Healthy snacks

Children consume a lot of energy in a day. They play, romp, run, fly and grow. That requires a fair amount of energy. You can imagine that there must be the necessary fuel. This mainly takes place through the main meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner, but in between there may also be some refueling. With giving a healthy snack, therefore, nothing is wrong.

But what are healthy snacks? And how often do you give a snack? Are there other healthy snacks in addition to fruit and vegetables?

How often?

To keep the engine going, it is good to give a snack between meals. That way your child will continue to function properly. However, try to limit the number of snacks to two snacks per day. With a view to tooth decay (attack on the teeth) it is better not to give your child food throughout the day. It is best to choose the following (fixed) moments:

Between breakfast and lunch
Between lunch and supper

What better not?

It is better not to give your child (pre-packaged) products that contain a lot of sugar. It can not hurt if your child gets some sugar from time to time, but you can limit it better. There will be enough times when it is difficult to prevent. Think of treats at school, or an ice cream during the holidays, but try to limit it in any case by choosing as much as possible for a healthy snack.

Preferably avoid packages of lemonade. There is so much sugar in it, sometimes 5 to 7 sugar cubes. For example, you can opt for a sugar-free (biological) production lemonade. That saves a mountain of sugar.

What you better can not give are pieces of sausage or cheese. This seems very healthy, but because of the amount of fat and salt in these products, it is not.

Do not opt ​​for sugar-free candy. There may be no sugar here, but artificial sweeteners are not good for your baby either.

Sometimes misleading advertising is made about muesli bars. It is presented as if it is so healthy, but there is a lot of sugar in such a bar. Better not give so!

Never give children under four years whole nuts or peanuts. In this they can choke. If you want your child to get the nutrients of nuts, choose a good nut paste (without added sugar or salt) on his sandwich.

Do not prohibit it

You better not ban food, because this can cause your child to eat. Let your child a little free in his choice what he wants, but make sure he can choose as much as possible from responsible products. There may well be occasional exceptions to the rule and you can give it something small to give. Set clear rules for this so that he knows where he stands. You determine the rules after all.

No consolation or reward

Do not use candy as comfort or reward. If your child is in pain or sad, you can give him more loving attention and not teach him that he needs to find his comfort in candy.

What are healthy snacks?

The breadstick

Soup stalks are tasty and crunchy. They contain little fat and no sugar. If you still have very young children, you better not give them the whole stem, because they sometimes go too far in their throats. In any case, keep an eye on that.
Do not give any salty sticks. It may look like the pasta stick, but there is a lot of salt in salty sticks.


Giving (cleaned) vegetables is not only tasty, but also very healthy. Vegetables that lend themselves perfectly as a snack are:
Slice tomatoes or cherry tomatoes are a great snack! Cut the tomatoes in half before you give them to your child, because such a round tomato can easily shoot into his throat and cause a choking hazard. So cut through!
A slice of cucumber is nice and fresh! And also healthy. Especially for the hot days a slice of grief is a very tasty snack.
Carrots cut into small strips (Juliennes), so they nibble away easily.

Do you want something different? Then make yourself some vegetable chips from a sweet potato, zucchini or beetroot. Yummy!


Fruit is always delicious to nibble in between. This can of course be cleaned fresh fruit, but you can also opt for a small box of currants or raisins. There is so much fruit that your baby will like: pieces of apple, banana, orange, melon, mandarin, cherries, peach, grapes (you also have to halve grapes in connection with suffocation risk!), Berries, strawberries, kiwi, mango, you name it on. There is undoubtedly a lot of what your baby likes. You can also choose to make a small fruit salad, from a mix of two or three different fruits. Yummy!


Try to limit the giving of cake, but if you choose cake, give a slice of gingerbread. Gingerbread does contain sugar, but no fat. The same applies to an egg cake. An egg cake also contains sugar but hardly any fat. However, egg cakes are very large, so better give a quarter of an egg or a half (if they are not so big). You can also opt for a mini currant bun, also a currant bun contains little sugar and fat.


You can also see drinking as a snack, but of course your child has to keep drinking well all day long. Limit also - with a view to tooth decay - giving drinks up to a number of fixed times in a day, so that the teeth are not exposed to acid attacks all day long.

Preferably do not opt ​​for ready-made fruit juices. It contains so many sugars and the light versions are not a good alternative, because they contain a lot of (chemical) sweeteners. Did you know that sweeteners can be laxative? So do not do it better.

You can also choose to make a smoothie for your child, with fresh fruit and full yogurt. You know exactly what your baby is getting! Nothing wrong to drink with yourself.


Do you really want to surprise your child once, give him a delicious healthy ice cream! You can just make them yourself from fresh fruit. Great for the hot days!


6 strawberries
10 cherries
quarter pineapple
disk watermelon

Clean the fruit and remove all the seeds. Cut everything into small pieces. Puree the watermelon with a hand blender (or food processor) to a juice. Then fill the ice cream with the pieces of strawberry, cherry, pineapple and pour some juice from the watermelon over it. Let it stiffen in the freezer.


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