From optical illusions to brain teasers

I love fantasies, brain teasers, word puzzles, IQ tests and mindfuck through optical illusions. I find that gnawing on my brain is ridiculous. Not that I am busy with this all day, but just, just in between I think it's super. From those questions or riddles that settle in your head, until you have the right answer. Or just be amazed by the mindfuck of your brain. I find it not only fun but also very instructive.

All fun!

When I discover these new calendars at Deltas, I can not make a choice. I like them all !! So I ask them all. And now my desk is full. But it is fun !! These calendars have one disadvantage, of course, they lead off horribly. Because one riddle or optical illusion per day, definitely ask for more ... and the chances are that I arrived in December already in December and the site here is flattened because I am busy with discovering and riddling.

Riddles with answers

Of course, with the riddles, the redemptive answer and with the optical illusions you find out what happens in your brain. I am amazed. It makes me happy. But let me not anticipate things and discuss the calendars one by one:

365 Brain teasers and memory games

Train your brain daily with these memory games. Certainly as you age a little, this can not hurt you. In this calendar you will find 365 calculation puzzles, logical questions, language puzzles and memory games to train your brain. That is not only very nice but also very useful.

Example 1
In 1 minute, name as many words as possible of 4 letters starting with the letters:
G R ...

Example 2
There are 360 ​​bottles of wine in a cellar:
90 bottles of white wine
120 bottles of red wine
150 bottles of rosé

What is the percentage of white wine? What is the percentage of red wine? Solve this without pen and paper.
3/12 - 4/12 - 5/12

Solution example 2
90: 360×100 = 25
25% of the bottles are white wine

120: 360 x 100 = 33
33% of the bottles in red wine

I used a different calculation myself (outcomes are the same however). It occurred to me that all numbers were divisible by 30, with the addition sum (360) divisible by 12 to arrive at that 30. So assuming 360 12/12 is then:
90 white bottles = 3/12 (ie 1/4, so 25%)
120 red bottles = 4/12 (so 1/3, so 33%)
150 rosé = 5/12

Actually, I found my solution much easier ...! And the results are the same, so both calculations are correct. It does not matter how you come to the right solution, if you let that brain crack!

Specifications 365 Brain teasers and memory games
Title365 Brain teasers and memory games
PublishingDeltas Publishing
price16.99 euros

365 Thinking puzzles and brain teasers

In this daily brain teaser you will find no less than 365 arithmetic puzzles, language puzzles, memory games and logical questions. Let yourself be challenged daily to get started with such a puzzle or puzzle! Sometimes the answers are creative and not obvious. Try to think 'out of the box' to get started with these brain teasers!

Example 1
How can you make a cross with only 1 match without breaking it in two?

Solution example 1
Light the match and draw a cross from the charred end.

Example 2
The mum of Dominique, Rémy, Michael, Fabian and Sofie has just given birth to a baby. What is the first name of the new baby?
Sidonia? Lara? Donna or Mylan?

Solution example 2
The answer is Lara. The musical mother chooses the first names on the basis of the musical notes do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, si ...

Specifications 365 Thinking puzzles and brain teasers
Title365 Thinking puzzles and brain teasers
PublishingDeltas Publishing
price16.99 euros

365 Optical illusions

Maybe I still find this calendar the most fascinating! You will find no less than 365 images in this calendar that fool your brain. You doubt everything, the color, the shape, the size, the letters, figures. Nothing is what it seems and actually it is. Your brain is constantly fooling you and it is super cool to poke through.

Specifications 365 Optical illusions
Title365 Optical illusions
PublishingDeltas Publishing
price16.99 euros

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