Vegetable snack: Making a cake or a game?

Recently I thought Noa (6 months) would be ready for a bit of solid food, such as a vegetable snack. Immediately I, like a real Gordon Ramsey, dived into the kitchen and did my best to make a culinary, healthy and vitamin rich treat for my little girl. Her crazy taste when tasting her first vegetable snack was priceless, but to say that she enjoyed it ...

Maybe my cooking skills are not as bad as I have always thought. Yet try a jar of baby food and see if she likes it. But is there anything that my princess needs?

When do you start with solid food?

When your child is about four months old, you can start giving solid food. It is not necessary, but when you start early, you learn your child to get used to "just" food.

From 6 months

From six months it is necessary to feed your child. To grow, milk alone is no longer sufficient. When you can start best with solid food, it varies from child to child. One child will show this more clearly than the other. If you notice, for example, that he is getting more and more interested in your food or is increasingly sipping on his own knobs, he can tell you that he wants something different than milk.
From one year your child can eat with the pot, along with the rest of the family.

Vegetable snack from a jar

Manufacturers who make baby food have to comply with a string of strict rules and requirements and are therefore strictly controlled. The preparation is under the supervision of all kinds of doctors and dietitians. For example, the jars may not contain preservatives and dyes. To be able to store the jars the food is sterilized or pasteurized. The diet contains all nutrients that your child needs. the jars The jars are often one-sided of taste and it is very fine pureed. This can be experienced both as an advantage and as a disadvantage.

Fine structure

If your child is younger than 6 months, the fine structure is ideal because it is easy to digest and swallow. Yet it affects the taste development. Because several types of vegetables (or fruit) are used and it is so finely pureed, your child can not distinguish the different flavors. In addition, it can be difficult to determine which fruit or vegetable your child reacts to in case of hypersensitivity or allergies. Jars come in different flavors, brands and are divided into age groups.

Home made cake

Of course you can also make your own vegetable snack. It does take a bit more time, but you know what it contains, you can vary more, you can influence the taste yourself and in general, you can make yourself cheaper than food jars. Because you do not get your own made prat as pure as the food in pots, it has a coarser structure. This facilitates the switch from porridge to real solid food. A baby who is used to pot food will be able to refuse the solid food with larger pieces afterwards.

Put certain types of food in your vegetable snack

Keep a close eye on which foods your child needs, appropriate to his age. It does not have to be difficult at all, as long as you are in possession of a stove, a hand blender to puree it and most importantly: the delicious fresh ingredients.

Better not

Certain nutrients can be harmful to your child in large quantities. Think of salt, for example. Too much salt is harmful to the kidneys. Some jars contain natural sodium, a component of salt. There are also jars with extra salt. The manufacturer must state this on the label. If your child is younger than one year, it is better to avoid the jars with extra added salt. Pay attention!

Irony leafy vegetable

Nitrate is found in iron-rich leafy vegetables, such as spinach. From 6 months your child may eat nitrate-rich vegetables. Do not give it more often than twice a week at a young age. Nitrate can be converted into nitrite by the body and is harmful when it is in large quantities in the body. At the clinic you can ask for tables that clearly indicate which vegetables and fruit your baby may have from a certain age.

What is healthier?

According to the Nutrition Center, jars and home-made food are equally healthy. Yet they recommend the homemade cake. Not because it would be healthier or contain more nutrients, but so that your child can get used to different tastes and the flavors of your "cooking style" more quickly. In a jar, all flavors are mixed and difficult to distinguish from each other. You can give your own princess separately.

Doubts when using microwave

Food from a jar is usually heated in the microwave. Still, I doubt whether this is the right method, because to what extent is the radiation from the microwave harmful? Of course, you can warm up Au bain-marie too.


Many parents choose the convenience of jars. It is ready quickly and you can take it out of the closet and warm up when your child is hungry. If you are out for a day, you can easily take a jar with you. A homemade cake, you have to keep refrigerated and to carry a whole cooler every time is also a hassle. Those who prefer self-made pranks indicate that they think it is healthier because you know exactly what you put into it. They also indicate that it is cheaper. After all, you almost always have food left over when you cook for yourself and your partner. And it is just as easy to puree and freeze your own leftovers, so that you always have a meal for your little one at your disposal. Please note, however, that you are cooking without salt.

Tips for do-it-yourselfers

Do you still prefer to serve your fresh sprout daily with a fresh meal? Then you could purchase the "Recipe book for my baby" from Jenny Carenco. Here you will find 110 recipes that are meant for children from four months to three years old. Also "Opperdepop" from the Albert Heijn is a fun recipe book for the do-it-yourselfers. Recipes from fruit juice to paella, from Bambix with banana to an Italian sandwich with tomato. You can find it all in it.

Vegetable snack freezing

If you want to freeze prunes, you can very well use an ice cube tray. So you can, as with spinach cubes, dosed defrost. Handy! Especially for meals for the little ones. Potty or cake? It makes little difference and always remains your own choice. For one person, convenience serves people, for others cooking is child's easy. Of course you can also alternate between them. Enjoy your meal!

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