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Do you always have a month left at the end of the month, but is your bank balance really due for a new deposit? You're not the only one. It occurs in the best families. I was not a budget messenger myself, but when I met Rob, a world opened up for me. Where I used to throw everything blindly in my cart, he taught me to do more conscious messages. He taught me what I could look for in order to end up with money and still have the same in-house messages. Maybe from a different brand, but often there is not much difference. I would like to share his tips with you.

1. Create a weekly menu

Once a week I decide what I want to eat all week, with one or two leftovers. Usually you keep enough leftovers to eat for one or two days. The advantage of limiting the number of message moments to once a week is that you are not always exposed to 'impulse buying' or other temptations. Make a list in advance, preferably in the order of the shelves, so that you do not have to go through the store several times (and see more and more temptations).

An additional advantage of a week menu, you only have to think about it once, the rest of the week you just have to perform it.

2. Choose a favorable time for the messages

And this time is not at 17.00 when your stomach is starving, after a long stressful day and you actually prefer to stuff yourself full of comfort food. At such a moment everything looks good. Are the stores in your area open until 8 pm? Then go shopping after dinner, or if it succeeds, after breakfast. This really saves a lot of useless junk food (and therefore money).

3. Just bend for a moment!

Did you know that all expensive products are at eye level? And that you have to bend for all budget articles? That is not for nothing. The shopkeeper prefers that you buy the peanut butter from Calvé and not the cheaper version of Gwoon (or so). There are good alternatives for many A-brand articles. Not for everything I say honestly. For example, I only like the peanut butter from Calvé and that also applies to gherkin sticks from Kühne, but with many articles you do not notice the difference. And the price difference is really worth stooping.

4. Offers

Do you have a freezer in your home? Then sometimes you can also score some offers. I must honestly say that I stopped freezing pork because I really do not like it after thawing. In one way or another, a rancid taste arrives and I do not like it anymore (and often throw it away and so I'm more expensive). Beef and chicken is good to freeze. Not even for months, but a few weeks goes fine. Do you eat a lot of chicken and is there an offer somewhere? Then take a few packs and put it in the freezer. The best you can freeze in small portions (freezer bags) and freeze, so you do not have to defrost a kilo of chicken, while you only need one of us.

Also put the prices of different supermarkets side by side. By comparing these prices you can come up with some nice surprises and keep money. Often, stores such as Lidl, Aldi and Action are the cheapest, but not always. The Lidl now has the name to be so advantageous, but is it really not in all cases. Keep paying attention and do not hesitate to compare the prices of the Jumbo, AH and Hoogvliet. Because where is that daily sandwich, bottle of cola or milk pack really the cheapest?

5. Multiple days

When I make - for example - noodles, fried rice, pasta, or soup, I usually make such a big pan that I can eat for several days with the whole family. To prevent things from being thrown away, I often freeze smaller (one person portions). I do this especially for dishes that Rocco really likes. If we then eat something that he does not like (almost everything that fresh vegetables are), he can easily remove a portion from the freezer and heat it up in the microwave.

6. Use contact money

No idea how you are doing, but when I pay with a PIN, it always hurts me less than when I pay with cash and it is really very visible what I spend. If you want to have a good insight into how much you spend, it is best to pay your shopping money per week and pay cash at the checkout. This way you can keep track of whether you are still within the budget and how much space there is for that bottle of delicious wine or bar of chocolate.

7. The market

On the market, your guilder is no longer worth a daalder, but still you can still score nice bargains on the market. Especially fresh fruit and vegetables are good to buy on the market. It often looks good and usually cheaper than in the supermarket. However, be careful, because it does not always end. Do you see that the vegetable is even more expensive at the market stall? Say it mainly to the merchant. Will he bet anything from the prize? Bargaining can of course always be on the market!

8. Eat what you have

Another nice tip from Rob. When we go to Boskoop during the weekend, I sometimes say: 'Do we still have to go shopping?' to which Rob then reacts with: 'No, we do not eat, we simply eat what is'. And actually that is sometimes quite a nice challenge and I can honestly say that I always had a nice meal. Look creatively at everything you have in the closet. Betting that you can eat deliciously (and enough) without shopping?

9. Nothing pre-cut

Do you have a knife and a shelf at home? Then you really do not have to buy anything pre-cut. You pay the main prize and it is usually cut like that yourself. It is also a zen job. I love to cut vegetables, I get quiet after a hectic day. Only when I am in a great hurry do I sometimes break myself into cut vegetables, if you only realize that you really pay the main prize for this.

Also try to take seasonal vegetables into account. If you eat vegetables and fruits from the season, you also pay much less than if you eat it out of season.

10. Shopping app

There are apps to download (for example Sjorpz) with which you can calculate at which store in your neighborhood, the groceries are the cheapest. You can enter your messages in the app and indicate different supermarkets. He will let you know where you can best go. Top right ?!

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