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Today is International chocolate day. I love chocolate, so I can not let this day go unnoticed. If I write about it already, the water is already running into my mouth. And I think so with many. I have never heard: "I do not like chocolate". Just go around with a bowl of chocolate and almost everyone will take something.

I can not resist

If I want to do a healthy period again, do not want to snack and have all sorts of healthy things in my shopping cart, I can not at the checkout often still let anything of chocolate in throw. It seems like an addiction. You can even say that the act seems to happen almost compulsively. Bizarre. Especially after eating at the coffee, I love it. It is irresistible to me ...

Biggest bar

There were already several world records in terms of largest bars but in 2017 Peru broke the world record. Dozens of bakers have worked on the bar to get the record. The bar was a total of 7 meters long and 3 meters wide. It took more than 2,000 kilos of cocoa, 1,500 liters of milk, 700 kilos of sugar and 250 liters of water to make this huge bar. Would not you want to put your teeth in there? This is just an ultimate choco-walhalla!


The history of chocolate goes very far back, at least that of the cocoa beans. The Maya Indians made a bitter drink from the cocoa beans and the Aztecs made the same drink. It was drunk against fatigue. Only in 1585 the chocolate came to Spain, still as a drink. Later, other ingredients were added and baked cookies. It was a well-kept secret because only 25 years later the rest of Europe was introduced to chocolate. Only in 1818 did a Dutch person discover how to make bars. The rest of the world followed quickly.

Nice with benefits

Chocolate is now available in various forms. Think of the candy bar, bonbon, bar, milk, cookies, ice cream, butter, pasta, custard, cake, mice, flakes or cake. Actually, I think every form is delicious. In the evening with the coffee I find a bar the tastiest. Always break off a bit, until the bar is empty. But at a birthday I find a bonbon again more suitable or cake. On Sinterklaas evening I drink hot chocolate, of course, but I also like that on a chilly autumn evening.

Feeling of happiness

Fortunately chocolate is not just bad. It also gives you energy by the caffeine present. Chocolate also gives you a feeling of happiness, by the endorphins and it can even be a good addition to your diet (by the antioxidants), but then it must be pure. Did you know that chocolate has an analgesic effect? It is actually used in a number of health products. Even in care products such as bath foam. However, I prefer to eat it rather than apply it to my body.

Types of chocolate

Besides the different shapes, there are of course also the different flavors. Previously there was only milk or pure, but nowadays there are so many flavors. Think of white (although this is actually not real chocolate), hazelnut, butterscotch, orange, peppermint, (sea salt) caramel, chili, pepper, raspberry, well, so I can actually continue. The simple milk chocolate is my biggest favorite, interspersed with a hazelnut bar every now and then.
I am very healthy, I obviously choose the pure form.

When should you be careful with chocolate

Chocolate is not equally healthy for everyone. There are a few situations where you have to be careful. Maybe they're in store, but I call them anyway.

In diabetes, it contains more than just cocoa.
With pets. Never give pets chocolate because the theobromine substance present can make their hearts run wild. They can even die from it.
For your teeth. Because by the sugar it can affect your teeth.

Chocolate and children

Of course you also want your child a piece of chocolate. From a year or two your child may be with you, but preferably not too much. Children digest the fats in a chocolate bar very badly and this can give a risk of developing an allergy. Just as carefully, also with the chocolate spread on bread. A little can not hurt, but give it to a limited extent.

What can you do with chocolate

Just suck up, or bite. But you can also do other tasty things with it. Melting and using in a chocolate fountain. How wonderful to get your finger through, or a piece of fruit. Melted chocolate over the ice, a cake of baking or brownies. Do not forget the chocolate mousse or ... well, you get me stuck. I pour a bowl of hot chocolate once again. It was raining here, so it is autumn enough for it.

Fun facts

Chocolate is made from a fruit. Yes, really, if you eat chocolate, you actually eat part of a fruit! Chocolate consists of, among other things, cocoa, which is extracted from cocoa beans, which in turn are the seeds of the fruit of a cocoa tree!

White chocolate is not actually chocolate. Pure chocolate is made from, among other things, cocoa powder and cocoa butter. With milk chocolate milk is added, but with white chocolate the cocoa powder is replaced by extra cocoa butter and milk powder and you can not really speak of chocolate!

The favorite Dutch chocolate is milk with nuts. Merci has been sold in the Netherlands for more than 39 years and for years the strip has been wrapped with the green wrapper, milk-almond hazelnut, the merci flavor that always comes first!

You can also make delicious savory dishes with chocolate. Of course, chocolate is perfect for baking delicious cakes, cookies or cakes. How about a pie with strips of chocolate on the side? But you can also use chocolate in savory dishes such as chili con carne.

Chocolate is a very popular thank you gift. Research shows that no less than 82% of Dutch people give chocolate to thank someone. Women do this much more often than men (86% vs. 77%).

chocolate cake

Of course this recipe can not be missed. Because after all those words about chocolate I could not of course leave it to bake a cake. A cholesterol pie. Of course. If you also have appetites, follow the recipe below. This recipe is perfect for anyone who has a quick appetite, because the cake is ready within an hour. Prepare for 15 minutes and bake for 40 minutes. Coat quickly when it is cool and ready! That will be feasting!

Ingredients cake

200 grams of dark chocolate
100 grams of milk chocolate
4 eggs
200 grams of butter
150 grams of self-rising flour
200 grams of sugar
100 grams of walnuts or hazelnuts
Some cream butter or baking spray to grease the spring form

For the topping

200 grams of dark chocolate and 50 grams of butter

Other supplies

A spring form of 24 or 26 cm
Shank, I used 1 with teflon layer
Fittings bowl


It is useful to preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
The spring form can already be greased with the butter or the baking spray
Chop minced walnuts or hazelnuts
Breaking the chocolate into pieces, the 100 grams of milk chocolate and the 200 grams of dark chocolate, these can then be heated together with the 200 grams of butter in the saucepan, slowly. Stir until an even mass is formed.
Put the sugar in the batter bowl and mix the four eggs. Then stir the chocolate and butter from the saucepan through it. Then mix the self-rising flour and the chopped walnuts or hazelnuts.

Bake and decorate

Everything in the spring form, neatly divide and the spring form can enter the oven. Baking time 30 to 40 minutes. Then check with a saté stick if the cake is done, this can be done after 30 minutes. Be careful because the last few minutes the cake gets very hot and can burn.
When the cake has cooled down, the rest of the dark chocolate can be put in with the 50 gram butter for the topping. I only melted 1 bar of 100 grams with butter and spread it neatly over the cake.

Then the cake for at least an hour in the refrigerator so that the chocolate layer is hard


You can make the cake as expensive as you want, you can get the cheaper bars of chocolate from the shelf or the more expensive ones. I made the cake with chocolate bars (100 grams) of 0.49 euros. I have not calculated it exactly but this cake is not more expensive than 7.50 euro and you can certainly get 10 dots out. Because the cake is pretty powerful, I would not cut large pieces,
With this cake a lot of variation is possible, with ice cream, some whipped cream, with a cherry or raspberry filling. Some decorations over it. And you have a beautiful cake (even without the decoration) to serve to your guests or simply to your family.

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