The most beautiful gifts for under the tree

I do not know how it is with you, but at Christmas I always like to give each other some more luxurious gifts. Sinterklaas is more fun here, but at Christmas I always try to find real indulgences for my loved ones. That does not always have to be shockingly expensive, like this bracelet (of almost 23,000 euros, you will just lose it), but I try to find gifts that I think I will really make the other person happy with and that the other would not buy for themselves too quickly. So real indulgences. So before I am already scouring the internet in search of small treasures ... I would like to take you along!

Of course you can make it as crazy (or low budget) as you want. For this occasion I have chosen to look for pampering around 100 euros.


Pandora ring - for her

What: Pandora ring
Price: 69.00 euros
True: The Beehive

A silver ring with beautiful transparent zirconias. You do not need diamonds at all! The ring is available in sizes 48 to 60. Unfortunately, not all sizes are available online, so if you want to spoil your lover with this ring, it might be advisable not to wait too long!

Bracelet Emporio Armani - for her

What: Emporio Armani
Price: 129.00 euros
True: The Beehive

With this bracelet from the latest collection of Armani, you make a statement of course! She carries the key of your heart and she does so with this bracelet in a beautiful way. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and executed in the color rose gold and silver. It is a beautiful bracelet and suitable for any occasion. With this bracelet you absolutely steal the show!

Daniel Wellington watch - for him

What: Daniel Wellington
Price: 119.00 euros
True: The Beehive

If you are in (or on the site of) the Bijenkorf, then look at this beautiful watch. At the moment, he is no less than 30% discounted (from 189 euros to 119 euros). The color is black with pink gold (so completely of this time) and it is packed in a beautiful, luxurious gift box. Perfect for under the Christmas tree. The strap is made of leather.

Bracelet Emporio Armani - for him

What: Emporio Armani
Price: 99.00 euros
True: The Beehive

Do you like your partner more of the tough work? Then this tough, leather bracelet from Emporio Armani is a good tip. The bracelet is made of leather in combination with stainless steel. You fasten the bracelet using a hook closure. Precisely that closure gives this bracelet a special look.


Beats powerbeats wireless - for him and her

What: Beats powerbeats
Price: 119.00 euros
True: Coolblue

Also fond of music on the bike, while running, in the gym or just at home on the couch? Then this wireless headset might be something for you! Of course you can not only listen to music with it, but it also works perfectly with your favorite series on Netflix, if your partner for example looks at TV differently.

MP3 player - for him and her

What: Sandisk Sansa clip sports 8 GB black
Price: 59.99 euros
True: Coolblue

MP3 players are available in many price ranges and most players are around 200 euros. However, in this blog I want to limit myself to gift ideas around 100 euros. During my search for affordable mp3 players, I came across these! The clips makes it perfect for use during exercise. The player has a large screen and a simple navigation. Unfortunately, he does not have a touchscreen.

Route planner for the bike - for him and her

What: Miop cyclo 205 HC Europe
Price: 149.00 euros
True: Coolblue

Actually, this crazy gadget is slightly above the budget, but I loved it so much that I still want to take it with me. He is currently discounted from 199 euros to 149 euros. With this device you can navigate perfectly on the bike. The bicycle navigation has several preprogrammed routes and keeps track of where you are.

Purse - for her

What: Samsonite Karissa Double zip Around Gognac
Price: 99.00 euros
True: Coolblue

This wallet is made of beautiful, high-quality leather so that it can last a long time. He has a transparent box for your ID card or driver's license so that you do not have to remove it. The wallet offers a lot of space for cards (22 !!) and because it is equipped with RFID protection, it protects the cards even against skimmers! This purchase ultimately pays for itself!

Wallet - for him

What: Samsonite Karissa Wallet black
Price: 65.00 euros
True: Coolblue

Men prefer to opt for more simple wallets (he must be able to put in the inside pocket or pocket), but of course it does not have to be less attractive. This wallet is made of high quality leather which gives it a long life. This exhibition is also equipped with RFID protection, so that the passes you have stored in it are protected against skimmers.

Glass blue bowl - for him and her

What: Urban nature culture bowl
Price: 69.95 euros
True: VTwonen

What a beautiful eye-catcher is this blue fruit bowl by Marie Hermans. Also great to put down without fruit, because it looks beautiful. This bowl has a sleek and stylish look that makes you happy and will not go wrong in many interiors. The glazed coating in combination with the bright blue color and the three elegant ears completes the scale.

Laundry basket - for him and her

What: Aquanova Resa laundry basket
Price: 69.90 euros
True: VTwonen

Okay, I admit, a laundry basket is not the first thing you think about when you're looking for Christmas presents. And yet ... yet this laundry basket is a must. It looks so beautiful and special that it becomes an eye-catcher in your bathroom. Of course you can buy such a plastic case, maybe even cheaper, but tell me honestly. This looks much fatter! I am happy this month!

Rocking horse - for the smallest

What: Rocking horse striped
Price: 105.00 euros
True: VTwonen

Actually, in this blog I did not want to give gift ideas for the children, there are already other blogs for that, but when I encountered this rocking horse, I simply could not do anything else. Because fair is fair, even without children who are going to bump this is just a very cool object in your room! He is so pretty tight and he looks so beautiful that I would put it in the room. O

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