Your toddler's birthday! - Your toddler is celebrating!

It's party! Actually there is almost always something to celebrate ... Birthdays, Santa Claus, Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day and much more! For your child these are very exciting days. Sometimes he can be a little upset even days in advance. Especially when he is older and knows what is coming.

Party is tiring

For your toddler it is all pretty new, so from nerves in advance he will not suffer but as he will celebrate more often, this will certainly increase. Keep in mind that a party can be very tiring for your toddler. So pay attention to him. If he enjoys it, it's good. Do you see that everything is too tiring for him? Without you, then, together with the festivities. Or even better, just go home with him.


Your toddler is a year older again. That means of course: party! For a toddler you do not have to get all the bells and whistles out of the closet. A full program is now too restless for him. He will appreciate a small, modest party, much more. Therefore, take his age into account. Toddlers love balloons and garlands beautifully and with a gift there, it is soon good.

Guideline number of guests

A general guideline for the number of guests (other children) is one for each year. The party does not have to last that long, an hour to an hour and a half is enough for your toddler. Also try to take into account a possible afternoon nap. For your toddler, therefore, the morning is a good time, then he is still fresh. A two-year-old toddler does not yet get that much of his birthday, but a three-year-old can already look forward to his birthday. When he sees the garlands and balloons in the morning, he will dance through the room with pleasure.
The highlight of the day is of course the birthday cake. Give him a nice piece and keep the camera ready and wait for what will happen.

To enjoy

To ensure that your child can enjoy as much of his own birthday as possible:

Ask the visitors if they want to take into account the sleep hour of your child.
Do not let your baby snack too much, it would be a shame if he became nauseated.
Let him decide for himself what he wants to play with. If he finds the paper more beautiful than the gift, is not it okay? It's his party.
In spite of his birthday, try to keep his own rhythm as much as possible.
If you want to decorate the room with balloons, make sure they hang high enough. If your child bites a balloon, he might swallow a piece.

Birthday traditions

Put symbolic items for the birthday party on the table. For example a book as a symbol of knowledge, a basketball for sportsmanship or a brush for creativity. The object that takes the child first would be predictive of his future.
Ask all guests to bring something that has to do with the past year. Put everything in a time capsule and give it to the child when it becomes 16, 18 or 21.
Have all guests write their name and a birthday wish or memory on a white tablecloth with water-resistant ink and keep it for later.


Keep it simple for your toddler. It is all very nice to see, but when it is (too) unknown, it is quickly discarded.
Consultation with a supervisor beforehand, perhaps there are certain rules or there are several toddlers at the same time on the same day. Inquire immediately about the number of toddlers and the number of supervisors and whether there are toddlers who are not allowed to have certain foods.
Start on time with the preparation, so that you have every opportunity to look for the ingredients together. If you can be present ... do not forget your photo camera!

There are, of course, countless companies that would like to take care of your children's party. But of course there is a price tag attached to this. And what is wrong with the 'old-fashioned children's parties'? Let's just organize the party at home again.

Decide who should be invited and send the invitations at least two weeks in advance. Parents can then take the party into account and keep this date free. If someone is still prevented, there is still plenty of time to ask another child. Do not invite too many children, a standard is as many children as the age of the birthday.

The invitation

You can buy the invitations ready-made in the store, but of course you can also make them yourself. The information that should at least be shown on the card:

  • Name of the year
  • The age of the year
  • Address (and phone number)
  • Date of the party
  • Start and end time
  • Bring or pick up?

Try to take into account any important data with the pricking of the date. It would be a shame if there were a lot of cancellations.

The party

Do not let the party last too long, two to three hours is long enough. Ask someone to help you during the party. It is difficult to guide various activities and to keep an eye on the children. Keep the age and interest of the attendees in mind when filling in the party. Plan enough activities (preferably more) so that you always have something on hand, but also take the liberty to improvise. Young children in particular prefer games that they already know. So it is best to keep the party simple. They also like to play 'free'. Toys from another is often interesting enough for a toddler. A decorated room of course adds extra to the festive joy.


Also think of the 'good oldies' like cookies, chair dance, handkerchief and blind man. A nice start of the party can be to decorate a cake yourself. Decorating can be done with, for example, whipped cream, sprinkles, fruit and finally a candle. When everyone has finished decorating, the decorated cakes can be eaten together.
Give the children a nice present when they leave, possibly from a grab bag.
If your child is a bit older, involve him in the organization of his party. Children know very well what is fun and not fun.

Other tips

Determine a budget in advance
Think about the safety of everyone
Provide a plan B (if plan A falls into the water for example)
Be flexible
Stay excited and relaxed, if you are well prepared, nothing can go wrong.

Fireman's party

You have to organize a children's party? Have you ever thought about the theme: Fire department. We have a ready-made theme package for you here. From invitation to the games and the cake.

Valentine's Day

Whether you have a silent love, just want to put your partner in the spotlight, or pamper a good friend ... Valentine's Day is a very suitable day for this. Everything is this day in the sign of love. And that does not always have to be a silent, unattainable love.
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"There is a horse in the hall ...! At night after two, we all go ... Polonaise! If the grass is two asses high ... "
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One egg is not an egg, two egg is half an egg, three egg is an Easter egg! Easter, fun! Painting eggs, eating eggs and looking for eggs! But what are we celebrating at Easter?
Easter - We celebrate Easter with children!

mothers Day

Every second Sunday in May is Mother's Day. The tradition is that children surprise their mother with (for example) a breakfast in bed, homemade presents and endearing news. And the mother? You do not have to do anything all day, except of course enjoying everything.
Mother's Day - Put Mama extra in the sun!

Father's Day

The third Sunday in June is Father's Day. The tradition is that children surprise their father with (for example) a breakfast in bed, homemade presents and endearing news. And the father? You do not have to do anything all day, except of course enjoying everything.
Father's Day - Pamper Dad all day!

Animal day

Thursday, October 4 is again animal day! Every year this holiday comes back for the animals and this year too many pets will be pampered, pampered and cuddled.
But what exactly is animal day, why do we celebrate this and how can you do something special for your animal?
Animal Day - Feast for the animals


It is October 31: Halloween! Halloween is creepy: dead come to life, skeletons walk through the streets, bloody monsters call at you and shout loudly: 'Trick of treat!' It almost sounds like 'Your money or your life', they just do not want money but candy , mountains candy!
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Saint Nicholas

The Sinterklaas ladder is breaking loose again in all its intensity. Many children are tethered for the tube every day and live intensely with the adventures of The Club of Sinterklaas and the latest news from the Sinterklaas news. Bart Smit and Toys' R'Us have heyday and we poor parents are crazy about our bouncing ...
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At Christmas we think: peace, light, a new beginning, birth, togetherness, love and of course also cosiness, good food, candles, the Christmas tree and sparkling balls.
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New Year's Eve

The end of the year is coming into view. For a moment, the oliebollen with icing sugar are back on the table, the champagne at the ready and the fireworks near the front door! To count down to a joint: 'Happy new year!' and the new year is a fact.
New Year's Eve, the transition from the old year to the new year. A party that is celebrated all over the world!
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