Tips for the baby shower

Is your best friend pregnant? Or your sister? Maybe you want to surprise her with a baby shower. It is being done more and more often and that is not so surprising in itself, because it is a super fun surprise for the pregnant woman. Who does not like it such a nice girl's afternoon or evening with friends. A moment to exchange tips, laugh with each other and pamper the pregnant woman. But what comes to look for a cozy baby shower.

Origin baby shower

The baby shower is a custom that originated in India. Normally it is a meeting in the house of the pregnant woman that is adorned. It is a traditional celebration, where the pregnant woman is put in the limelight and the pregnancy is confirmed by a Hindu priest in the presence of family, in-laws and acquaintances. The pregnant and baby get good wishes and gifts from their loved ones, to indicate that the baby is welcome in the family.
In America this use has been picked up and slightly modified. It is mainly used as a surprise for the expectant mother. From America it was blown again to the Netherlands. Here, too, the weather is celebrated a bit differently, but the fact remains that the pregnant woman is being spoiled.

How do you organize the baby shower

Do you want the party to be a real surprise or do you want the pregnant woman to know about it? A real surprise baby shower is of course very nice. However, it is important that you know who the pregnant woman would like to have. That is careful fishing!

When do you organize the baby shower

Generally, a baby shower is organized about two months before the due date. Shorter in advance is not recommended, because the pregnant will have less and less energy. And really much earlier in the pregnancy is perhaps not so much fun.

How long does the party last?

For the pregnant woman, we are really 'the max' for about three to four hours. The party really does not have to last longer.

Who are welcome?

A baby shower is only meant for women. Are not men welcome? Nonsense. Ultimately, of course, you determine that yourself. However, it does give a different atmosphere. Men and women together gives a different dynamic than when they are only women. And secretly is such a girls afternoon just great fun and those men come again.
Who you can invite: girlfriends, (clean) sisters, favorite nieces, aunts, grandmothers, nice colleagues or maybe she has a nice buuv '?

Where are you going to do it?

If it should remain a surprise, the pregnant home is not an option. Where are you going to do it? At your place? Or with someone else? Of course it can also be done outside the door in a restaurant, but that depends on your budget. If you are going to celebrate it with the pregnant woman, make sure that everyone helps to clean up afterwards so that the pregnant woman does not stay behind with the mess.



Is the gender of the child known? Then you can of course do the decoration in style. If this is not yet known, or only known to a selective group, keep it neutral (white or yellow) or a combination of blue / pink.
Think of garlands, balloons, glitter guns, confetti and, posters and / or serpentines. There is so much for sale such as complete table decoration packages. They are there in pink and in blue.


You can have ready-made snacks, but of course you can also prepare snacks yourself. Or ask the attendees to make something in style themselves. For example cupcakes with teats, rusks with mice, pink and / or blue (non-alcoholic drinks).

Is the pregnant aware of the baby shower? Maybe she thinks it's the time to make the gender known through a gender revealtaart or letting balloons burst with pink or blue confetti.


Besides eating, drinking and chatting with each other, it is also fun to play games with each other or to make things together.

Dress up the bodysuit

Decorating (with waterproof pens) a romper is of course a very nice activity to do with each other. You can choose to individually decorate a romper, but you can also choose to decorate one romper with each other. Everybody draws something different. Fun keepsake! Also nice to hang up later in the baby room.
At the HEMA you can buy a romper for 2.75 euros.

Beautiful messages

Have the attendees write beautiful messages (hand-write) for the baby. You can keep them in a book for later. A beautiful memory. You can also opt for a kind of 'time capsule'. Ask the attendees to bring something that suits this time. For example, the horoscope booklet of the year of birth, magazine, newspaper, but it can also be something trendy like, for example, now that the LOL Surprise balls are completely hot for children. Everything is packed together in a box and saved for later.

Sex not yet known?

Have the attendees guess the date of birth or (if it is not yet known) the gender. You can keep track of this on a scroreboard. The final winner is presented with a gift.
There is so much fun (and lots of) decoration for sale!

Taste tastes

Give the attendees a card on which they should write a name suggestion and why the baby should receive this name.

Taste tastes

Ever smelled a jar of baby food? Ieuw. But you can do a nice game with it. Pack the jars in aluminum foil and let the expectant mummy taste. How much flavor does she have?


Make funny baby questions with fun facts. Is your girlfriend ready for motherhood and does she know all the answers?

Recommend baby photos

Have the attendees take a baby photo of themselves. These are great fun for a board game. Who is in the picture?

Detect smells

Another game is the diaper jars. Lubricate a number of diapers with a specific smell. Think of peanut butter, syrup, chocolate spread, toothpaste, et cetera. How much smells can the pregnant woman guess?


And there are gifts at a party. Everyone can bring something separately, but of course you can also raise money with each other and buy that special gift, expensive, special gift.

Small gift ideas

Tips to bring as a gift to a baby shower:
clothes for the baby, toys, reading book, teddy bear, care products or something for the pregnant (care products).

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