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If it is cold and wet outside, it is all the more fun to be busy indoors. Nice with the warm stove. And if you're so snug inside, with a cup of hot coffee or tea next to you, what are you going to do? Well, maybe starting an 'Art Journal' is something for you. This seems to be just as popular as the Bullet Journal or the handletting.

Art journaling

Art Journaling is a hugely popular hobby. You make a visual diary in which you experiment with materials and translate your experiences and memories into creative art pages. Write down your memories, make sketches and drawings, paste pictures and make collages and decorate everything with stickers, clippings and paint. This creates a unique diary with meaningful content entirely in your personal style.

Stimulate your creativity

BBNC comes with a nice set to stimulate your creativity in Art Journal. With the book 'My art journal beautiful portraits' you learn to draw beautiful portraits and to color them in a beautiful way. It is perfectly suited for all Art Journal junkies and mixed media artists. 'Fabulous Women' is full of recognizable female figures, faces and drawings to color and personalize. It invites you to color and experiment with different media and techniques and includes stickers and collage paper to give an extra boost to your creativity.

My Art Journal

You can keep track of your personal work in 'My Art Journal'. This journal has thick cardboard paper that you can use with many different materials. In 'My Art Journal' you will find a handy sliding pocket in the back to store your clippings and you can easily keep the book closed with the vertical elastic. This then becomes your personal diary. What a nice collection of memories this is going to be!

Need more inspiration?

Can you use more inspiration? Then I really recommend the book 'Make your own art journal'. This book is full of inspiring drawing and painting projects with mixed media, which help you to become more aware of your personal challenges and other obstacles, and how you can work on them. With the projects you not only develop your creativity, but you also work on self-development. That way your journal will soon become more than just a sketchbook: it is your visual diary.

Positive self-esteem

In each chapter you will find several projects that consist of two parts. The first part examines a common problem that can impede creativity and / or positive self-esteem, the second part helps you to reflect on that experience and to process it step by step with mixed media. The contributions of leading artjournal artists offer you inspiration and show you in which creative ways you can use mixed media. And do you make your art journal on separate pages? No problem! The final chapter teaches you a simple binding method, which helps you bundle your art projects and create a beautiful diary that you can keep forever.

Create your own art journal is full of inspiring images and uplifting affirmations. Whether you are a beginner with mixed media or already have experience, this book helps artists of all levels to grow on both creative and personal level.

Specifications My art journal beautiful portraits

TitleMy art journal has beautiful portraits
AuthorJane Davenport
IllustratorJane Davenport
Number of pages136
price17.99 euro

Specifications My Art Journal

TitleMy Art Journal
Number of pages64
price12.99 euros

Specifications Create your own art journal

TitleCreate your own art journal
AuthorTamara Laporte
IllustratorTamara Laporte
Number of pages144
price14.99 euros

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