Tips to comfort your baby

Every baby cries, one more often than the other and some babies cry a lot. The so-called crying babies. But whether your baby is crying or not often, whether or not a crying baby, tips to comfort your baby are always welcome! That is why we have put together a useful list of useful tips for you to comfort your child.
Do you know any more tips? Let us know and send you a tip: Who knows, maybe your tip is the Golden tip for another father or mother.

Always check in the first instance if there is a certain reason for his howling. Is there a garment, does not his diaper fit or does he have a dirty diaper? Ill? Do you suffer from bad bones? Is he perhaps hungry or bothered by his intestines? Too cold? Too hot? Is he perhaps thirsty? In the latter case, you can give your child a little water.

Always stay calm and relaxed and do not try to get angry.

Do not let your child cry for too long. Especially the first time you really can not spoil him and he just has a lot of need to be with you

Sing a song for your child. It can be a lullaby, but any other song can just as well be comforting.

Set up a quiet music.

Do your child an extra shower, bath or Tummy Tub. The hot water can work soothing and on hot days they flicker on it.

Blow gently in the face of your child.

Talk to him, tell a story or just tell him what you've done or want to do. In short, if only he hears your voice.

Young babies fall asleep quickly in the car, so driving a bit can do wonders.

Go for a walk outside with the stroller. The hype can be the answer to his hysterical cry.

Young babies can find peace and comfort when they are swaddled.

A teat can sometimes offer a solution.

Ensure the correct temperature and ensure that his clothes are adjusted accordingly. Your child does not like it cold but certainly does not like to get too hot.

Sit with your child on a rocking chair, the seesaw will delight your baby.

Your child is very bathed at regular intervals. Therefore, try to schedule his feeds and sleeping at fixed times.

Your thumb or little finger can be very comforting, but make sure that it has been washed beforehand.

Carry your child around the room and talk to him gently. Tell for example what you encounter in the room.

There is no explanation but some babies seem to be mesmerized by hearing and seeing running water. Leave the water in the bath or turn on the tap of the sink.

Give your baby a delicious baby massage.

Cuddle your baby or gently strok through his hair or over his back.

Put a music box for your child and put it down with him so he can look at it.

Give your child something to play with.

Grab a jar of bubbles and try to distract your child with a series of beautiful colored bubbles.

A hug or 'tuttel' (piece) can be comforting.

Could it be that your child is suffering from food? Maybe a certain (cow's milk) allergy?

If your child suffers from 'gas' (by swallowing air during feeding) it can help with your child to do a 'bicycle exercise'. Gently move his legs forward and back. The expulsion of the gas can give your child relief.

Give your child a belly massage. It promotes close, physical contact between you and your child. In addition, air in the abdomen can contribute to abdominal pain, where the massage can provide some relief.

Try if your child can leave a peasant. There are several methods for this: Rub him over his back and then beat a few times. Tap him firmly on his back while lying over your shoulder. Tap him on his back while lying on your lap (on his stomach). Especially if your child has been crying for a while, the suffering may have increased even more because he has swallowed too much air. A big farmer can help him calm down.

Play games with your baby (a mouse comes running ...).

Pull crazy faces to your child, with a bit of luck he can see the humor and his grief takes place from a big laugh.

If your child has a stuffy nose, a physiological saline solution can help keep the nose open and clean. You can also empty his nose with a nasal aspirator.

Maybe your baby has itching? Babies have sensitive skin and it is possible that his clothes are annoying to his skin and even irritate his skin. Maybe you should try another detergent.

Call a fellow doctor (mother, grandmother, friend, etc.). Maybe they can give you a good tip?

If the crying lasts long and you have already tried everything, then ask (for example) grandpa or grandma to come by. Sometimes a different face can work wonders (and you can give your ears a rest and 'escape' outside.

If crying is often and often, keep a diary. Mention here which methods you tried, which helped, or which did not help? Time of crying, the length of howling. What caused him to stop crying? Maybe you can discover a pattern at a given moment.

Play 'Peekaboo' with your child. A cloth over his or your head can already be enough to play the game.

Your child can enjoy it in the box with his cuddly toys around him. The box can give him a safe feeling.

Try to make your child laugh with funny voices.

Read him a booklet and point to the pictures.

Give your child a piece of paper that he can crumble nicely. Distraction often works best.

Exchange the toys in bed or box with new toys.

Set up quiet dance music and dance with your baby through the room.

Just before the television with Sesame Street or Tiktak is really not wrong for your child.

Do not save your child to discipline him or punish him. It is a sign of impotence and with that you teach him that there are apparently reasons why you may strike.

A baby may cry and a baby of one year may still cry for whatever reason. Do not tell him that he must behave like a big boy, or as a big girl.

Grab a hug and talk to the cuddle to your child.

Log into your computer and 'talk' with other experience experts, maybe they have the 'golden tip'.

Put your child in a baby carrier or sling and walk a bit with him.

Take your child with you on your lap and do a tickling game with him (Hans, panse beetle ...)

Remember that you are not the only mother or father who sometimes does not know. Scrape your courage and try to come up with a method that best suits your baby. After all, you know best how your child works!

Similar to the rocking chair: Bouncing on a big ball with your baby in your arms. (Such a big ball that is used in pregnancy men's darts, physiotherapy and / or people with back complaints)

Put a - hydrophilic cloth - used in the diet next to the head of your child. There is usually still a leftover (mother) milk on it; he can calm down from this smell.

Grab both of your baby's hands, this gives him a sense of security.

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