On holiday with your child - What should you take into account?

Relax on holiday! This is of course also possible with a child, only then a good preparation is necessary. In addition to information and tips, we have also placed a checklist on this page. Easy to pack with.

Do not go on a long holiday trip with a baby younger than three months. They really feel most comfortable in their own familiar environment. On holiday with a slightly older baby, toddler or toddler is of course very good, but there are a number of things that you have to take into account. Do not forget that it will be a whole business for your child, because his whole schedule is being jumbled. Good preparation starts with the art of packing well. Take at least enough for the first week, until you have found where everything at your holiday destination is for sale.

Travel documents

Children can often be insured on the policy of their parents, but they must then be credited. Even small children must have their own passport or identity card since 26 June 2012 to cross the border. Within Europe you do not need a passport to cross the border, but you have to be able to identify yourself. If your child is there, the only way is to identify him through his passport or identity card. You always need a passport outside of Europe.
A visa must be requested separately for children. A special page for children is reserved in Dutch passports.

Travel documents for children

In foreign countries it is mandatory that your child has a valid travel document. Children can no longer be registered in the passport of the parent from 26 June 2012 and must have their own passport or identity card. The validity of children who were already registered in the passport of father or mother, will expire from this date. Children up to the age of 18 require a written permission from both parents or the person in charge of applying for a passport. For applications for an identity card, children up to 12 years need permission.

Loss of travel document

If you have lost a travel document abroad, report this to the local police as soon as possible. Subsequently you must apply for a new passport or temporary travel document (emergency passport or laissez-passer) at the Dutch embassy or consulate. When you return to the Netherlands, you can apply to the municipality for a new travel document after reporting to the police.

Stay healthy

Try to avoid mosquito bites as much as possible because even ordinary mosquitoes can transmit diseases. Do not forget to protect your child during his afternoon nap. Take a lightweight mosquito net with you. In case you can not prevent it altogether, take an anti-mosquito cream with you. Signs occur in wooded areas and can transmit diseases. Investigate your child every night in the bath on a tick and remove them with a ticks.
Keep your eyes on clean hands during the holiday. Before eating or after they have been burrowing somewhere.


If your child is taking medication, inform the doctor in advance if this can cause problems in the holiday destination (temperature).
Keep a close eye on the wounds. In warm weather they can start to ignite. If this is the case, it is better to consult a doctor.
Try to prevent your child from being burned. Have him wear a cap or (sun) hat and make sure his neck is covered. Take a good anti-sunscreen that provides protection for a long time and is also water-resistant. In the unlikely event that something goes wrong, keep the burned areas under lukewarm water for a longer period of time. And then coat them with an aftersun cream. Do not you have this at hand? A thick layer of yogurt on the burnt spots or slices of cucumber can also have a soothing effect. If the burn is so bad that blisters appear, consult a doctor.


If your child suffers from diarrhea, make sure he drinks a lot because the chance of dehydration is then strong. There may also be a shortage of salt. To supplement this, you can take sachets with salt and glucose (ORS). Do not wait too long to go to a doctor with your child (up to two years after one day, older than two years after two days).

Health risks for children on vacation

Protect yourself and your children against illnesses while traveling. Ask the doctor from the health center, the district nurse or the general practitioner what health risks you run when traveling with your child (ren) to a country outside Western Europe. Perhaps it makes sense to bring forward vaccinations that have been included in the National Vaccination Program.
For general information about vaccinations and health risks when traveling, contact a Municipal Health Service (GGD) with a travel advice and vaccination agency in your region or with your doctor. They give you personal advice that depends, among other things, on your travel destination and your personal state of health.

Source: Rijksoverheid.nl

By car

It has many advantages to go on holiday with the car. It is fast and you can take a lot of luggage with you. Because you can decide for yourself, you can also adjust everything to the rhythm of your toddler. Of course there are also disadvantages associated with it. It is less safe than flying and how do you keep quiet (and satisfied) in the car for the smallest hours?
We have already put some tips for you in a row.

A good preparation

Proper preparation is indispensable and try to ensure that everyone can start the journey well rested.


Stop every 2 hours for a breath of fresh air and stretch the legs.


Always buy a car seat with a seal of approval. Whether it's a seat for a baby or a toddler, always make sure that it meets the latest European safety requirements. This is generally recognized by the ECE approval label. Pay attention also to the purchase that the seat meets the weight and length of your child. Never buy a seat 'on growth'. Without a car seat it is dangerous for your toddler in the car. Always put him in his seat, even if you 'just go around a block'. If your car has an airbag in the front, you may never place the seat in the front. Make sure that the back door is properly on (child) lock.
Never leave your child in a stationary car when you get out. The temperature can rise enormously when the weather is warm and this can even have a fatal outcome for your child.

Read and listen

Children like to listen to stories, you can choose to read for yourself, but there are also enough CDs or tapes with fun stories for children. You can use the central radio for this, but with a walkman on their own head, you can listen to a cozy music at the same time. Music also works soothingly, but music in combination with a story will fully appreciate your child. If you opt for new music, let your baby hear it a week in advance. Then it is well known to him.

Candy and food

You will be annoyed by a lot of snacking and eating. Therefore, set the sweets as long as possible. You can of course give your child something of fruit or a biscuit.


Make sure that the car is not too hot and that your toddler is not in the burning sun. The windows can be covered with sunscreens or cloths. Give him too much to drink to prevent dehydration. Also open a window, but make sure it does not go out. Put your car in the shade whenever possible. A wet washcloth (keep a bottle of water at hand!) Can be a delicious refreshment.


With the choice of toys in the car, take into account the fact that your toddler can throw it. That's why you better choose soft toys (if it should be thrown at your head). There are also boards for sale for the car seat. This makes it possible for your toddler to draw, color or puzzle. Even with plastic window figures you can keep your baby nice and sweet. Also think of your own steering wheel for him!


During the holidays, try to follow the rhythm of home as much as possible, the feeding times, sleeping times, etc. Take his familiar things with him so that he can feel comfortable.
Your toddler is hard to keep busy on vacation. They do not go their own way yet and prefer to play with mom and / or dad all day long.
Fortunately, they can also enjoy themselves when they can play. A bucket with some water and sand is a guarantee for a long time of pleasure. Toddlers think it is great to go along on the bike or in the back carrier. On the way you almost always encounter things that make it fun for them too. Eat an ice cream, pet animals or a playground.

Time for himself

Keep in mind that your toddler will occasionally withdraw with his toys.
Talk to each other who your child is watching and your toddler will not lose sight of the moment. When it is busy, you better put it in a stroller or let it run on a harness. Make sure that your toddler has an identification plate and carries the address of your holiday home.


Of course it is always nice to photograph your child, but the holiday is of course the ultimate moment to fully live in it. We give here some tips to make your holiday photos even better.

  • Have your child pose with some attributes in his hand that are specific to the holiday destination.
  • Take a close up. Of course, pay attention to the minimum distance of your camera.
  • On the way to your holiday destination, you can also make very nice pictures.
  • Take a picture of him unexpectedly, if he does not realize that you want to do it.
  • Also pay attention to the background. Sometimes a good background can give you that extra bit of extras that make it so special.
  • Play with your camera and try a different view. Drop your knees, keep your camera slanted, climb somewhere on top, in short try something else.

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