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When the wind cuts sharply in your cheeks or the snowflakes whirl in your hair, your skin has a hard time. You can imagine that your skin needs a different treatment in the winter than in the summer. In the summer, your skin is 'attacked' by sun rays, but winter does other attacks on your skin. Think for example of faster dehydration of your skin by heating, but this is certainly not the only 'attack'.

More dirty skin

In the winter your skin is covered much more often than in the summer. That is no different because it is also much colder. But because your skin is less exposed to the open air, it can also become a bit more dirty.

Other metabolism

At the moment the winter starts, your metabolism changes. This is due to a lack of fats in the skin due to the drier air and because the sebaceous glands are less effective at low temperatures.
Because of these changes, the greasy protective layer of your skin disappears, sometimes to a minimum, sometimes even completely. You will notice this first in your face and your hands. After all, these are most often exposed to the showers of King Winter.

Dry skin

In winter, your skin dries out faster because the air humidity both inside and outside is lower than in the summer period. Dry skin is fragile and does not feel so good. For example, you may notice that your face feels a bit tighter than you normally expect from your skin.

Prevent rosacea

Couperose is a common skin problem. They are usually blown blood vessels on the cheeks or nose. Often it is more visible with dry (thin) skin than with thicker oily skin. Risk factors for getting rosacea are:

- to smoke
- large temperature differences
- alcohol
- scrub roughly
- sharp herbs
- medication

To prevent rosacea, it is necessary to take good care of your skin and protect it during the harsh winter days. Below we give tips on how to best care for your skin during the winter.

What can you do on your skin in the winter?

More fat

If your skin becomes drier, you can imagine that he needs extra fats. Because less fat means less protection. So in the winter you need a fatter cream than in the summer.

No hot shower

However tempting it is, it is better to take as few hot baths or very hot showers as possible. Of course, it feels like a blessing when you get out of the cold, step into a warm bath. However, the warm water dries your skin enormously. It removes the fat from your skin. Better you can shower at a normal or even lukewarm temperature.
Cold / hot alternating basins are good again. These stimulate blood circulation. An extra day to the sauna is therefore not a luxury!

Mild soap

A mild soap prevents the skin from drying out as much as possible. The better the skin is cared for - and well hydrated - the better your skin is able to protect itself.

You can best clean your skin with a mild scrub, so that all dead skin cells are removed. Then apply a protective cream to the skin. This is best done if the skin is still a bit damp. This makes the cream better absorbed by the skin.


Use a good body lotion for your body in the winter. It is best to apply your body immediately after showering. Timing is everything... After showering the moisture evaporates quickly, so important to take care of your skin as quickly as possible.

Moisture from the inside

Also from the inside you can keep the moisture level of your skin good, namely by continuing to drink enough water. Preferably at least 2 liters of water in a day. This keeps your skin more elastic.

Night cream

If your skin is so heavy during the day, you may be extra kind to your skin at night. Do not forget a good night cream! Especially in the winter days this is very important! Actually, a night cream is even more important than a day cream!

Extra care

Extra care during the harsh winter months is therefore not a luxury. You can restore a lot of skin from a caring mask. A moisture-inserting mask, for example, can do a lot of good for your skin, so that you can continue to shine during the winter days.
Also ensure adequate sleep. From too little sleep you can see gray and gray. Try to get as much as possible to 8 hours of sleep in one night for beautiful skin.

Your hands in the winter

Your hands are - like your face - much more exposed to the harsh winter than the rest of your body. They often become wrinkled and dry. It helps to lubricate your hands regularly (at least twice a day) with a good hand cream. Do you want to pamper them extra? Then apply a good greasy cream and pull a few plastic gloves over it. Hold the gloves for about 10 minutes and your hands will look beautiful again!

DIY coffee grounds

You can also give your hands a peeling every now and then. There are special peels for your hands for sale. Do you know what your hands like? Coffee grounds! Coffee grounds are a great product to spread your hands with. Rinse and then massage with a hand cream. If you still drink a cup of coffee, this is a piece of cake.

Your feet in the winter

Your feet may also receive some extra attention in the winter. There is special foot cream for sale. Do not choose the cooling foot lotions that you use in the summer, but for the winter days choose a nourishing foot cream with glycerine, shea butter or coconut oil. You can also rub your feet in Vaseline. Spread a thick layer on your feet and then pull socks over it so that it can penetrate well. The next morning they feel silky soft again.


Regularly remove the dead cells from your feet with a good scrub. It is best to scrub your feet after showering or a foot bath.

Take care of your lips

Do not forget your lips in the winter, also your lips need to be well hydrated to stay soft. There are of course enough lip balms for sale, in all kinds of smells and tastes, but you can also treat your lips in a different way. Dry lips can also be a sign of too little fluid in your body. It is also important for your lips that you keep drinking enough.

Tips for your lips

Always make sure you go to sleep with clean lips.
Lubricate your lips a few times a day with coconut oil. Vaseline also works well against dry lips.
Scrub your lips gently once or twice a week with some granulated sugar. This removes the dead skin cells. You can mix the sugar with a teaspoon of honey. After scrubbing, rub your lips with a lip balm.
Protect your lips when you go out and lubricate them with a good lip balm or Vaseline. Vaseline ensures that your lips do not dry out.
Apply a thin layer of honey to your lips. You can mix the honey with a little glycerine.
Smear your lips occasionally with a slice of cucumber to avoid dry lips.

Don'ts for your lips

Stay away from the sheets. Do not pull or bite, but let them soften or scrub them away with a sugar scrub.
Try to lick as little as possible on your lips. Your saliva ensures that your lips become even drier.
Make sure that your facial cleanser is not on your lips. Many of these products dry your lips further. You can prevent this by rubbing your lips with some petroleum jelly or a lip balm before cleaning.

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