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Do you want to combine homework and the care of your child (ren)? Maybe your own blog is something for you. More and more companies use 'influencers' to promote their products. If you have a popular blog, you can earn money with ads. Placing an advertorial, sponsored article or branded content can yield a few hundred euros. Is it so easy? Yes and no. You must of course have something to offer. Because nobody wants to pay for a call in the desert.

Just a piece of history

Companies increasingly choose to spend their advertising budgets on the internet instead of TV. In itself not surprising because the ratings are declining further and further. Especially the young generation can be found more online than behind the old-fashioned picture tube.
However, there is also a shift visible online. Previously, much use was made of bannering. You know them: header, skyscraper, banner or rectangle. They are available in all shapes and sizes. Usually very irritating and rather dominant. It is therefore not surprising that more and more ADblockers are coming. Programs that you use to show ads on the sites you visit.

Content marketing

Companies therefore look for alternatives, because they want to get their products to your attention anyway. They now seem to find this in 'content marketing'. Content marketing is the generation of content (text, image, content) to promote a certain product or service. This way of advertising is difficult to block because it usually looks like 'normal' content and apart from the commercial touch, it is of course also.
In this way of advertising, much use is made of Influencers. An influencer is someone who can influence the buying behavior of someone else. Like a blogger or youtuber.

What do you have to offer?

So you have to have something to offer and you can bind a (large) group of people to you. Because without range you can still call so much, but there is no one you hear. And of course companies will not pay for that.
It is therefore important that you have a good running blog with which you can bind a certain group of people to you. A 'niche' is also fine. A niche is a specific part of a market where products and services focus.

But how do you do that? How do you make such a successful blog? I give you 5 tips!

1) Be unique!

It does not make much sense to copy someone else, not to mention that you can never use texts and images of someone else (think of copyright), you can think of something unique. Something that is not there yet. Come up with a subject that suits you, what you touch, what you like, where your passion lies. It is much easier to write about something that really touches you, than when you have to write about a tree in the forest, so to speak. Money should not be your motivation, but passion and conviction.

Always try to be unique. You do this mainly by staying very close to yourself. You are unique. Like everyone else. So do not try to become the clone of that one blogger that you find so cool, but find yourself! The more pure and you are, the more you can start building your own range.

2) Provide a good range

If you know what you want to write about, make sure that the basis of your blog is good. For example, consider the SEO guidelines. SEO stands for 'Search Engine Optimization' and believe me, SEO should be your biggest friend. To get a large reach you need the search engines. And to ensure that these find your blog, you have to be SEO in order. Important components for a good SEO are:

Tips for a good SEO

- Provide unique content
- Use meta tags (title, description)
- Include images 'alt-tags'
- Do not try to cheat (a search engine can punish you for this)
- Provide a lot of backlinks (links to your sites)

Tie the visitor

Tie the visitor to you. This can be done in many ways. Of course in the first place with interesting content, your personality, but you can also tempt your visitors with, for example, visitor promotions where nice prizes can be won. Often you can have these campaigns sponsored by companies. They deliver products in exchange for (free) publicity. And your visitors will find it very nice to win something.

Create media attention

If you are unique, you may be so unique that you free publicity can generate! Free publicity to your site! How cool. If you can catch the media attention of other parties, you can attract new visitors to you.

3) Use Social Media

You would be crazy if you do not use social media! It is free and you will find your target audience there. Find out where your target audience is located. You do not have to start all forms of social media, but invest in the channels where your target group can be found. Think for example: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Youtube, et cetera. It is a free platform where you can profile yourself, but limit yourself to the platforms where your target group is located. For example, if you want to focus on 25-50, then Snapchat is not the appropriate platform.

4) Find a good advertising agency

And did you build up a good range or bind a beautiful niche to you? Then find a good advertising agency. There are advertising agencies that specialize in bannering and there are agencies that focus on the branded content. It is up to you to choose what suits your blog best. Maybe both, maybe one of the two.

Link pizza

Linkpizza is an agency that focuses on branded and native content. You can register for free and from that moment on it will be fun! I discovered the site not so long ago, but I wish I had discovered this site years ago, but it probably did not exist yet! Advertisers and influencers come together on this site. The influencers can pitch on an assignment and the advertiser can look for a platform that fits well with their product or service. A perfect formula that fits perfectly with today's marketing thinking.
You can put together your own media kit there. Through this media kit, companies can approach you, but you can also pitch a pitch on placed assignments. Super convenient! Through Linkpizza supply and demand are brought together and I can tell that this works really well!

Do not lose time

You do not have to waste time on sales activities or cold acquisition. You can fully focus on what you really like and where your passion lies. Namely: writing!
It is just as interesting for companies, since they meet a large group of influencers and so can choose exactly what suits their product or service.

5) Learn from your mistakes but do not be discouraged

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. In the fifteen years that I am now an online entrepreneur, I made very, very, many mistakes. However, I have also learned just as much. Especially how it should not be done. Making mistakes is not bad, if you do not let that discourage you. If you fall? Then you lick your wounds and just stand up again and continue. Because if you believe in something, you can achieve that. Believe in yourself and especially believe in yourself. You are unique and you can conquer the world.

I wish everyone a lot of success! And do you start your own blog? Feel free to send me a link. I'll definitely come to see you !!

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