3 Golden tips for healthy food

Today is the day of the dietitian, therefore I would like to pay a little extra attention to healthy nutrition today. Eating healthy is important for everyone, not only if you want to get rid of a few excess pounds. Losing those pounds is often not a problem, but to keep them off often requires a definitive turnaround in your diet. Losing weight is not a matter of 'a good diet', losing weight is about improving your physical and mental health. And a good dietitian can of course help you with that. After all, she is very knowledgeable about good nutrition, but you might find such a weekly visit too much of a hassle - because we are all busy busy - and that is why I have three practical golden tips here.

Tip 1: Mentally strong

A healthy life starts already in your head. If you are mentally stable, the chance of being overweight is many times smaller. After all, you are looking for less 'comfort' in food. But there is another advantage. If you are mentally energetic, you will start doing more things yourself and (as a result) more exercise and more exercise, more combustion. If you want to get rid of your excess weight, it is therefore important that you also become mentally good at yourself.

Be nice to yourself

In fact, everything starts with 'being nice to yourself', finding yourself worth taking good care of yourself. You can only do that if you love yourself. Have you ever looked at yourself that way? Being nice to yourself also means that you do not have to get angry with yourself, once it goes wrong. That can happen. If you pick it up again the next day, there is really not much going on. You do not have to be perfect, nobody wants that from you. Then why would you want that from yourself?

Positive contribution

Your diet has a direct impact on your mood, your emotions, your concentration and how you feel. Everything is connected to each other, so it is not surprising that your diet can influence your brain. Eating fresh products, such as vegetables and fruit, reducing carbohydrates and preferably banning (added refined) sugar can make a positive contribution to your state of mind and even reduce the risk of mental disorders.

Sugar gives pain

Normally I always have pain in my body, in my muscles and joints. However, if I start to eat healthy again and leave as many sugars as possible, then I notice every time that after a week or two the pain starts to diminish. It is ridiculous that after a while I can not resist the sweet temptation. But yes, sugar is also an addiction ...

Tip 2: Step by step

If you want to make that turn in your life and want to eat healthy, do it step by step. You can not expect yourself to 'suddenly' live 180 degrees differently. The steps you can take are for example:

01) Go cooking yourself
So no ready-made meals and / or fast food dishes.

02) Choose as many healthy products as possible
Fresh products, healthy fats, avoid processed food (packages, sachets, jars).

03) Be aware of how you feel
How do you feel after a healthy meal as opposed to a fast food meal?

04) Drink a lot of water
Water flushes our bodies and takes away waste and toxins.

05) Eat in moderation and eat consciously
Do not eat too much or too little and take the time to be aware of what you eat.

06) Avoid sugar and salt as much as possible
Also the 'invisible' sugar and salt in products such as bread, canned soup, pasta sauce, ketchup. Read the labels for a while and you will come to shocking discoveries.

07) Eat as colored as possible
Fruit and vegetables in all kinds of colors: the more color, the better. Also eat as varied as possible.

08) Eat healthy fiber
For healthy bowel movements: eat oatmeal, barley, whole grains, nuts, vegetables.

09) Eat healthy, slow carbohydrates
Full grains, beans, fruit, vegetables. Slow carbohydrates are slowly absorbed by the body so that your blood sugar level almost does not rise. You have longer energy here.

10) Take enough protein
To support many body processes. Divide the proteins as much as possible about the meals.

Tip 3: Drinks & healthy treats

If we are well on the way with nutrition, it is of course also important to drink as healthy as possible. Therefore, do not opt ​​for frischank or ready-to-use juice. Self-pressed fruit and vegetable juices are a lot healthier. Because of the presence of natural sugars, of course you should not drink too much, so switch this off with (a lot of) water and coffee and tea (without sugar).

Healthy delicacies

Healthy eating certainly does not have to be dirty, on the contrary. You can continue to eat a lot of goodies and these products are also very good for you!


Eat an avocado more often. He is delicious by the salad or on a cracker. Avocado, in contrast to other vegetables, contains a lot of fat. The fat in the avocado is mainly oleic acid. Oleic acid is an unsaturated fat and has the property to lower LDL cholesterol of the blood. With eating an avocado you get healthy fats.
One avocado supplies around 360 kcal and contains 35 grams of fat. Instead of eating an entire avocado at once, you can also use half a quarter avocado and keep the rest.

Dark chocolate

Research has shown that the daily intake of more than 200 milligrams of flavanols from cocoa has a positive effect on the elasticity of the blood vessels. This amounts to 10 grams of extra bitter chocolate or chocolate made from raw cocoa, or 2.5 grams of raw cocoa powder.

Handy notes

Like the avocado, nuts also lower your LDL cholesterol. Furthermore, nuts supply many beneficial nutrients such as fiber, protein, iron and unsaturated fat. Nothing wrong with a handful of nuts a day, on the contrary. It does matter which nuts you eat exactly. Healthy nuts are: almonds, hazelnuts, peranuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts. Naturally unsalted.

Fish once a week

It is recommended to eat fish once a week because the fatty acids in fish (omega-3 fatty acids) protect against cardiovascular diseases. Especially fatty fish contains many beneficial fatty acids. Think of Atlantic salmon, herring, mackerel or sardines with oily fish.

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