Camping with children - Tips!

I myself do not come from a camping family. My mother was horrified at the idea of โ€‹โ€‹spending her vacation in a tent. She has tried it sometimes, years ago when my sister and I were two little girls. She and my father in a caravan and my sister and I in a tent. That holiday was about a drama. I must honestly say that the weather was not bad, because it rained that week pretty and then at night with your offspring walking through the wet grass to a toilet, was not really her cup of tea. So that was outsourced to my dad, but that did not make him very happy either. Partly due to a hornet plague, this holiday ended abruptly after a few days. After that I never saw my parents near a tent again.

Times change

Because I did not get it from home, I did not go camping myself. Until about a year ago and we got a tiny KIP caravan as a gift. Well, then you have to and actually I found it nice in my heart. Because it really has its charm with as little as possible, to achieve the maximum. And precisely because almost all luxury is lacking, there is so much room for each other. And I can enjoy that intensely. Suddenly there is time to kick a ball, play a game with each other, set up a cozy tree, make a campfire, read, fiddle, laze and sing together. Delicious right?

Camping with small children

Of course I have easy talk, because my son is already quite a teenager, so when he has to pee in the middle of the night, he takes his torch and goes looking for a toilet. Camping with small children is just a bit different, but there are many benefits to camping.

Camping benefits

You are much more outside than when you are at home. Actually everything plays pretty much outside and when the weather is nice, it is really nice.
You are completely out of it, separate from TV, radio and needles. How wonderful is that freedom!
As soon as you step out of your tent or caravan, you are immediately on a large playing field. That invites you to play football or to play with the little man!
The chores you just do cozy with each other, because the dishwasher can not be in your tent. But who cares? Together is that washing done so? After all, you have not been able to cook extensively, so there will not be a lot of dishes and together that job will also be fun.
Speaking of cooking ... camping of course invites every day to turn on the bbq! How nice and tasty is that!
Camping is the perfect time to start the potty training! Let your toddler walk in his bare ass and you have plenty of time to put him on the pot every now and then!
There are often more children at a campsite, so they can play together and play together.

Not just the smell of roses and moonshine

Of course, camping is not just a fragrance of roses and moonshine. I can remember the first night that we went camping with Rocco. It was early in the season and at night it could still be quite cold. But how cold, I had no idea. So that first night that Rocco slept in his tent, after an hour we heard a shaky voice: 'Ma-ma-ma-mmma, I have he-he-he-he-it-so-so kkk-old ...' . Really so pathetic. He then went to sleep with us. The next day we immediately took measures (thicker sleeping bag, better mattress, warm jars) so that the rest of the holiday he could sleep well.

Disadvantages camping

When it rains, it is really not that nice on the campsite. Everything is wet and try to get it dry again.
The sanitary facilities can not be called clean on every campsite, or maybe the toilet paper is on when you sit on it. And did you just forget that reservation roll.
During such a rainy day, it is also quite difficult to entertain yourself in such a small space, without annoying each other.
Or how about those neighbors, who really stood almost on top of your spot, while on the other side there was still so much space. Yes, that couple with that dog that barks all the time and those screaming kids. And then they put on that music in the evenings. There you rest ...


Of course it is an art to make yourself as pleasant as possible, that is why I have collected important camping tips for you, how you can experience your camping holiday with small children as pleasantly as possible.

Good location

Choose a campsite with good baby / child facilities. Consider, for example, special washing areas, a baby bath or changing mat. Then you do not have to stuff that kind of stuff in your car. You may also find it very nice if no cars are allowed on the campsite, so that your child can run around safely. There are also campsites with relaxation areas where only parents can come with babies.


It is a bit of what you find important, we give only a guide of points you can look out for: (heated) sanitary, camping shop, restaurant, (shady) playground, wifi, activities / entertainment (for children), (heated) ) swimming pool, peers, village within walking distance and / or available washing machines.
There are also campsites with private sanitary facilities next to your camping spot. That can be especially nice with small children! There are even campsites where you can rent your own family bathroom!

Washing machine
Especially with small children, the laundry accumulates quickly. They mess around, romping, running through puddles or peeing / defecating in their pants by mistake. It can all happen and then it is so nice if you can turn a laundry at the campsite and if you can wash something in between, you do not have to take that much.

Choosing a place

When choosing the camping site, pay attention to shade, water, electricity and height differences. Is the spot on the waterfront, for example? Then this may not be desirable to stand with small children here. A place in the full sun, without shadow spots, can be annoying. The sun is nice, but it is wise to regularly look for the shadow and then it is nice if that possibility is there.


Prepare a good checklist in advance with what you have to pack and certainly not forget. You can make one big, but you can also make a checklist per person. Then packing is just a question of ticking off.
Do not forget the games, an inflatable box for the baby and the first aid kit! The handy thing about the inflatable box is that you can also use it as a bath!

Keep in mind that the temperature can drop considerably at night and that it is therefore important that children do not cool too much in the night. So make sure you have enough warm stuff: jug, warm sleeping bag, warm pajamas. The pajamas are always nice to wrap around the hot jug beforehand. Then he gets nice and warm in his bed.

Know where you are

It is important that your child knows where your tent / caravan is. If he is old enough, please take a moment to explain this to him and if necessary point him to points of reference. If your child is too young for that, give him a name band with your telephone number and possibly your location number.

Test your stuff beforehand

There is nothing more annoying than coming to the site to discover that some sticks from the tent are missing or your mattress is found to be leaky. It is therefore important to carefully inspect and check all items in advance so that you can be sure that everything is alright and you will not face any unpleasant surprises on your first holiday.

Travel documents

Once you have opted for that one, fun, child-friendly campsite, make sure that all travel documents are in order. As:

- valid passport / identity card (also for your child!)
- valid visa in passport
- copy of the travel documents
- your child's vaccination booklet
- blood group card
- Medication passport
- European Accident Statement
- License plate
- Identity papers of trailer / caravan
- parking disc
- copy policy travel insurance
- alarm number insurance company
- green card

And if you have thought of everything, I wish you a very nice, camping holiday! Enjoy it!


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