School stuff - What do you need?

With a bit of luck you can still enjoy the wonderful summer period. The chance is great, however, that the end of the holiday is in sight. For a moment, we exchange the relaxed awakening again for the morning stress.
The school bag may still be in the corner where it was thrown in for a few weeks, but in mid-August the schools will start again for some of the Dutch children. Maybe your son or daughter is going to the High School for the first time! Exciting!! The school books are usually arranged via Van Dijk, but you also have to purchase the necessary resources yourself. Think for example of an agenda, pencils, pens, notebooks, et cetera. A few years ago the V & D was known for its extensive school camp, but it has since closed its doors. The HEMA has responded well to this and now has an extensive collection of school supplies. For most things you can actually go there. But what do you really need?

What does a bridge beeper need?

Of course, every school has its own checklist. As a bridge peeper you get it automatically on an information evening or a day out. However, there are quite a few products that are listed on the checklist of each school. We will take a look at some of them!

School agenda

Although homework will usually be mentioned in the Magister app, the school agenda remains high on the checklist. I have bought several (my son now goes to the third), but he has never written a letter in it. Maybe it works differently at your school, so just mention the best agendas. In 'my time', an agenda was much more than a booklet for your homework. The diaries were covered and decorated and in fact there was little room left for mentioning homework. It became true works of art, which often went from hand to hand. "Ah, may I see your schedule!" No idea if this is still the case. I have a son who is averse to creativity (and homework). So his diary looks just as new at the end of the school year as when I bought it.

Amsterdam blond

I love Blond Amsterdam myself. It is cheerful and it is funny. This Blond Amsterdam agenda would definitely have been my favorite. Donut Worry about school with the new school agenda of Blond Amsterdam! The agenda is full of patterns and illustrations of snacks. Quotes like 'Fries before Guys' also appear on the agenda.

price: 14.95 euros
Online for sale at:

Dylan Haegens Team

Do you know Dylan Haegans? No? Your son and daughter probably will! Dylan Haegans is a true Youtub viewer hit. I said Youtube? No, he is even now in the cinema to see! Write all your homework, notes and important appointments in this Dylan Haegens agenda for the school year 2018-2019. Performed with funny youtube items from Dylan Haegens. This agenda is definitely a hit. Just like his Youtubi movies.

price: 14.95 euros
Online for sale at:

Your favorite sports club!

Superfan from Feyenoord, PSV or Ajax? Then of course, a diary of your favorite club is completely hot! In the diary you will find beautiful photos and all sporting facts of your club. Only for the real fans! And of course you make a statement with such a bold agenda! "It's quiet on the other side ... it's quiet on the other side ... it's quiet on the other side ..."

price: 14.95 euros
Online for sale at: - Feyenoord - Ajax - PSV

Low budget school agenda

Less to spend but do you want a glitzy (is this word still used?) Agenda. Then take a look at the Hema. For about three euros you already have a cheerful agenda with a quality mark for responsible forest management! By choosing this product, you contribute to the preservation of forests worldwide. That is also nice to know!

price: 3.00 euros
Online for sale at: Hema

I understand there no ball from

Humor always does well. A school agenda of Make that the cate wise with questions and boxes in which you can write or paste something. The schedule contains class schedules, grade lists, an annual overview and a reading ribbon. I find these kinds of texts hilarious. The look is tight and basic. If you do not like frills but dry humor, this is highly recommended.

price: 15.00 euros
Online for sale at: Hema

School bag

Many schools now have lockers where you can store textbooks so you do not have to drag them back and forth. Nevertheless, a good backpack or school bag is important. After all, enough has to be dragged back and forth. Notebooks, workbooks, pencil cases, diary and yes, but sometimes also some books. You have to be able to do your homework at home.

Enrico Benetti Kids backpack

This Enrico Benetti backpack is very cheerful with all those colors. He weighs (empty) 366 grams. It is a strong water- and dirt-repellent backpack with back protection, front pocket, and adjustable shoulder straps! So he can have a rain shower.

price: 26.95 euros
Online for sale at:

Backpack New York Yankees

A pink NY backpack with a green leopard pattern. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps, a spacious main compartment with a zipper pocket and a special compartment for a 14 inch laptop. The backpack does not only look super cool, it is also nice and big. (35 cm wide - 54 cm high).

price: 50.00 euros
Online for sale at: Hema

Backpack Rubik's

This sturdy backpack from Rubik's you easily take all your school stuff. Storing books, notebooks and a pouch is no problem. The backpack is made of polyester and printed with the Rubik's label. You easily close your backpack with a zipper so that all your personal belongings are stored properly. The backpack is 43 cm with a capacity of 23 liters. Who has not gone crazy about this cube?

price: 34.99 euros
Online for sale at: Wehkamp

Backpack Star Wars

Star Wars is still, or actually it is completely hot again. Who does not have a lightsaber in the house? Obviously, a Star Wars backpack belongs to the real Yedi. Like this black backpack with a white graphic design. The backpack has adjustable shoulder straps and a front pocket with a zipper. On the inside the bag has two large compartments, for example your laptop.

price: 50.00 euros
Online for sale at: Hema

Backpack Game over

This is the backpack that Rocco currently has. It is a huge rugged backpack with a print of the Grim Reaper who pounds his two fists forward with the words 'Game over'. What I especially like about this backpack is the firmness. Rocco has been with him for a while now and he is not really careful about it, but he is still very complete. Before he got it, he had already worn a number.

price: 44.99 euros
Online for sale at: Large

Other school stuff

The other list is just as important but definitely less interesting for your son or daughter. Because such a list can be useful, we mention all other necessities:

o case
o calculator (check at school which model this should be!)
o cover paper (or stretchy book covers)
o notebooks A5 with lines
o notebooks with lines and squares
o fasteners
o notepad
o ring binder or file
o tabs for the ring binder / file
o insert sleeves for the ring binder / file
o geo-triangle
o passer
o glue stick
o scissors
o pens (blue, red, black)
o pencils (B, HB, HB2)
o colored pencils
o sharpener
o eraser
o markers
o hightlighters
o correction fluid / correction pen

Often there are also dictionaries on the list. I bought them for Rocco from the Action two years ago. There they were the most advantageous at the time. I must confess that he has never looked at them before. Long life Google Translate. The chances are that you will see the following dictionaries on the list:

Dutch English
English Dutch
Dutch German
German Dutch
Dutch French
French Dutch

If it is not really mandatory, I would still have to wait with this purchase ...


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