Cutest summer toys

The sparrows fall dehydrated from the roof, the grass of the neighbors is no longer greener because it looks just as dry as the grass in your garden and the big holiday is in prospect. The kids around you for six weeks! Long live the summer holidays!

Sea of ​​time

But ... how do we prevent our kids from getting bored in that enormous sea of ​​time. Nothing wrong with being bored, that seems to be pretty good for our offspring. I just do not know how you are, but I'm not waiting for that whining and whining 'Maham, I'm so bored', if I just want to lie down on my sunbed with a good book. After all, it is also a holiday for us. If you really do not want to suffer and want to take a few minutes for yourself during this summer period, then make sure you have good tools. Because good tools are half the work. Did I really say tools? I mean of course: good and fun summer toys !! But what is that actually, fun summer toys?

1. Swimming pool

For a few years I have sacrificed most of my garden to a swimming pool. Especially with these kinds of temperatures, there is nothing as good as cooling down in the cool water. For young and old, because you too will love this!

Pools are available in various sizes and shapes, so that there is always one that fits perfectly in your garden. Do not forget to buy a cleaning set, because good hygiene is important to maintain the quality of the water. Dive into that, because 4000 liters will not just run away again. That is really a shame. Especially in periods of drought.

2. Swimming castle

If you really want to do your kids a favor, then you buy an insanely cool swimming castle. If you swim in here you automatically become a prince or princess. Who does not dream about this? The only thing that is not royal to this water palace is the price. This castle is therefore just for 20 euros for sale! Absolutely recommended!

3. Beach toys

If you nevertheless order this swimming paradise on the HEMA website, please bring a nice beach towel with you. In the coming period you will undoubtedly spend a day at the beach. On the sea or on that cozy inner lake. Such a beach suit can not be missed. Every child should simply have one as standard. Such a set with a scoop, bucket, sieve, rake and watering can. You would almost say: Who has not grown big ?! This toy simply remains fun.

4. Jump rope

We already jumped in our youth, but are still fun. Actually, a cheerfully colored skipping rope can not be missed. Children have a long time of jumping, and it is not just fun, it is also very good for your body. Why do you think those boxers are jumping on the string? Jumping rope is a real one workout. It is good for your coordination, endurance, footwork, timing, mobility, strength, speed and explosiveness. So, that you know it. And then just for 7.99 euros. Although you probably need a longer piece of rope yourself.

5. Water battles

Whether the water fight is being fought with water guns or with water balloons, water fights are always fun. Laughing, vultures roar, provided of course you do not become the target yourself. Because pooping your father or mother is of course the height of hilarity.

You already have packages of water balloons for about 4 euros (100 water balloons). At the HEMA you even have a pot with 500 water balloons for only 4 euros.

You also have handy self-closing water balloons. These packs (70 pieces) with 5.84 euros are slightly more expensive (and less balloons) but are super handy ?! The advantage of these balloons: they close automatically! So you do not break your nails!

6. Football

A football is actually always good. They come in all kinds of colors, materials and price ranges. Balls provide a lot of fun, you can really do more than just play football, but you also lose them regularly. Then they are back on the roof or in the garden with that grumpy neighbor ... you can never really have too many balls.

7. Marbles

Marbles old-fashioned? No, no! There is still a lot of crackling. So get your old marbles for the day, then you can still play a game! Are they no longer in the barn or in the attic? Then they are fortunately still available for a bargain (1.50 euro) at the Hema.

At the time we did marbles in a well that was created because a piece of a tile was finished. You can still do that, but of course you can also buy a real marble jar.

8. Sandbox

Assume that your garden slowly turns into a desert, but a sandbox should not be missing. For years we have had a sandbox in the garden for Rocco and our foster child. They have both played a lot and often in this. Make sure that the cats can not defecate, so choose a sandbox with a lid! For example, we had this sandbox from Little Tikes, in the form of a turtle. Well to close and the boys also amused me the wobbling lid.

9. Electric car

As a child I had one very special reading book which I have really read. The booklet was about two children who had their own car. To be precise, a red electric car. And with that car they drove everywhere and experienced exciting adventures. Such a car seemed to me completely fan-tactical. I dreamed about it, I begged my parents and I fantasized about it, but I never received such a car. To my great (child's) sorrow.

If I then see the cars for children nowadays, my hard will still beat faster. Because these are the kind of cars I dreamed about years ago. They come in various types, brands, colors and designs. I admit, they are not cheap (the Mercedes on the photo is 218 euros), but they look cool, of course! Wow!! It is that I no longer fit in, otherwise I would still like to have such a cool mini car.

10. Slide

Do you enjoy the space in the garden? Then take a slide. Sliding is still fun for children! Every time the stairs and zoeffffffffff ... down. Well like with a safe slide. So a slide that is sturdy. This slide of Little tikes is not cheap but an absolute must. This is not a slide but a happy one.

11. Trampoline

A trampoline! Do not think right: 'Oh my garden is too small for that', because they come in all kinds of different sizes. From small to large, with protective net around or without. Of course, the price also varies. However, it is an investment that you can enjoy for many years. You - because you can quietly read a book - and the kids, because they can lose their energy (the next years).

12. Sidewalk chalk

Last but not least is sidewalk chalk. The cheapest sidewalk chalk I found at the Hema, for only 1 euro. With sidewalk chalk children can have fun for hours! Entire artwork can be drawn in the garden. Until the rain rinses the garden clean again. Fun and guarantee hours of fun!

Inside and outside games

To not get bored you really do not always need stuff. On our site we have hundreds of playing tips for indoors and outdoors so you do not have to get bored. Water games, balloon games, relay and much, much more. Boredom is a choice and absolutely not necessary this summer!

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