My musical dream journey # BLOG58

Rob and I love music. Both passive (listening, dancing, festivals) and active by writing and singing songs yourself. Well, the last one I leave to Rob about, I'm not such a nightingale. You can imagine that music plays an important role in our lives. If we ever win the eurojackpot, then we know which journey we would like to make! A musical dream trip to America! Preferably with a camper, together for a number of weeks the cross country, with the guitar within reach. From one inspiring place to another. What would I come back with a lot of impressions and new lyrics!

New Orleans

A visit to New Orleans can not be missed and is at the top of my bucket list. New Orleans is the largest city in the American state of Louisiana. When I think of New Orleans, I immediately think of the hit "Johnny be Good", which begins with the words "Deep down Louisiana, close to New Orleans ...". Rob sings this song regularly, so I can dream the text.
The city has a wonderful cultural heritage in terms of food and especially music. That city not only breathes music, the city is music. There, somewhere in a bar or music café, I do not just want to hear jazz, but also feel it. New Orleans is the cradle of slave music and gospel music. Listening to a CD on your own couch is completely inconceivable with the music where it was ever born. And if we are in New Orleans, a visit to the unique French Quarter (also called Vieux Carré), the oldest district in the city, should not be missed.


At the top of the bucket list of Rob is, as diehard Elvisfan, of course, a visit to Graceland, the estate where Elvis Presley has lived for the last 20 years of his life. He once bought it for about $ 100,000 to live with his parents. Later, many friends also moved into the house. It is now of course super commercial and touristy, but yes, it was the home of Elvis. He really walked there. That science makes up for a lot.
It is a pity that it is not entirely authentic anymore, because after Elvis' death Priscilla Presley has changed the interior of Graceland from predominantly red to predominantly blue.
Visitors can only view the ground floor. The upper floor may only be entered by the curators of Graceland, Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley. One fan has succeeded in doing so. Actor Nicolas Cage, then the husband of Lisa Marie, was allowed to secretly enter the 'Shrine' in 2002.

Neverland Ranch

Another famous and special estate, of course, is the Neverland Ranch by Michael Jackson. The name of the estate is derived from the Neverland from Peter Pan. In 1990, the Neverland Ranch was opened as a private amusement park and home of Michael Jackson. Since 2005, however, Michael Jackson has not been there. He found that the 70 police officers who did the search had violated the house. Thus it no longer felt like home for him.

Meanwhile, the estate is owned by an investment company and has even been renamed. No idea if you can view it, but to catch a glimpse would of course be very special. If you feel deep enough in the pouch you can buy the complex for about 100 million. Oh, you just do not have your wallet? Maybe you can stop by Las Vegas, maybe you're lucky ...

Las Vegas

Of course, a visit to Las Vegas should not be missed. Las Vegas is located in the state of Nevada and is Spanish for 'De Weilanden'. It is known for its extravagant hotels and casinos, but it is also the city that Elvis sang about, the city that can be recognized from a great distance from the surrounding desert and the city where you can easily obtain a marriage permit. My pregnant and sister-in-law did it last year. Personally, it would be too "plastic fantastic"To do that, but for them it has been very special. Includes a pink Cadillac and singing Elvis look-a-like.
And when we're there, a visit to The King's Ransom Museum, which is dedicated to Elvis Presley, is of course an absolute must.

Do not forget the ESTA!

Have you been interested in such a trip? Then you should not forget to arrange a number of things. Such as requesting an ESTA. This is mandatory and without you can not travel to America and you will be refused for your flight. Even if America is not your final destination and you just make a stopover, you will also need an ESTA.

What is an ESTA then?

An ESTA USA is a mandatory travel authorization to fly to America without a visa. The application can be done online via this ESTA form and the costs are easy to oversee. An ESTA is not a document like a visa, but a travel authorization that you have to request in advance to enter the USA.

Emergency request ESTA

Are you at the point of departure and have you completely forgotten this? Surf quickly to emergency application ESTA and rule (usually) within 17 minutes your travel permission. You can even do this at the airport, so to speak, because printing is not necessary. The ESTA is automatically linked to your passport. Do not panic!

Do not defy fate

Try however last minute request to avoid, because it can happen that an application remains in treatment for a few hours, theoretically up to a maximum of 72 hours. In practice this is almost non-existent, but I would rather not defy fate ...
It is also good to know that you can not apply for an ESTA if you have been in Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya or Somalia after March 10, 2011. If you are, then you can go to the American consulate to submit a visa application.


Whether it is all feasible in one vacation, you can ask yourself. It will be a lot of driving, but that is of course also dependent on the number of weeks you leave for this. You only do a dream holiday once and it may take a bit longer. On the way there are of course many more sights to discover that are worthwhile. According to the guidelines of the ESTA, you may stay in the United States for a maximum of 90 consecutive days. If you want to stay longer, you must apply for a visa at the American embassy.

But now first that jackpot ...

Sharing experience is great!

What does your dream trip look like? Which country would you go to? And what would you like to see there?

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