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The passion of Mylène is to support the pregnant woman and her partner during pregnancy and / or delivery! Since 2006, as a Doula, she gives emotional support during the delivery, mainly in West Brabant. In addition, she has been giving the pregnancy course Beval Together in Breda for more than 10 years, a course that the pregnant woman can follow together with her partner in a group. You can also contact her for Haptonomic Pregnancy Supervision.

This guidance follows the pregnant couple individually in 5 meetings for the delivery, and the 6th after the delivery, starting between 20 and 25 weeks of pregnancy.
Questions about: preparations for childbirth, childbirth, childbirth plans, possible forms of support, pregnancy course and haptonomic pregnancy guidance.

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Our visitors asked her the following questions:

A client of mine is very worried because her baby is lying down. She is now 36 + 5 weeks pregnant. Do you know doula tricks in this (acupuncture, massages etc>) Would be great if you have an idea ...

Do I know Doula tricks to turn children around? No, unfortunately, probably no more than the usual:
- rotation attempt by experienced gyn
- acupuncture (but is it actually late for)
- it sounds a bit woolly but: mother letting the child speak: this is a difficult way to get to the world, is this what he / she wants (it is not always for nothing that the child is in a bounce)
So it is also: accept that it is the way it is ... One of my doulakindenjes is also turned after the 40th week itself, he needed a whole weekend ...

Do I need a maternity nurse? Can it be my mother too?

I do not know if your mother may act as a maternity nurse. Ask your midwife!

It might be a stupid question.
But I am now more than 37 weeks pregnant and the delivery can start every moment.
Do I have to put something in my underpants for when the membranes break? I have a mattress protector in bed. But do you also need something of sanitary towels or something similar? And do you still see if the amniotic fluid is clear?

In only 10% of women, delivery starts with the breaking of the membranes. And in 85% of the women, delivery begins after the due date. So you still have time to take precautionary measures, and the chances are small that it is necessary, but I can imagine that you already secure your mattress. Regarding sanitary napkins or similar: if it gives you confidence, you can use a sanitary napkin or a panty liner for the first shelter. Then take the cheapest of what is there, it is best to see what the amniotic fluid looks like. Luxury sanitary napkins / panty liners have such a colored surface which is confusing.

After how many months the belly of a pregnant woman grows so after how many months you can see that or how much weekend

Hard to say when you can see that a woman is pregnant! If women of a second or subsequent child are pregnant, you can see that fairly quickly. In a first pregnancy it depends on your construction, your height, your clothes. After 3 months you can already see a small belly if you are slim, and otherwise it can take a bit longer.

I am now 35 weeks pregnant and my son is still in the breech presentation.
I wonder, what if my membranes break or I suddenly get sick now, but he is lying in the breech? can I still opt for a Caesarean section in the hospital?

The chance that your son is running is still there, the closer you get to the delivery date, the smaller the chance. If your birth starts, you can indeed still opt for a Caesarean section, so do not worry. Discuss this with your midwife and / or gyn.

I am now 6 weeks pregnant and have been with the GP last week. He has referred me to the gynecologist to make an ultrasound (because of my epilepsy I am being sent to a gynecologist). Is a gynecologist sufficient or should I also contact a midwife in my home town?
Childbirth will have to take place in the hospital.

If you have to give birth in the hospital, probably because of your epilepsy, under the guidance of the hospital staff, then you do not have to contact a midwife yet. First go to the gynecologist, he will tell you where and with whom you need to be under supervision during your pregnancy, the midwife and / or gynecologist.

I read on the site that a large proportion of the women should give birth in the hospital under the supervision of a gynecologist.
What are examples of medical necessities for giving birth to a gynecologist in the hospital?

That is a very general question that you ask, and I can not fully answer it. First of all you may assume that every woman is basically able to have a child born. Some medical reasons to give birth in the hospital are: a multiple, a breech presentation, a high blood pressure, more than 42 weeks pregnant ... .I hope you can do something with this answer, but as I said, this is not complete.

I am now 41 weeks pregnant and feel a certain pain that is not fun anymore my midwife continue to insist that it has to do with indalen, but I am beginning to doubt it.
it is a stinging burning pain that starts to go left in my stomach to the left side and then shoots to the right. what can this be or is the idd the descaling etc

Midwives are medically trained, and I am not, if they say that this pain has to do with descent ... More important to me is that their answer has not reassured you. You can return that to them. You can also indicate that you want to have a check in the hospital despite their answer? success, and already a successful delivery!

I am 31 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I have a question about my previous delivery. I was introduced at 42 weeks. I got a lot of inducers, so I immediately got storms. I could best accommodate them by lying on my side. By the time I was allowed to press I turned on my back but the weeping disappeared. (I had a fever now and was exhausted) When I turned back on my side, the pain came back a little, but every time I lay down on my back the weeping disappeared. I have had back wee during the entire delivery.
My question now is, do you know how it is possible that the wee disappeared as soon as I lay down on my back? Can I take something into account for my next delivery?

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