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Of course you love your child, even very much. But how do you say this to him? Many people find it difficult to pronounce words like 'I love you', even though they love that other person very much.
Maybe they are not used to hearing these words from childhood and they think it sounds unreal or even kitched when they say these words to their children. And maybe it's just not you to say these words without words. But with what words or in what way do you show it?

Secret language

Actually it does not matter what you say exactly when you clearly show your child that you love him very much. Your child will feel safe, special, loved and secure. And maybe together with your child you can come up with a secret language of which you are the only one who knows exactly what is meant by this secret code ...
We have asked our visitors how they say 'I love you' to their child. We received wonderful responses, which made us warm and happy. We certainly do not want to remember you!
And if you are still worried about how you can tell your child how much you love him, you might find another good tip in the experiences of others!

I love you ... by our visitors

When asked what time you would like to know that you love your child, we received the following honest, sincere and, above all, extremely warm answers.
I do not tell my son (yet) that often, he is just two, that I love him, but we hug very, very often. Then he puts his arms around my neck and says "mommy's wief". I think the best in the world!
It is also great to see when we have all family time. Then he puts an arm around me and the other around my friend and gives us lots of kisses. Of course he also gets a lot of money back. Just delicious !!!!

By saying directly to him that I love him and then noses.

Every night before I put my daughter in her cot, I whisper in her ear: "Mum loves you and dad too!" I can not go to sleep before I said this.

My husband always tells my daughters that he loves them in a very funny way. They both ask if he likes a bun poo. No, he does not like that. Then he calls: "But I do like a sandwich with kisses and lots of love from you!"
Then he tickles and kisses them.

We say to our children several times a day that we love them. They also get kisses very often.

Ever since my daughter is a baby, I sing for her a song that she really loves. She is now 5 and we are still doing it. She comes to my lap and slaps the legs around me and holds me tight. After every sentence we also give us a kiss. The song goes like this:
Two little snails that loved each other,
they got married together when they became a couple.
They then put their houses together,
and now they live together very cozy in the flet
When she is sad she always wants to sing the song of the snails.

It starts with standing up with a daily ritual. I open her room door and say: "Is mom's most beautiful, sweetest girl awake?" Why she then says: "Yes mama mama!" I take her out of her bed and we give each other a very big popping kiss and a big hug. I carry her into my bedroom, where we relax and cuddle together, sit close together and cuddle each other. I always tell her that mom and dad love her and that she is so sweet and beautiful.
Further in the day I let you know that we love her by approaching her very positively. We encourage her with her developments and encourage her to be friendly to people. If she does well, we applaud her and reward her with a kiss or a hug. But if something goes wrong we are there for her and we say that it does not matter, that she just has to try again or that we try again together. I do not get angry quickly, try to always approach her positively and this clearly has an effect on her, she is a real sweet smiley, very friendly and social towards others.
In the evening before we go to sleep we have a cuddle round, we hug her and say that she can sleep well, that mom and dad love her and will be there for her and that we will have a super fine day tomorrow. to make. Then close with a big kiss and then she goes to sleep. And the next morning the weather starts all over again.

We tell our daughter directly and she always answers: "I am good for you too!" My daughter is 2 years old.

I show that I love my child by saying "I love you to the moon and back." My child says this again. Then I give a kiss and I also get a kiss back.

I hug them wherever I can, throughout the day!

When the children could just talk, they always said: "Ai fof joe". Now they are a bit bigger and this sentence just stayed there. We all know what this means.

I just say: "Honey, you know mom loves you". And my daughter of almost three says: Yes and Dad too!

I say it to my son every night before bedtime that I love him, but I also show it by cuddling and being there for him.

I pick it up often and then I say it directly to him.

We always rub our neuen against each other.

Once upon a time my husband and I watched a movie where they showed a gesture to each other that they love each other. We have been doing this for 10 years to each other and since the birth of daughter Emma we do this to her when she goes to sleep and I will really close the door. That way she also knows that it's time to go to sleep. We raise the thumb, finger and forefinger and close the ring and middle finger.

Cuddling: it can be done in so many ways, but the best thing is to caress the tired child very gently and then feel it relax in your arms and dream away with a relaxed body and snout.

I say every day when I put my children to bed that I love them. Furthermore, I give my daughters a nice hug in between to indicate the same and a special sign for my eldest daughter (a wink). Then she knows that Mommy loves her very much.
Of course there are many more things to indicate that you love them, but that is too much to mention.

I show it in small gestures. Ask how her day has been and really listen. I kiss and hug her when she leaves or comes home. Comfort her when she is in pain or sadness. Read her in bed at night and I whisper her always in bed before going to sleep: "Mom loves you dear! Sleep well darling."

With the bringing to bed of my daughter of just 3 years and on leaching we say "Luv You" to each other with a big hug and kiss afterwards.

We always secretly give kisses to each other by means of a teddy bear.

I do not have children yet, but I am a teacher in the lower classes of primary school. Here too it is very important that the children know that they are appreciated, that we treat each other respectfully and that I, as a teacher, show that I love the children. I do this, among other things, by saying something positive in the mornings at the morning rituals against the aids of that day. During the day I let this come back regularly and the children say positive things about each other and give each other compliments. Moreover, there is always time for a hug, a joke or something like that, creating a nice, safe and familiar atmosphere.
My daughter knows that I love her very much. I tell her daily and when she goes to school or playing with a classmate, I always say: "If you are not there, Mama will love you because you always live in my heart."
She loves this because she always says: "Mama you live in my heart too." She is only 5.

I hug them 100 times a day!

We often hold hands with each other.

I talk to my baby and hug him a lot.

Every night when I take my daughters 2 and 4 to bed, I give them a big kiss and hug and say "I love you". My daughter of 4 says "I am yours too". My daughter of 2 then says: "Also your".

We often say it to our boys and we cuddle regularly.

We say a verse in the evening:
"Good night, sleep well, I love you, I love you, dream softly." That is our ritual to indicate that we love each other!

We have every day a moment when we stand still (or sit) at that we love each other. Often we hug each other and that is why my daughter: "I love you", so I can tell her that I also love her, or that I love her. Sometimes I also ask: "Have we cuddled each other and have I already said that you are the sweetest girl in the world?". We really change it, one time initiative from her, the next time again from me. But every day at least once!

Together with my son (2 years) I always have a special moment in the day, namely when going to bed at noon or in the evening we always think different sweet words what we say to each other. Afterwards we sing an existing song, for example 'Sleeping child sleep' in which we also try to sing those words and then of course cuddling on the arm. A wonderful moment in the day.

Every night before we go to sleep we say to each other, while we embrace each other: "Love you!" With us it is also in big letters on the wall in the wallpaper: "Love you".

We draw a drawing every night and we show how much we love each other!

We give each other the thickest hug that exists!

When my son goes to sleep, I usually go to him for a while. He then says: "I love you baby Kes mare (his own fabrication)" and I say the same thing again. Then we go to sleep our ass (with the bibs). He thinks that is wonderful and feels really safe. This way we show each other that we love each other very much.

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