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In prehistoric times all those hairs had a good function, but in the meantime I can no longer discover the function of some body hair. As far as I am concerned most of the hair can be on my body, so just leave.

Nowadays there are various ways to depilate, one stays away longer than the other. One treatment is also more painful than the other. But my mother used to say it earlier: 'If you want to be beautiful, you have to suffer pain'. Fortunately, in this case 'pain' is a choice, because there are also enough ways to depilate, which are not painful.


The fastest and most common way to get rid of unwanted body hair is shaving. Then you can still choose between dry shaving and wet shaving. The way is simple, it is also painless but the hairs come back soon. And often also stiffer, so you quickly suffer from stubble. Often after three days already.
If you want to get rid of your hair quickly and painlessly, shaving is fine. Preferably use a shaving gel to damage the skin as little as possible. Dry shaving is not recommended. Shaving, however, can irritate the skin and the chance of a wound is of course quite large. If you want to get rid of your hair a little longer, shaving is not really a solution.

Depilatory cream

The use of depilatory cream is absolutely painless, but it does stink. Depilatory cream works on the basis of chemicals that dissolve the hairs. The hairs dissolve within a few minutes and then you only have to wipe your legs and have a nice shower to rinse everything away. Unfortunately, the effect of depilatory cream is only visible for a few days. If you are lucky, about five days. Then the hairs come through again.

To be able to depilate, the hairs must have a certain length. If the hairs are too short, you can not use the cream. Always read the instructions on the packaging before you start using the cream. Not every depilatory cream works equally well and they almost all smell.


The use of an epilator is not painless. One by one the hairs are pulled out of your body and that hurts. You also have to go over the same place several times, because he does pick up some hairs at the same time, but certainly not everything.
Fortunately, your skin gets used to this pain, so that it becomes less and less painful. The first time it actually hurts the most.
The advantage of the epilator, however, is that the hairs stay away longer (about 3 weeks) and when the hairs return, they are a lot thinner. This also makes the treatment less painful. However, you must go through that first pain.

The hairs should be at least half a centimeter long, for the use of the epilator. Some epilators can be used in the shower, which is less painful. Another disadvantage of the epilator, it is a time-consuming activity.

Waxing or waxing

Depilation by waxing or waxing (is the same) is also not painless. The hairs are removed with a sticky substance. You can choose a resin with strips or a stripless wax. In both cases multiple hairs are removed at once. This hurts. Logical, but you do not have to go over the same spot several times, like with the epilator, because you can remove all hairs under a strip or layer of resin in one go.
When using the strip the hairs stick to the strip and the stripless wax or resin, the hairs are encapsulated and with the resin or wax, pulled off the skin in one go.

After waxing or waxing it is important that you pamper the skin with a soothing cream. The advantage of waxing or waxing is that the hairs stay away longer. About three to eight weeks. Keep in mind that summer hairs grow faster than winter hairs. However, hair does not all grow at the same time, so it is quite possible that you will see hairs again earlier.

For a good waxing, the hairs must be at least half a centimeter long. To prevent ingrown hairs, you should continue to exfoliate well before and after waxing. Apart from the pain, there is another drawback to waxing: waxing is quite pricey. Especially when you have it done at a beautician.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is often used for dark or unwanted hair on the face. It is not a cheap way of depilation, but it is an effective one. Sometimes you can be reimbursed for the costs of your health insurer. Definitely worth to inform.
With laser hair removal it is even possible to make the hair disappear. However, several treatments are required for this and this treatment is not cheap.

The hair follicles are destroyed by means of laser beams, so that hairs can no longer grow. Because not all bags can be done at once, multiple treatments are necessary. Just as long until there are no more hairs growing.
Have it done in a good clinic so that the skin is not damaged.


Do not remove anything but do not want to see dark hairs? Then you can also choose to bleach the hairs. You can do this for example with hairs on your upper lip or arms. The hairs are not removed, but bleached so that they are less visible.
Disadvantage: the skin can get irritated by the bleach. Not every skin can tolerate bleaching well. So be careful!

Depilation vagina

The depilation of the vagina is nothing new. The ancient Egyptians did this already. It just gives a fresh, hygienic, clean and well-cared-for feeling. Nothing wrong with it. You can use different depilation methods.


This is most often chosen for this method. You can shave everything away, but you can also opt for a 'dash' or other form. Beware of any wounds and also make sure you do not use a blunt knife.
The disadvantage of shaving is the rapidly recurring hairs, which are also harder and can itch. Rinse your pubic area with cold water after shaving. This will close your pores.

Waxing and waxing

You can also depilate your vagina with wax or resin. It is more painful, but the hairs stay away longer. And when they come back, they are softer. During the waxing or waxing you pull the whole hair out of the skin. You can also have this done at a beauty salon. A full Brazilian Wax costs about 50 euros. The hairs stay away for about 3 to 6 weeks.

Depilatory cream

For the bikini line depilatory cream is fine to use, but closer to the vagina is not recommended. The vagina is sensitive and the acid of the cream will not do your vagina any good. So make sure that the cream does not end up in your intimate parts.


This method of depilation has not been applied for such a long time. You remove the hairs with a wax based on sugar. You can do this at a beauty salon. You can also easily make this pasta at home. The ingredients are: salt, sugar and lemons. Lubricate the body part that you want to depilate with the substance and place a cotton strip over it. Press the strip well and then pull it off in one quick movement.

Laser hair removal

With laser depilation you can permanently get rid of your pubic hair. It is more expensive than other ways, but the result is permanent.

Do not depilate

Of course waxing is a choice and there is nothing wrong with body hair. If you do not want to delete it, that is of course also great! You see lately that BN'ers make a statement by not shaving their armpit hair. Fine! Everyone is beautiful as he / she is. Radiance comes from within and that is why you are most beautiful when you do exactly what you feel most comfortable with.

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