30 Low-budget holiday tips!

The big holiday is coming again! Filling your activities for six weeks can be a big deal on your wallet, but you do not have to. With these low-budget tips you can come through the holidays for a ride!

1. The picnic

Who does not love picnicking? You also have to eat at home, then you can just as well take it with you in the picnic basket. You do not pay anything extra, but it gives you a lot of fun.

2. Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt needs a little preparation time, but it does not have to cost much. In addition, a quest is very exciting and the children are busy outside. Of course you can make a search as extensive as you want. And if a 'real' treasure is buried at the end (box of sweets), the fun is complete!

3. Beach

If the weather is really nice, nothing goes above a day at the beach. Towels, sand toys, sunscreen, cool box and some sandwiches for lunch and you are going to have a wonderful day!

4. To the forest

To the forest is always enjoying. Feeding squirrels (if it succeeds) or the birds. Search for acorns or twigs and flowers. There you can go back in all directions at home!

5. Viewing box

Did you collect all sorts of things in the forest? Then the kids can fill a box with it a day later. You probably have an old shoe box somewhere you can use for this. A craft day is perfect for a drunken day.

6. Swimming pool

Who does not like swimming? It is not of course no-budget, but more than the tickets do not have to cost. Not yet a swimming certificate? Always do your child straps around his arms for safety.

7. Petting zoo

A visit to the local petting zoo is always fun, for young and old. Cuddling and petting the animals is not only fun but can also be educational.

8. Playground

You really do not have to go to the Efteling with your children to have fun. There is plenty to do in the playground around the corner. Especially for the smallest is such a neighborhood playground, big enough.

9. Join with mom or dad

Of course not every work is suitable for this, but if possible, it is a more than fun activity. Join the work with dad or mom! Exciting! Your child will love it! And ... it costs nothing!

10. Game day

A whole day in the sign of games! No computer games, but board games. Games that you can / must do together. That's fun with a capital P!

11. Bake cupcakes

The baking is actually not the best, but of course you can decorate and eat cupcakes! Enjoy your meal!

12. Cycling day

If the children are still very small, they can go behind, but if they are a little bigger they can of course ride well. On the way somewhere to eat an ice cream and the fun is complete!

13. Events

A lot of events are organized in the summer. Think of festivals or fairs. Check the local newspaper for events in your area! There are probably more than you think!

14. Backstay day

Experience a day backwards. You start with dinner and you end the day with breakfast. Everything goes a bit different that day. Children will love it! Do you also forget to wear your clothes backwards that day?

15. Crafts

Collect as many craft items as possible (empty suits, toilet rolls, bottles, pots) and plan a craft day. Make all kinds of crazy things and hang them in the living room, so that everyone can see and admire them.

16. Theme day

Organize a theme day. For example, around the theme 'Italy'. This theme is central throughout the day. So there is Italian eaten (pasta), Italian ice cream, an Italian animated film, maybe even a few words Italian and Italian knutsels are made (for example the flag of Italy) et cetera. With the completion of the day you can of course also involve the children. Fun & educational!

17. Cooking studio

Today there is cooking and the kids are the cook! What's on the menu? Pancakes (always party), poffertjes or are they still chicken coops? Anyway, the kid cook along and are allowed to help determine what the menu looks like.

18. Time for yourself

Do not you forget that it is just as good a holiday for you? How about giving the children a day out to grandma & grandpa or the buuv? Can you make a nice day with your partner? Time for yourself, time for each other! Do you want to increase the surprise? Plan such a day than your partner knows and surprise him / her with it!

19. Museum

A visit to the museum is no longer boring. Often there are all kinds of extra activities that make it fun and interesting for children. So a visit is fun for everyone. Big and small. School-age children receive a museum pass via school, which allows them to go to the museum free of charge or with a considerable discount.

20. Partytime!

Do you have friends with kids? Invite them to you and make it a fun party. To keep the costs as low as possible, you can ask everyone to take something with them. One takes care of the drink, the other takes care of the snacks and with each other it becomes covered!

21. Do not do anything for a day

Nothing wrong with that, with a day of doing nothing. Just with the legs up, a good book and the kids get started with their own toys or whatever. The bow can and does not always have to be tense. Enjoy the peace!

22. Home theater

A perfect solution for when it rains. Watching movies together! If necessary, bake your own popcorn and enjoy! As long as it is an exception, there is nothing wrong with staring at such a day's picture tube.

23. Painting the garden

Do you have a wooden fence? Give the kids a big brush and a bucket of water. Let them paint the fence ... there will be no end. Water fun is of course fun in many different forms. Think of a water balloon fight, water guns or a bath in the garden.

24. Camping in the garden

How fun! Camping in your own garden! Do not you have a garden? Then you can always build a tent in the nursery. Maybe he even wants to sleep in tonight!

25. Police or fire department

Often during the big holiday there are special open days of fire brigade and / or police. There is plenty to experience. Children like this not only fun but also very exciting!

26. A table for 2

Plan a night together with your partner. Arrange a babysitter for the children and make a romantic evening together. That does not only fascinate your relationship, but you also deserve it all! For romance you sometimes have to make some time.

27. Kite flying

It should of course not storm, but if there is a bit of wind it is very nice to fly. You can buy this ready-made, but of course you can also tinker one yourself! There is probably a pattern on the internet somewhere.

28. Spotting!

Do you live near an airport? Then go and see a day of airplanes! Especially for small children this is an experience! But maybe you also like it yourself. Do not forget to put something tasty in your bag for spotting!

29. Renew the nursery

You just have the time for that. Change the nursery! By putting things a little bit differently, everything quickly looks completely different again. Larger plans? A lick of paint on the walls really does not have to cost that much.

30. BBQ

As a conclusion to the holiday, a BBQ is always fun. With the children you can make salads beforehand, string saties or prick the marshmallows on top. At the end of the day it is pure enjoyment of all goodies!

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