The new make-up products from Catrice

I am not such a girl-girl, never been, but I always get happy with make-up. If you let me go in a pharmacy or perfumery, chances are that I will come out with a full bag. Even if I do not need anything. It is not surprising that I did the beautician training years ago. My life, however, took a different turn, so I ultimately did not do much with the training, but the interest in care products and make-up, has absolutely remained.

Products from Catrice

Trying out Catrice's products is certainly not a punishment for me. I do it with the greatest pleasure. A large package has arrived and I will be happy to discuss this for you. If I look at the brochure, these are certainly not the only products that you can expect from Catrice this spring.
What we are going to discuss today is a diversity of beautiful products from the nails to the eyelashes. Nice, I'm looking forward to it!

Three themes

It might be nice to know that the latest Catrice products are based on the following three themes:

Dewy: holo, prism, wet look, natural and sunny accents (creating diversity in the complexion)
#instaEffects: make-up for a super-fast perfect look
Athleisure: Make-up that stays in place for a long time

Nice basic products

In the package I find a few nice basic products to give your skin a nice complexion, to remove irregularities and / or to apply dark or light accents. With the help of these products you can play with the shape of your face, making it seem smaller or more full. With the use of shadows and highlights, you can ensure that certain parts of the face, such as the eyes, are more noticeable.

California in a box bronzer & blush palette

Two matte bronzing powders, a shimmering powder and a matte blush. This combination offers countless possibilities for a radiant look. With the bronzers and rouge you can create shadows in the face. With the top coat in a warm gold tone, you can apply a beautiful shine.
Consumer advice price 9.89 euros

HD Liquid coverage precision concealer

You use a concealer over your foundation to camouflage small pieces of skin (for example red spots). This concealer has a very thin tassel, so you can use it very accurately. He is available in three different (natural) colors.
Consumer advice price 6.99 euros

Dewy wet look stick

The transparent glossy stick with light-reflecting pigments gives every look a trendy, dewy, shiny finish. To be used as a beautiful, natural, finishing touch.
Consumer advice price 4.99 euros

Galactic highlighter drops

A beautiful highlighter with light reflexing pigments. It is a liquid texture that you can apply over the foundation. Parts on your face where you can apply the highlighter: cheekbones, under the eyebrow, just above the upper lip, middle of the chin, nose bridge and in the middle of the forehead.
Consumer advice price 4.99 euros

Spectra light eyeshadow glow kit

Three beautiful eyeshadows with one metallic tint and two hollow shades. Of course you can also use this glow kit as a highlighter on other parts on your face. The shine is very beautiful.
Consumer advice price 4.99 euros

Eye shadow

Instant glam eyeshadow palette

This palette contains eight beautiful, trendy colors (four duo-eyeshadow) that can be beautifully combined.
The applicator has a shape that follows the bulging of the eyelid and makes the application extra easy.
Consumer advice price 6.99 euros


Lashes to kill pro instant volume mascara

A beautiful mascara should of course not be missing from the collection. Catrice has two different:
Ultra black (gold)
Waterproof (blue)

The mascara is ultra-black and gives more volume to the lashes.
Consumer advice price 4.99 euros


Prism chrome lipstick

A deep red / brown lipstick with a blue / green metallic glow. He smells pleasant and is also nice on your lips. The metallic glow gives the lipstick a very special and spacey appearance. The lipstick is not very pigmented, so do not expect a deep color. However, the glow is very beautiful so you can use it as a lip gloss.
Consumer advice price 4.99 euros

Nail polish

Luxchrome foil effect polish

Your nails as mirrors, that is completely hot at the moment. And this nail polish gives that effect.
Apply the polish over the dry LuxChrome 2in1 Base & Top Coat. Finish with the LuxChrome 2in1 Base & Top Coat and you have days of pleasure of liquid silver on your nails. Leave your nails shinen!
Consumer advice price 3.99 euros

Luxchrome 2in1 base & topcoat

A basecoat and a topcoat in one! That is very useful and saves you to buy an extra product.
The Base & Top Coat on water basis is the start of your LuxChrome look. This lacquer ensures that the LuxChrome lasts extra long. Can be used as a topper over the nail powder or as a base or top layer for the Foil Effect Polish. Consumer advice price 2.99 euros

Spectra light effect nail lacquer

A beautiful deep purple nail polish with a mysterious blue glow. The paint is high gloss and is combined with a holo finish.
Consumer advice price 3,59 euros

Shake & seal top coat

The top coat is based on the colors of the ocean and its coral reefs. The top coat gives your nail polish a striking prism effect and can also be used solo. Tip: shake well before use!
Consumer advice price 3,59 euros


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