6 reading tips, which make you happy

Maybe the holiday is already there, but you might have a week or even two. But even when you are back to work, a moment for yourself is not only nice, but also absolutely necessary! You can not be alone in the role of mom or dad. You are still there and you still count.

No luxury but a must

Occasionally a moment for yourself is not a luxury but an absolute one must. With enough moments of rest and pampering for yourself, stay (become) a really nice mom or dad. To a stressed parent who keeps on running like a chicken without a head, nobody really has anything. If you like reading, those moments can be filled in with a good book. But what is a good book? Do you know those moments when you are in the bookshop with the intention to spoil yourself with one or more books, but when you see all those titles, that you do not see the forest through the trees anymore? I do.

That's why I put these tips together for you. These were the most sold books in the Thriller and Fantasy genre of the past month. A nice guide.

Tip 1: Super luxury

Dutch vlogwoman Emma van Zomeren is on holiday at the French Riviera when she befriends Italian twins Alessandro and Sofia Onesti. The two descendants from a wealthy family invite her to go to Monaco, where the Onesti's have a penthouse, and Emma accepts the offer with both hands.

The following days Emma spends in unprecedented luxury dinners in fantastic restaurants, parties on the most expensive yachts and every night to the casino. But when she wakes up one morning, the penthouse appears to have been emptied and there is no trace of Alessandro and Sofia. When Emma goes into research and makes some shocking discoveries about the twins, the matter only gets weirder. Her own life is at stake here ...

Price: 15 euro
Author: Suzanne Vermeer
Publisher : A.W. Bruna Publishers
ISBN: 9789400508897
Online for sale: Bol.com

Tip 2: Behind closed doors

'Behind closed doors' you read in one go! In England, more than 500,000 copies have been sold. 'Behind closed doors' is the thrilling thriller that everyone reads!

Everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace: he is handsome and rich, she is charming and elegant. People to be jealous if you did not like them. You would like to get to know Grace better. But that is difficult, because Grace and Jack are always together. Some would call this true love. Others might wonder why Grace never picks up the phone. And why she never visits, even if she does not work. And why a bedroom from their house has bars in front of the window.

'Behind closed doors' keeps you fascinated from start to finish and B.A. Paris is the sensation from England! This thriller already has hundreds of thousands of fans in Britain! 'One of the top thrillers of 2016!'

Price: 10 euro
Author: B.A. Paris
Publisher : Ambo Anthos
ISBN: 9789026339936
Online for sale: Bol.com

Tip 3: The day of the dead

'The Day of the Dead' is the eighth and final part in the exciting Frieda Klein series by Nicci French.

The leaves fall from the trees and in London a serial killer wanders around. In a shopping street in the north of the city a runaway car crashes, the man behind the wheel appears to have been killed a week earlier. A fire is burning at Hampstead Heath, the next victim is in the flames.

The number of deaths is increasing rapidly, but police investigations are stalling: it is clear that the perpetrator is playing a game. For this unconventional killer, every corpse serves only as a message to one woman. Psychoanalyst Frieda Klein is in hiding, and someone is looking for her. When the duel between Frieda and her archenemy Dean Reeve finally reaches its climax, only one of them can survive ...

Price: 20 euro
Author: Nicci French
Publisher : Ambo Anthos
ISBN: 9789026339592
Online for sale: Bol.com

Tip 4: The girl in the ice

Her eyes are wide open. Her lips slightly apart, as if she wants to say something. Her body frozen in the ice. And she is not the only one ...

When the body of a young woman is found in a park in South London, inspector Erika Foster is called in to conduct the murder investigation. The victim, the beautiful, young and wealthy Andrea Douglas-Brown, seemed to lead the perfect life. Her father is an important and influential man, her fiancé a respected businessman. Yet there seem to be dark secrets. Were those fatal to the girl?

As Erika gets closer to the truth, the killer's attention shifts to Erika, whose last case went wrong. So wrong even that her own husband was killed. While her police career is tied to a thread, Erika has to overcome her own fears to outsmart a cruel murderer - before it's too late.
Price: 15 euro
Author: Robert Bryndza
Publisher : Library
ISBN: 9789022582022
Online for sale: Bol.com

Tip 5: Holiday friends

On camping holidays in France with her family, Mieke falls under the spell of the mysterious Ewoud. Soon the tension starts ...
Mieke and Thom Zuidkerken use the annual camping holiday with their families to try to save their marriage. Since Mieke knows that Thom has been cheating, their relationship is under great pressure.

Through the holiday friends of the children they meet Wendy and Ewoud, with whom they drink and barbecue. Mieke feels attracted to the exciting and intriguing Ewoud and suddenly looks at her own short-lived marriage with completely different eyes. And that has big consequences ...
.Price: 5 Euro
Author: Linda van Rijn
Publisher : Publisher Marmer BV
ISBN: 9789460681042
Online for sale: Bol.com

Tip 6: Death color

When FBI agent Amos Decker and journalist Alex Jamison visit Jamison's sister in Baronville, a town in Pennsylvania that has seen better times, they get involved in a murder investigation on the first day. That evening Decker sees a flickering light in the window of a distant house, followed by flames. Curious, he goes on research, but what he discovers is much more than a starting fire. There are two deaths in the house. One victim is hanged and on the floor beneath his body is a huge pool of blood. The other man wears a police uniform and lies with foam around his lips in the basement. We do not know who the two dead are.

That same evening, Decker and Jamison are told that it is not a single incident. In the weeks before, several murders have been committed and the local police - who have few people and resources at their disposal - are puzzled. When Decker offers his help, he is reluctantly accepted. Soon, however, it appears that he is not the only federal agent who shows interest in the case. Because the murders in Baronville may well have to do with a much larger threat at national level.

.Price: 21.99 euros
Author: David Baldacci
Publisher : A.W. Bruna Publishers
ISBN: 9789400509825
Online for sale: Bol.com

Gift ideas

With a view to the upcoming holidays, these are all great fun gifts. For yourself or for the other.
I wish you a lot of reading pleasure! And if you have read one of these books, I would love to read what you think of the book. Was it a real tip? Or did you expect more?

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