10 ideas for a fun children's party

Your baby's birthday and that must of course be celebrated. This is being treated at school and of course a children's party has to be organized. Only that idea already gives some parents the necessary headaches. Because what is a fun party? What is involved? And is not that expensive?

Which can. You can make it as crazy or expensive as you want, but of course you do not have to. A low-budget children's party can just as well be a resounding success! With a bit of creativity you will come a long way!

Idea 1: Painting crockery

In the hobby shop you can buy special crockery for painting. Plates, mugs, even glasses. Very nice if children can decorate their own plate or their own glass. And of course the cake is finally eaten from their own plate or the lemonade from their own glass!
The paint instructions for use indicate how long the dishes must be baked in the oven. In the meantime, the party goers can already decorate the cakes or the cake!

Idea 2: Making jewelry

How fun is it to design and make jewelry with the children. Your own necklace, bracelet or keychain. Of course, the creations can go home at the end of the afternoon! Then they also have a nice souvenir.
A visit to the hobby shop and you can find all the necessities. Your wallet determines how extensively you will go. What is useful to get - at least - at home is: thread, closures and beads. Are there tough boys? Then you can also buy leather straps that can be braided. Of course, it does not have to be jewelry, homemade key rings are just as cool.
You can also choose to use shells instead of beads. The beach is full of it. Make a hole in the shells and you can make all kinds of beautiful things.

Idea 3: Football party

Is your son (or daughter) completely crazy about football? Then of course a football party is absolutely fantastic. Maybe you can manage to get a tour of the stadium of his favorite club? But you can also organize a mini football tournament, with shiny cups for everyone. Because at parties of course can only be winners, we do not do losers. You can creatively handle it yourself: a cup for most goals, a cup for the best bet, a cup for the best ...

Idea 4: Chocolate party

This is feasting! Because who is not crazy about delicious homemade chocolate lollies or chocolate cookies! It does not matter what will be made, but chocolate is central. Think of a chocolate cake, chocolate cookies, chocolate lollies, chocolate fondue. You can even take the kids to a chocolate factory, where they learn how to make chocolates. A party to lick your fingers!

Idea 5: Sleep party

Sleeping parties have been around for years and are still very nice. It is exciting to get through the night with a group of friends or girlfriends. That becomes laughter, that becomes chain, that will be fun! A few air mattresses and sleeping bags together and party! And of course telling exciting stories at the glare of the flashlight.
And if you want to make it cool, you do it in a tent. At a campsite or maybe you have a large garden where you can! Sleep some marshmallows over the campfire before bedtime. That will be a party never to be forgotten!

Idea 6: Tapping bubbles with makeup

An afternoon of tinkling with beauty products. Beauty is central during that afternoon. Think of masks, hairfruits, nail polishes, make-up strokes. You can not think of it so crazy and it will be a success. The room is transformed into a beauty salon with all the mini-dances. A nice music, lemonade in chic and festive glasses. Let the ladies enjoy.
As princesses they can be picked up again at the end of the afternoon!

Idea 7: Treasure hunt

Scavenger hunts are exciting, fun and active. You do need some preparation because you have to think carefully about the route and the assignments beforehand. Immediately in advance he must also be evicted, but the journey itself will undoubtedly be a success. It can be done on foot or by bike. It is possible with a theme, for example that the pirates have to look for a hidden treasure. Of course with a 'real' treasure map! The treasure can consist of a mountain of chocolate items that you can always buy with Sinterklaas in those bags.
Are they going on a bike? Let 1 or 2 adults cycle with you. It must of course be done safely.

Idea 8: Old-fashioned games

It is crowded, but it is fun. Playing old-fashioned games with each other, such as cake bites, playing hide and seek, sack race or blind man. This is guaranteed to laugh because that's what these games just ask for. There are so many fun games to think of: handkerchief laying, candy cock, sack race, donkey prick, balloon staircases, chair dance, you name it. Make sure you have a lot of games at hand. Does not one game work? Then you just start with the next one. If only it is fun and if there is laughter.

Idea 9: Party dinner

Is your child a real foodie? Then organize a festive dinner. Turn the invitations into menus and choose the dishes that your child finds the most delicious. Maybe the children can help to make them with certain dishes. For example, decorating the dessert (ice cream) or beacon of sausage rolls or investing pizzas. Then it is eaten with much more flavor!
Is the weather nice? Eat the homemade dishes outside. Picnicking is always fun.

Idea 10: Circus

Sapperdeflap! How fat is it to have children make their own circus show. With clowns, exciting magic tricks or crazy capers. Together you put together a real show that can be performed for all parents who pick up their children afterwards. How proud will the children be to show their skills for puppies and / or mothers. Acting for real audiences! And afterwards everyone gets a clowns nose of course

I wish everyone a very pleasant, successful, festive children's party without too much worries and stomach pain beforehand! It is going to be all right!

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