10x fun things to do with the whole family

Do you find it difficult to invent something fun to do with the whole family during the holidays or just in a weekend? Have you seen all theme parks from the inside and outside? Indoor playgrounds that bring out your ears, zoos where even the animals start to recognize you? Then you are ready for something new. Something you have not done yet and what your kids will undoubtedly find very bold!

Ten new fresh ideas for the whole family with experiences you will never forget!

1. False or real?

If you've seen all the museums, you're ready for some fake art. This museum is the only museum in the world that specializes in false art. There are false Karel Appels and a 'Mona Lisa, made in Taiwan'. And touching is allowed!
The former town hall of Vledder has since 1998 housed the museums for False Art, Contemporary Glass Art and Northern Dutch painting, with outside a Sculpture Garden.

More information Cost: 7.50 euros

2. Play nice weather in Delft

On Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June 2018, the streets will be flooded by kleinkunst, because then there will be the international street theater festival in Delft! Cozy and intimate on and around the Markt. Artists and companies from home and abroad bring street theater, acrobatics, street comedy, dance and music. A cheerful spectacle for young and old!

More information Cost: -

3. Who dares? Eat insects!

Perhaps this idea is a bit gruesome, but it is certainly exciting! Who dares to put his teeth in an insect lollipop? Or a bite of a cricket? You do not get sick, you may not have to think about that at the first bite. There are a few restaurants where insects are on the menu. If you want to eat in a sustainable way, this is a good idea ... but do you also get the rest of your family?

More information Cost: (depending on what you order)

4. The ostrich farm

Have all children's and goat farms seen inside and out? Maybe it will be time to visit an ostrich farm! In the tea room you can enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea and of course the ostriches can be watched. It is important to keep an eye on the opening hours, because the animals are cared for outside these times
And if you're there, you can immediately buy a pair of ostrich products such as: bath oil with ostrich oil, eggs (and those are big!), Beautiful feathers or just a nice ostrich steak.

More information Cost: 5 euros (including guided tour)

5. Sleeping in a Tipi

Have you ever wanted to feel Indian? Then sleeping in a teepee is of course an absolute one must do! The kids will find this absolutely exciting. Especially if they are allowed to sleep in their Indian outfit.
The teepees can be rented with or without equipment. There is a range of accessories to rent at the tents. Wooden floors, fire bowls, LED lighting, outdoor cookware sets, stools, tables, sheepskins and much more. You can not really call it cheap, but it is special of course!

More information Cost: from 200 euros (day / weekend)

6. Hug a cow

That a cow is more than a walking steak or bottle of milk, you can discover on this farm, while cuddling the cow. Cow cuddling is a unique experience for everyone who loves animals and nature.Together be happy! That is the purpose of cuddling Cow.
'Cow cuddling' you do not just do, Cow cuddling has proven that it is more than enjoying against a warm cows body. Children with sleep problems fall asleep through the gentle cradling of the abdomen during breathing.

A two-hour program for young and old where the animals form the center. Father, mother, grandfather and grandmother, aunt, uncle nieces and nephews, everyone is welcome! Put on easy and / or warm clothing that can take a beating. There are boots for everyone on the farm. You start with an hour and a half educational adventure with guidance, after which you can stay for half an hour on the farm or enjoy a fresh cup of coffee / tea or a glass of juice with a traditional cake.

More information Costs: 25 euros (minimum 6 people)

7. Plucking gardens

Ever heard of picking gardens? In these gardens you can pick your own fruit. Of course you can also buy it picked, but picking it yourself is of course a tad nicer! There are several picking gardens: Summer raspberries, autumn raspberries, black currants, red currants, white berries, gooseberries and blueberries.
The blueberry was for many people an unknown fruit, but this has become increasingly popular in recent years. No wonder, many studies show that the blueberry is a very healthy fruit. What is at least as important, however, is that they are also incredibly tasty. Pay attention to the harvest time! The blueberries are ripe from July to mid-September.

No sense in fruit? Pick your own bouquet in the flower picking garden! Lovers get a pair of scissors and stroll through the garden in search of their beloved flowers. You can pick a bouquet for yourself but also for someone else. Plucking yourself is a party because you can see your bouquet growing.

More information Cost: unknown

8. Back to then ...

The Zuiderzee Museum is a very special and especially nice museum. It takes you back to then. Imagine yourself back in time. How nice is that!
The outdoor museum houses authentic buildings from the former Zuiderzee area, such as a church, a fish smokehouse, shops and houses from the surrounding fishing villages. Employees and volunteers show historical crafts and everyday life from the beginning of the last century. Everyone can playfully learn about the hand skills of then and now.
The indoor museum is the treasury of the Zuiderzee. Changing exhibitions show the rich collection of the museum in a current context. In this way, the Zuiderzee story gets meaning today. With history, photography, regional dress, design, the indoor museum offers something for everyone.

More information Cost: 8 euros

9, Sleep in a train

Sleeping in a train, how do you seem? And not just a train, but a train night with all extra facilities. Okay, with 200 euros for two people per night, maybe not the cheapest trip, but it is special of course. The livingroom is equipped with cushions that can easily create two additional sleeping places. You can also book (yes, yes, the kids can join) with four people and then a reduced rate of 250.00 euro applies.

Did I mention that you can also spend the night in a UFO? Adults sleep here for just 40 euros and children for 30 euros per night. Let's hope he does not suddenly fly to another planet at night.

More information Cost: from 250 euros

10. Zip lines above the sea in Scheveningen

This is certainly not an outing for the little ones, but your adolescent will naturally find this fat. Do you dare to zip, high above the sea, from the Pier in Scheveningen? This activity is suitable for children from 30 kilos. But they must of course dare. Ziplinen is exciting, sensational but not very cheap. However, it does give you a crazy experience. In the end, do not you dare to zip? Then there is plenty of other entertainment on the Pier. Discover the trendy restaurants and bars, the large Ferris wheel and how about the annual Fireworks Festival in Scheveningen? Then of course it is absolutely fantastic to combine everything!

More information Costs: 27.50 euros

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