Baker talk to become pregnant

You wear a hat during the baby making sex? Then it becomes a girl! If you prefer a little boy, you can have your partner put on a hat. They are not based on any science, but they have been around for ages, the baker's talk. Even though there is no basis for taking the baker's talk seriously, they will of course be nice to read!

What are baker's talks?

Baker talks are (originally) incorrect statements made by bakers regarding conception, pregnancy, delivery and baby time. Baker talks are often based on superstition. Sometimes, however, consciously incorrect things were told, for example to make asking children "wise", such as "Children come from the kale" or "Children are brought by the stork". These are also baker's talks. Baker talks are of all times, they still exist. Most baker talks are about predicting the gender. The chance that it is good is - with a 50% chance - quite big.

Baker talk to become pregnant

If the woman wears a hat during the community, it becomes a girl. For a boy, the man has to put on a hat.
Try the missionary attitude if you have trouble getting pregnant.
For a boy, the woman must keep her left hip higher up during the community so that the man's seeds run to the right.
Free at the time of ovulation and you are more likely to have a boy. 'Male seed' swims faster, but lives shorter. 'Girl seed' is slower, but lives longer. So free of ovulation, the chance of a girl is greater.
If you want a girl, go upstairs yourself during sex. Do you want a little boy? Then lie down and let your partner upstairs.

Does it become a boy or girl?

Do you sleep with your head to the north? Then you will probably get a boy! To the south is a girl.
Pointed belly? A boy! Round belly? A girl!
Suffer from rough hands, just count on a boy. Are they just nice and soft, then it becomes a girl.
Are you beautiful during pregnancy and you spend a lot of time on yourself, then it becomes a boy. On the other hand, if you neglect yourself, it becomes a girl. She takes away all beauty.

Are your ribs furred and blue? Then you'll probably get a boy. Girls prefer to kick a little lower.
If the expectant mother has a lot of pimples (face, décolleté and shoulders) then it becomes a girl!
Does your belly have the shape of a watermelon? Then your parents become a daughter. If your belly looks like a football, then a son is coming.
Do your nails grow faster and become stronger? Then you get a boy. Is it just the same, just count on a girl.
Do you mainly sleep on your right side? Then count on a girl. If you prefer to sleep on your left side, it points to a boy.
Girl rather kicks right, boys prefer kicking left.
Do not find a waist anymore during your pregnancy? Then you will probably get a girl! A boy does leave something of your figure.

Are you wearing it high?

When the expectant father gains a lot of weight, just count on a boy. But if he just stays slim, it becomes a girl.
Do you wear high? Then you get a girl. If your child is low, it will probably become a boy
Girls make you sleepy and a little boy makes sure that you have less need for sleep.
Sensitive or painful navel? A girl! Do you feel anything special about your navel? Then count on a boy
With a little boy only your belly thickens, with a girl your buttocks are also thicker.
Boys have a preference for their head on the left and girls like to lie with their heads on the right.
Are the hairs on your legs or stomach growing faster than normal? Then this indicates a son. But if it is the same, then it is a girl.

Dreams can be predictive ...

Do you have a lot of appetite for fresh orange juice? Then you get a girl. If not? Then you will of course get a boy.
Your face grows thicker with a girl, if your face stays the same you get a boy.
Dreams can be predictive. Do you often dream of a girl or a boy? Here you can deduce the gender of your future baby.
Place a tissue flat on the table and ask the future mum to pick it up. If she takes him by the edge, she expects a girl. If she grabs him at one of the corners, it becomes a boy.

Thinning hair

Does your hair get a bit thinner every day? Then there is a girl coming. Will it become more beautiful and fuller every day? Then count on a boy.
Is the future father active in the field of chores? Then it will become a son! If not, there is a daughter to arrive.
Does the expectant mother often have a morning mood? Then she will get a girl. But when she is very happy and laughs a lot, it will probably become a boy.
Do you like the caps of the bread? Then count on a boy. Do not you want them at all? Then you will definitely get a girl.
Do you grab a coffee cup by the earpiece? Then you get a boy. However, if you hold it with both hands, it becomes a girl.

Cold feet?

Do you suffer from cold feet? Then you'll probably get a boy. Do not you notice any difference at all? Then it will become a girl.
With a little boy you get firm legs. With a girl, they are actually slimmer and more beautiful.
Grab a chicken's wishbone with your partner and pull both of them (until it is pulled apart).
Does the expectant mother have the biggest piece? Then it becomes a girl! But daddy has the biggest piece, just count on a boy.
If you prepare more time to prepare food, it will probably become a boy! A girl is already satisfied with a sandwich with peanut butter.
In the middle of the night suddenly pull in sour herring and / or pickles? Fixed a boy! From a girl you are longing for ice cream and chocolate or other sweet things.

The thoughts of your partner ...

If your partner thinks that you are very beautiful during sex, then you will probably get a girl.
If your first child has the crown of his hair in the middle, the next one becomes a boy. If it is more to the side than it becomes a girl.
Problems with breathing? Then you will probably get a boy! No problems with breathing at all, just count on a girl.
Is the expectant father more nervous than usual? Then you will probably get a girl! Is he just relaxing, then there is a boy!
If your resistance is lowered and you keep getting cold, you get a girl. But if you are just full of health, you can count on a boy.
Often nauseous and vomiting? Then surely it will be a girl!

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