Safe on the e-bike - 10 tips

It is already more than a year since I bought my e-bike. Or actually I did not buy it, frankly I got it from a number of friends and relatives for my birthday. There he stood on my birthday, decorated with garlands and flags. How happy I was! Finally I could make long bike rides again! What did I miss that?

Pure enjoyment

And I did that. With the wind through my hair, through the woods, past farmlands and through villages. What is that enjoy! I have always enjoyed cycling, but at one point my knees started to protest. Bikes could still be done, but only flat pieces, but in the end things also became more and more difficult. For a long time I looked longingly at the e-bikes. Around me I saw more and more. But yes, to give that to you just like that, I find that quite a bit. And that is why my friends and family did this for me. Totally great!


Cycling without pain, what a pleasure that is! With the wind through my hair, the sun on my face and sunglasses on my nose (against the flies in my eyes). The counter is now above 1000 km ... Meanwhile, I have my partner a little infected with my e-bike. He has a completely healthy body, so basically he does not need an e-bike at all, but it seems nice to go to work by bike. He often has to go to Rotterdam, Zoetermeer or Alphen aan de Rijn for his work. From The Hague it is quite a distance to cycle, but with an e-bike it is quite easy to do. That way he can leave the car, he has had his portion of exercise and fresh air right away and does not get too sweaty at work.

E-bikes and safety

In the media you sometimes read something about an accident with the e-bike. Often that does not have to do with the e-bike but it does how you deal with it. That is why I would like to share a few tips with you to cycle as safely as possible on your e-bike!

01) Select the right e-bike

Before you buy an e-bike, try different ones. They come in all kinds of price ranges but also with different possibilities. Before I dropped my eye on my current e-bike, I really tried quite a few. It is important that you choose an e-bike that suits you. Be especially well informed in the store.

02) Do not go too fast

There is a limit to the speed on your bike, which is not for nothing. Maybe you want a lot harder, but 25km per hour is really a decent speed that requires something of responsiveness. Build your speed therefore quietly (and certainly do not let your bike increase!). Cycling with an e-bike is really different with the ordinary bike, so it's really not surprising if you first practice for a while in the neighborhood, to get to know the bike well.
The risk of falling in the bend, for example, with an e-bike a bit bigger, it is therefore better to keep your pedals in the bend still and only after the turn to pedal again.

03) Use a helmet

It is not mandatory, but with 25 km (or faster) per hour it is wise. Most racing cyclists do not wear them for nothing and you drive almost as fast with an e-bike. Maybe not that charming, but a bit safer.

04) Take care when boarding and dismounting

Many accidents happen during boarding and disembarking. Because of the engine block, the center of gravity of the bike can sit in an awkward place. Therefore, never step on and off in a hurry and rather lower the saddle slightly than you are used to, so that you can stably touch the ground with your feet when you are stationary.

05) Other road users

Keep in mind that other road users can misjudge your speed. Do not take priority, but pay attention to the other road users. Also pay close attention when you overtake other cyclists, look carefully around you if this is possible. Do you find that scary? Then you can possibly opt for rear-view mirrors.
What I always do, precisely because I usually a lot harder bike than the other cyclists, I let you know that I'm coming by just call my bell. Especially because an e-bike is often very silent, you do not surprise the other person.

06) Use a route planner

Did you know that you can also use Google Maps on your smart phone for cycling routes? There are even handy standards for sale for your bike, in which you can securely attach your smartphone to your steering wheel. I bought one myself with a cover around it, so that my phone stays dry when it rains. Eventually we live in the Netherlands and there does not always seem to be the sun.

07) Pay attention to the time

From my own experience I can say that driving is really dangerous when the schools are just starting out. Students do not take it so closely with the traffic rules and prefer to take priority everywhere and at all times. Also on you. I really had to make an emergency stop several times because some adolescent just before my wheels on the road shot.

08) Charged battery

Make sure your battery is properly charged if you want to make a good ride. Do not forget to take the charger with you, so that you can recharge somewhere along the way. There are more and more (guarded) bicycle parking facilities where you can recharge the e-bike. It would be a shame if your battery is empty, there is a charging point but your charging cable is at home. I speak from experience ... (everyone does sometimes stupid or stubborn).
Keep in mind that in the winter your battery is empty much faster. Do not leave the battery until it is at room temperature.

09) Tire pressure

Ensure good tire pressure. This is especially important in the winter. By reducing the pressure in the tires slightly, you run less risk of slipping. In the summer it is important to have your tires fuller again.

10) In good condition

Make sure your bike is in good condition. You do this (among other things) by having him checked by the bicycle mechanic every year. Check the brakes more often in wet weather, because the rubber brake pads can wear out faster.

Super tip: Electric bikes with a big discount

If you are planning to buy an e-bike and do not want to pay too much, visit the E-bike Outlet Roadshow. Here you can buy e-bikes with hefty discounts. Often they are show models, or models that are slightly damaged. If you do not care about that (and as soon as you start cycling on your new bike, the damage will come naturally), then the discounts during the Outlets can reach 60%! This is really super interesting!

Hopefully you will get as much fun in it as I do and there will be many beautiful days before it really gets too cold and too wet. Until that time I enjoy the beautiful autumn landscape for a moment, where I feel like cycling through a painting ...

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