Gifted - What does this mean for your child?

First of all, I want to give the definition of word highly gifted: "Highly gifted is a form of exceptional intelligence, not in a specific area but in general".

But what does it mean to be gifted in daily life?
Let us first say that 'gifted or new age children' are all labels that are stuck to make a distinction between the behavior of a child or adult. Somewhere is determined what is normal behavior and everything that does not meet those requirements is a "disorder". This may sound black and white but that is how it works from regular institutions and is simply a fact.

Source of infinite information

Every person is born with a soul, a source of infinite information that we can tap into at any moment. In order to use that information, we need well-developed senses. That means, see, hear, touch, taste, smell and feel.
Naturally, these senses are well developed, but because of our environment, upbringing, culture and so on, we often close ourselves off at a young age for certain stimuli and senses. This creates energetic blockages that can lead to, for example, ADHD, diseases, extreme fears or any disorder whatsoever. There is then a clear disruption in the energy system that causes our organs, cells to receive insufficient energy / nutrition. This always leads to an overload of body and mind.

Good balance

From my work with children of all ages but also parents, I know that this applies almost to everyone so there must be energetically cleaned up to experience a good balance and be open to information from our soul, our compass in life. Our soul is part of the big picture, the source energy where all wisdom is present, the universe or what you want to call it. These energies are all connected to each other, so your soul is connected to my soul and to all other souls here on earth and so also with the source energy.
This connection with each other makes it possible for us to feel each other perfectly, for example by telepathic contact because energy is liquid and flows constantly. It is not a solid matter but changeable in density. Energy flows through us, fills us and feeds us.


Why do I tell this! Because of the connection with each other, we provide information that can not be felt by everyone. Sometimes we are even highly sensitive and there is too much information coming in, those are the highly sensitive people, new-age children, kids with ADHD, but also autism is covered. It is up to us what we do with all that information and there are not really many instructions how to deal with this. Too bad because a lot of people seek salvation in regular health care and their lives are an addictive medication. Especially for children this can be very disturbing and destructive but also adults.

Access to the source

If we now know that we are all connected at an energetic level and that our soul contains infinite information, you can already feel what I want to write.
Giftedness means that these children / people have direct access to that source. They are open to receive that information and apply it, come up with wisdom that they just can not know from everything they have learned in their earthly life.

Highly sensitive

In addition, the fact that they are often telepathically developed in such a way (highly sensitive) that they sense what a teacher wants to tell, makes them special children. They come with valuable information that is not always appreciated, especially if teachers, parents / educators have a strong ego. They will act from the ego and address or punish the child in the classroom. Many parents / educators and schools do not yet realize what it is like to be gifted, nor the regular health care.

Gifted - Fast bored

Because of the enormous knowledge that is present in the child, they get bored very quickly because they know it! Moreover, the stories they hear often do not match what they know inside and they get the label "smarter" pasted. Their mouth is gagged, as it were, and they are not heard. These children seek a different way of expressing themselves, often in rowdy and rebellious behavior which in later life can lead to addictions, aggression. If this happens, a child has not learned from a young age what communication, respect and love is.
Many are in this circle of misunderstanding because giftedness, high sensitivity, ADHD and so on are seen as a disorder when this is absolutely not true.

Outdated learning systems

Because of the outdated learning systems, parents / educators who are too busy and not open to the child, a disruption has occurred. Fortunately, we are in a time of change and more and more information comes from the complementary health care that there are so many more new possibilities. The developments are very positive because more and more people are aware that it can not go any further, that there must be a turnaround at schools, in health care. Especially people who have received the most beautiful gift in the world, a new age child. That requires a change in the environment because this new generation naturally knows all the wisdom of the soul and will revolt if things are not consistent with this truth of the soul.

Back to nature

It is important for the current generation of children to bring them back to nature, in the simplicity of life. They are often entangled in their heads by an abundance of information that they acquire and that deprives them of the beautiful, important years of "being a child". Every person needs that basis to become a stable adult who is firmly on the ground with both feet. The computer is very instructive and beautiful but can not be compared to a walk in the woods and romp with friends. These are all skills that we as parents / caretakers have in their hands so that the child does not end up in social isolation and isolates himself from the outside world. After all, we live in a society and we should never lose sight of that.
Happiness is in the simplicity of our being, in our heart and soul!

Special children's song!

Especially for all gifted children, in collaboration with and KSK Pruductions made a very special children's song, to get more attention for these children and to clear up misunderstandings. Lyrics and mp3 are free to download.

Video: What I Learned As An Ex-Gifted Kid. Caroline Cannistra. TEDxAshburnSalon

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