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Yeah! You're pregnant! Congratulations! This will be a very nice but also exciting time for you! From the moment I knew I was pregnant, I immediately started reading everything about pregnancy, childbirth and babies. Magazines, websites and / or books. I could not get enough of it Do you do this too? Do you also try to read in all the ailments, developments, baker talks, tips and facts, so that you can now call yourself 'The pregnancy expert' of the neighborhood? Does your pregnancy no longer have any secrets for you?

Then you dare to make this challenging quiz. You answer the questions laughing and whistling! Or maybe there is still a difficult question? We are curious about your score! Do you let them know in the comments below? Thanks in advance! Then I wish you lots of success and pleasure!

Let's go!

1. When should you start swallowing folic acid?

A. As soon as you know you are pregnant
B. From week 10 of your pregnancy
C. Four weeks before fertilization
D. The swallowing of folic acid is not necessary

Read the answer The importance of folic acid

2. How long does an average pregnancy last?

A. 38 weeks
B. 39 weeks
C. 40 weeks
D. 41 weeks

Read the answer Pregnancy calendar

3. What does the abbreviation ATD mean?

A. Autism Cystic fibrosis Down syndrome
B. Always The Doppler
C. A Terme Date
D. A Terrible Day

Read the answer Calculate your ATD

4. How many women give birth on the due date?

A. 0-5%
B. 6-10%
C. 11-20%
D. 20% or more

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5. What can be the first pregnancy symptoms?

A. Nausea, mood swings
B. Sensitive breasts
C. Fatigue, headache
D. Peeing frequently

Read the answer Early pregnancy symptoms

6. What does Mothers do for Mothers?

A. They provide nice maternity packages
B. They are an online source of information for pregnant women
C. An organization that collects urine from pregnant women
D. This is another term for maternity nurses

Read the answer Mothers for Mothers

7. From which organization do you receive the maternity package?

A. The local drug store
B. Health insurance company
C. Via the maternity care organization
D. The midwife

Read the answer What's in the maternity package?

8. Until which week of your pregnancy can you still fly?

A. 20 weeks
B. 24 weeks
C. 28 weeks
D. 32 weeks

9. What is FAS?

A. Fantastic Breathtaking Sex
B. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
C. Federation Careless Sleepwalking
D. Fastfood Alcohol Soft Drugs

Read the answer What is FAS?

10. What are the average costs in the 1st year of your baby?

A. 1000 - 1500 euros
B. 1600 - 2500 euros
C. 2600 - 3000 euros
D. 3100 - 5000 euros

Read the answer Average costs baby's first year

11. And to what amount did this accrue when he is 12 years old?

A. 25,000 euros
B. 50,000 euros
C. 75,000 euros
D. More than 75,000 euros

12. What is being watched during the 20-week ultrasound?

A. Heart, skull and brain
B. Kidneys, abdominal wall, bladder and kidneys
C. Arms, bones and skull
D. Sex and possible deviations (open back, open skull, water head)

Read the answer What is a pretecho?

13. What better to avoid during pregnancy?

A. Cheese
B. Tuna
C. Liver sausage
D. Raw tartar

Read the answer Healthy food during pregnancy

14. How much weight do you get during a pregnancy?

A. 00 - 10 kilos
B. 11 - 16 kilos
C. 16 - 20 kilos
D. 20 - 25 kilos

Read the answer Weight gain pregnancy

15. What tests does the midwife do during the first visit?

A. No research yet
B. Measuring blood pressure, feeling stomach, blood tests, weight and height
C. Pregnancy test
D. Sonoscopy of the baby

Read the answer First visit midwife

16. When you rule 'Recognition of unborn fetus'

A. Before birth
B. At the birth declaration
C. After the birth declaration
D. May all (A, B and C)

Read the answer Recognition of the unborn child

17. Do you, as a self-employed person, have the right to maternity leave?

A. No, unfortunately peanut butter
B. You enter the unemployment benefit for a few weeks
C. You can use the ZEZ scheme
D. You can take leave, but you will not get paid

Read the answer Maternity leave - What are you entitled to?

18. When can the amniocentesis work?

A. For the 10th week of pregnancy
B. Between the 10th and the 15th week
C. Around 16 weeks
D. After 24 weeks

Read the answer The amniocentesis

19. What, according to the baker's talk, has an influence on the delivery?

A. Drink bitter Lemon or Tonic (by the substance quinine)
B. Eat a fresh pineapple (also by the substance quinine)
C. Open the windows and doors.
D. Look at the full moon!

Read the answer Baker talk during pregnancy

20. What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

A. Perspraying
B. Back pain
C. False contractions
D. Injury contractions

Read the answer All ins and outs about contractions

21. What signals does the delivery announce?

A. Loss of the mucus plug
B. Diarrhea
C. Break the membranes
D. It can all happen! (A, B and C)

Read the answer The delivery starts

22. What is the APGAR score for?

A. Activity, Position, Size, Respiration, Reflexes
B. Activity, Pulse, Grimacve, Apperance, Respiration
C. Respiration, Wrist, Scream, Look, Reflexes
D. Look, Position, Yawn, Doctors, Red

Read the answer What does the APGAR score mean?

23. What does your newborn child see?

A. He does not see anything yet
B. He sees everything right
C. He does not see color yet and he only sees what is close
D. He only sees no colors yet

Read the answer What does a newborn baby see?

24. How did the first poo of your child?

A. Meconium
B. Colustrum
C. Amenorrhoea
D. Cervix

Read the answer The first days with your baby

25. How many diapers have you changed after three months?

A. 100 - 300 diapers
B. 300 - 600 diapers
C. 600 - 800 diapers
D. More than 800 diapers

Read the answer Diapers change and diaper rash

This was it!

Were you pleasantly surprised and did you have any questions right? Or at least the biggest part? It does not really matter, because you still have plenty of time to prepare yourself well for the arrival of your child. Fortunately, you do not have to do it alone. Maybe you have a nice partner and do not forget all experts who will ensure that your baby is as healthy as possible in the world! They can tell you all about what you can expect in the coming period!

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