnings from two things. On their site, for example, it can be read that they eventually want to charge a subscription fee (which is not yet the case) and I can not escape the impression that they too - just like the Facebook group - are interested in your profile data.

And as a last advantage

As a last advantage, we would like to mention the chronological timeline. No annoying defining algorithm that ensures that you get one message directly and the other message only after days. In Vero you see everything just passing by chronologically. And that's nice. In addition, you can even filter and determine yourself what you do or do not see. So you have the handle yourself and it is not determined by others.

For whom is Vero meant

Actually this app is for all ages. Whether it ever completely replaces Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Google+ - what it's actually meant for? I would really like it myself, because that saves a lot of time which I now divide over different platforms, but honestly, I do not think so. Maybe it's going to run alongside it. In any case, I want to give it a chance, because I have really discovered a few advantages.

Alone is just alone

Social media networks are of course only fun if a lot of people use it. Now it is still a bit lonely intention. This of course falls and stands the ultimate popularity. Maybe we should just give it a chance, if only to give the Facebook group a Monopoly position. Actually, I also like such a fresh start. You can still see everyone having their followers under construction. Everyone is still pretty much right now and gets a fair chance. And I love equality.

Do you want to work with Vero and have a follower? You can find me under the name 'Oudersenzo' and I will certainly follow you again! Let's just make something beautiful with each other.

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