Homework mothers - Family and work combine from home

Maybe you ever think about it, that it would be so much easier if you would work from home. No hassle with childcare, problems with diseases and your child is close to you. You are certainly not the only one, because it is a real trend among the mothers to work from home. You no longer have any travel expenses, you do not have to go all the way up and you can determine your own working hours. But is it really all that giant? Or does working at home also have a downside?
Because being a Work-at-Home MOM (WAHM) does not only have advantages ...

Disadvantages for homework mothers

On the many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages to working from home. You determine how important these are. You know what is most important to you and your family. It is about your happiness. For one person, the disadvantages will not outweigh the benefits and others would at most smile at the disadvantages. Everyone is different, everyone has their own wishes and needs. We list the disadvantages:


Homework mothers do not have colleagues and the only conversation they may have in a day is a 'conversation' with their son or daughter. Of course you can call someone, but that is different from physical contact. Of course you can invite someone to the coffee, but this will be at the expense of your working time. Of course a cup of coffee with someone is fun at his time, but it takes a decent dose of discipline when you want to make a success of your home work.

Nobody to spar with

The fact that you do not have anyone to talk to, also deprives you of the possibility to talk about your work. Of course you can talk to your partner in the evening about what you have run into, but he has already spent a working day there. So perhaps there is no waiting for that.
There is just a lot on you yourself.


We mentioned it just above, if you want to work at home, you need a decent portion of discipline! This can come from passion or your motivation and that might work in the beginning, but after that it takes a lot of perseverance to keep it going. There are enough distractions at home that can tempt you, to postpone the work. Those dirty dishes on the counter, that TV program what you still want to see, those friends that you have not spoken for a while and then we do not even mention the appeal of 'social media'.
You will have to be able to give yourself a kick under your ass every now and then.

Never finished

If you work at home, you may feel 'never be ready'. The work stays with you day and night. Do not pull a door behind you and go home, because you are at home and your work stays in your sight. That can ensure that you will never have a 'satisfied' feeling. There is always something to do.

Keep a lot of balls high

Precisely because everything happens at home, work, child, household, you can get the feeling that there is a lot coming at you and you have a lot of balls to keep up. That is true and everything flows into each other, so that you never have the feeling, really be ready.

Working hours

Your child is completely unaware of your plans. Maybe you had in mind to get rid of that one rush today, but your child will not take that into account. Maybe he's having a difficult day, he's crying a lot because his teeth are coming through or he's getting a little sick. That requires a fair amount of flexibility from you. After all, your child does not have a message about your work, and he is right. Because no matter how you plan your career, he remains the center.

How are you going to start?

If you have thought carefully about everything and do not find the disadvantages outweigh the benefits, of course you want to get started. But how are you going to pick that up? We have a few tips here:

Experiences of others

Why reinvent the wheel yourself? Look for other home-working mothers and talk about how they started with it, what they've been up to, or what needs to be arranged, how they deal with uncertainties about income, et cetera. There are enough forums where you can talk to others about this topic.

Realistic objective

Do not be too ambitious but realistic in your objective. A successful project starts with the right expectations. Time is not stretchable and you also have to leave time for other things. It is simply not possible to be 100% available to your customers. Sometimes you have to deal with it flexibly and if it does not go as it should, it has to be done as it should. Sometimes it requires more creativity and flexibility, but your satisfaction ultimately lies with your first expectations.
So make a realistic plan.

Dare to ask for help

The fact that you do it alone does not necessarily mean that you really have to do it alone. Dare to ask others for help. Your partner, your parents, friends but also other Working-at-Home Mom's! After all, they know better than anyone what it is like. Maybe your partner can retire from work once you are at a deadline, or your parents may want to watch out for a day. Be honest and ask for help. There is nothing wrong with that and everyone benefits when you are happy and relaxed.

Provide good equipment

There is nothing so annoying when you can not do what you want (or have to) and your equipment falters. Make sure that the equipment with which you want to earn your money is of good quality.

Order and cleanliness

Precisely because you have to keep up so many balls, it is important that your work environment is clear. Keep an eye on your mail, take care of a tidy desk and possibly work with a notebook to write down things that you should not forget. You will notice that this works well. Once you have written it down, you can let it go in your head and you can not forget it because you are suddenly pulled out of work because your child is crying.

Working hours

Yes, you can determine your own working hours, but that is why it is important to clarify this. Plan your work as much as possible, with the possibility of being able to move in a little. Which work can you easily do where your children are? They can be carried out well during the day, then plan the activities that require more concentration in the evenings when the kids are in bed. And sometimes you will have to pay a little bit. Be nice to yourself and do not make it too difficult for yourself. Accept the fact that sometimes something is not possible. Often there is a sleeve to adjust.

An understanding partner

Discuss your plans with your partner beforehand and also tell him what is expected of him. Every evening sociable together on the couch with a drink, will probably not sit in it. Sometimes you just have to work in the evening. If your partner does not understand that, it becomes a difficult story in advance. After all, you can use all support. It is therefore important that you are aligned with this situation and that he not only understands it, but also encourages you to encourage it. Because sometimes the temptation of that bank is really very big ... Maybe it is possible that he takes care of the children one day a week, so that you can give an extra day of extra gas.


How beautiful it is, nothing to miss the development of your child! That you can build a wonderful bond and you can give him exactly what you want him to receive. No interference from others (childcare). The freedom to organize your time yourself and when the sun is shining, have the opportunity to go outside with your child to enjoy this together.
Working from home can certainly be successful and how proud you can be, on everything that you have built yourself.


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