Four nominations for 999 games

This year, no less than four games from 999 Games have been nominated for the Toy Election of the Year! Honestly, I do not think that's crazy, because when I look in the game console, our favorite games come from 999 Games. The games do not get boring fast and always look very well cared for. It is a party to unpack, play with and you can be confident that the games last a long time because they are made of sturdy materials.

Different age categories

The four nominated games are in different age categories, but to be honest, I think that all nominated games also have enough challenge for adults. We were happy at least here and it immediately inspired us to organize 'game nights' with friends and acquaintances. Even my adolescent son shouted very loudly: "I am participating !!" I already know for sure that between these four games are going to be new favorites, but before we look at the games, I invite you to cast your vote on one of these nominated games. This can be done via this link.

Exit The dead in the orient Express - Escape Room

This challenging game is suitable for 12 years and older. How fat is it that the formula of the escaperoom is simply taken to your living room. The goal is to solve all puzzles within one and a half hours and break all codes and expose the perpetrator. I can assure you that this sounds much simpler than it really is. Fortunately there are tip cards that can help you if you really do not come out.

One drawback to this super game, it can only be played once. You have to fold, describe and tear off the play material. In addition, once you know the riddles, the challenge is also gone. Does not mean that the game guarantees an exciting and challenging evening! Do you have the taste? There are many more killings to solve in this Exit series! Just play them all!

Specifications Exit The dead in the orient Express - Escape Room

TitleExit The dead in the orient Express - Escape Room
Brand999 Games
price18.95 euros

Muse card game

The 999 Games card games are our favorite camping games. They are nice and compact and there is plenty of challenge to have many evenings of fun. I am sure that Muse will also get a spot in our KIP. Muze is suitable for children aged 10 and up and makes a big impact on your creative thinking ability. The more creative you can think, the better hints you can give to your teammate or teammates.

As a muse you have to give, by means of the assignment on an inspirational map, a hint which masterpiece must be guessed. The better you do, the greater the chance that the right work will be guessed. During our trip last weekend, we have played this game with a lot of fun. To be repeated! The rules are simple so you can get started quickly!

Specifications Muse card game

TitleMuse card game
Brand999 Games
price19.95 euros

The Climbers

A tactical three-dimensional game for children from 8 years. When I see this game, I am instantly in love. This is - certainly - the next time my new favorite. Fortunately, my fellow players share my opinion, so that the blocks will regularly be on the table. The game is very nicely executed with wooden blocks, so that it lasts for a long time. The intention is to climb up, but of course you have to do something for it. You need ladders for this, because you can not fly. And then you can only climb on the blocks of your own color (or on the neutral blocks).

This game is not only fun for the kids but also has more than enough challenge for adults. And because the blocks are always different, it is a new challenge every time.

The Climbers specifications

TitleThe Climbers
Brand999 Games
price35.95 euros


This is such a fun game that I already know that it will be played much more often. This is also a three-dimensional building game and suitable for children from 8 years. It is the intention that you build the highest skyscrapers. Of course there are all kinds of hooks and eyes and of course it is not just a matter of building.
Beforehand you have to start by choosing your blocks, but do this well, because maybe you play exactly the opponent in the card ... So it is a strategic game and the smartest is going to win. Well, or the one with the most luck.

The rules are nice and easy, so you can quickly get started with this game. You determine the depth of the game yourself. The sky is the limit!

Specifications Manhattan

Brand999 Games
price29.95 euros

Want to vote?

Do you think that one of these games should win? Then cast your vote on the site of The winners of Toys of the Year will be announced on November 7th.

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