Glossary for the pregnant woman

You are pregnant, go to the midwife and suddenly there are words flying around your ears that you have never heard of. What in the world do the words mean? That's why we put together a handy glossary, including the meanings of all those terms.

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HemorrhoidsSwollen blood vessels in or around the anus that are painful and can itch.
AcneAcne. During pregnancy you can suffer from pregnancy acne.
SeparationDuring your pregnancy you suffer more from vaginal discharge.
AmenorrheaNo menstruation, the period that you are pregnant
AnamnesisMedical history
Apgar scoreThis score is used to find out whether your newborn baby is in order.
AsphyxiaOxygen deficiency just before, during and / or immediately after birth
ATDA Terme Date - expected delivery date
Bar stool (umbrellas)Aid for childbirth
BabyhshowerSurprise party for the pregnant
Tire painPain at the ligaments of the womb
Pelvic instabilityPelvic instability is also called symphysolysis, the great amount of movement or weakening in the pelvis.
Candida AlbicansFungal infections. A common ailment during pregnancy.
CerclageThe installation of a support band around the cervix
Cervical insufficiencyAn initially painless progressive digestion of the cervix. The cervix is ​​too weak (insufficient) so that it will open up during the pregnancy so that there is a risk of preterm birth.
ControlsYou can expect various checks during pregnancy
CycleThe menstrual cycle is the process that ensures the maturation of egg cells and the build-up and breakdown of the uterine lining.
Diabetes gravidarumA form of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy
DopplerEcho device to listen to the heart of your baby. Another word: doptone.
EDLMFirst Day Last Menstruation
FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome - FAS is caused by frequent and frequent alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Folic acidAn important vitamin for your unborn child
Birth planPlan with your wishes and preferences about the delivery.
Gender reveal partyParty to make known the sex of your child
HELPPHemolysis Elevated Liverzymes Low Platelets - increased red blood cell degradation, impaired liver function and too short blood platelets, causing blood clotting to be disrupted. Erngeous pregnancy complication.
Hyperemesis GravidarumExtreme form of nausea and vomiting.
HypertensionRaised blood pressure
LocationPosition of the baby in your stomach.
MultiparaWoman who has already given birth to two or more children.
NulliparaWoman who has never given birth to a child
ConstipationConstipation.The intestines work somewhat slower during pregnancy.
EdemaHold moisture
PerineumArea between anus and female genitals
Placenta previaPresent placenta
PrimiparaWoman giving birth to her first child
PyrosisHeartburn, a common pregnancy ailment.
Rhesus factorFeature (red blood cells) in the blood
Mucus plugThick, tough mucus to seal the uterus during pregnancy
Stretch marksMaternity belts
StrippingLoosening of the membranes at the cervix.
Nipple hatSilicone tool for breastfeeding
Tummy TubType of bucket to wash your baby.
Paternity testDNA tests for kinship between father and child
Vaginal toucherInternal examination with the fingers
Water birthChildbirth in a water bath
ContractionsContraction of the uterus which leads to the delivery
Pregnancy yogaSpecific yoga for the pregnant woman

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