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Losing a child is a very emotional and sad event. Probably the most emotional event in all your life. You do not have to stand alone in your grief, although it often feels like that.

There are a number of organizations that can - and want you - help with this.
We have already searched for some useful addresses for you.

Do you happen to know more useful addresses, please let us know at: info@pennea.org.


Behind the rainbow
Loss processing with children and young people
T 0900 - 233 41 41 (15 cpm)
E info@achterderegenboog.nl
W www.achterderegenboog.nl


Bureau Lotgenoten
Offer opportunity in their magazine and their website for finding fellow sufferers by making available space for placing a call.
Postbus 3138 - 1620 GC
T 0229 26 20 54
F 0229 26 35 51


Center '45
National institute for the treatment of trauma as a result of war, persecution and organized violence.
Rijnzichtweg 35 - 2342 AX
T 071 519 15 00
F 071 515 7232
E mail@centrum45.nl
W www.centrum45.nl


Provides help, information and advice on unwanted pregnancy, unwanted childlessness, pregnancy loss, distance for adoption, adoptive care and searches for family members.
Kruisstraat 1 - 5211 DT
T 073 612 88 21
F 073 612 23 90
E nationale.bureau@fiom.nl
W www.fiom.nl

T 024 645 10 88
F 024 645 46 05
E secretariaat@freya.nl
W www.freya.nl


Humanist Covenant
Volunteers from the Hv concern, among other things, spiritual care, questioning and mourning.
T 020 521 90 00
F 020 521 90 80
E info@humanistischverbond.nl
W www.humanistischverbond.nl

Support for mourning and loss is carried out by almost half of all association departments. In cooperation with funeral society Yarden and the Humanist Alliance, Humanitas also organizes meetings about Death.
T 020 523 11 00
F 020 622 73 67
E info@humanitas.nl
W www.humanitas.nl


National knowledge & advice center psychosocial care after disasters
Meibergdreef 5 | 1105 AZ
T 020 566 21 02
F 020 566 93 22
E info@verliesverwerken.nl
W www.impact-kenniscentrum.nl

In the clouds
Brochures about and for grieving children, children's literature list and memorial books.
Spoorlaan 9c | 5591 HT
T 040 226 66 26
E info@in-de-wolken.nl
W www.in-de-wolken.nl


Jewish Social Work
Coordination of the entire social care for the Jewish Community in the Netherlands
De Lairessestraat 145-147 | 1075 HJ
T 020 577 65 77
T 020 577 65 00
E jmw@joodswelzijn.nl
W www.joodswelzijn.nl


KWF cancer control
T 0800 022 66 22
F 020 675 03 02

National knowledge center specializing in telephone public information, advice and assistance with psycho-social problems and psychological assistance.
T 0900 1450 (? 0.30 pm)
E question@korrelatie.nl
E www.korrelatie.nl


National knowledge center specializing in telephone public information, advice and assistance with psycho-social problems and psychological assistance.
T 030 276 15 00
T 030 276 15 15
E info@verliesverwerken.nl
W www.verliesverwerken.nl


NVVE: Dutch Association for a Voluntary End of Life Euthanasia
The NVVE strives for recognition of the choice for a voluntary end of life and the assistance with it. Activities: providing information and documentation materials; conducting research and study; the provision of speakers or speakers for meetings about euthanasia; issuing euthanasia declarations with associated euthanasia passports; providing assistance by the member support service.
T 0900 606 06 06
E euthanasie@nvve.nl
W www.nvve.nl



Foundation Center for Funeral Information
In the spring of 2002 the Foundation Center for Funeral Information (SCU) was established. This foundation aims to bundle all information about death, funeral and aftercare and make it widely available. The reason for this initiative was the experience of a number of institutions and organizations that there is a great need in a broad range of the population for one counter where such information is offered. So far, the information is very fragmented so that people often have to go to many addresses to get answers to their questions or sometimes even not find them at all. The SCU wants to offer a solution for this. The foundation is not profit-oriented and is supported by a number of participants.
T 0800-4444000
E info@uitvaartinformatiehulplijn.nl
W www.uitvaartinformatiehulplijn.nl

Victim Support Netherlands
Legal, practical and emotional support for victims of a crime or a traffic accident
T 0900 0101 (local rate)
T 030 231 76 55
E lbs@slachtofferhulp.nl
W www.slachtofferhulp.nl


Association Stragglers after Missing
Reception by fellow sufferers of those who stay behind
Vorselaar 7 | 4907 LK
E info@devav.nl
W www.devav.nl

Association Parents, Children and cancer
Interest organization for parents of a child with cancer and for parents of a child who died from the consequences of cancer. The association organizes and supervises separate discussion groups for these parents.
Fireplace 2d | 3431 JB
T 030 242 29 44
F 030 242 29 45
E bureau@vokk.nl
W www.vokk.nl

Association of Parents of Couveus children
Parents of incubator children
T 070 386 25 35
T 070 386 48 43
E info@couveuseouders.nl

Association Parents of a deceased child
Association of parents who lost a child. In addition to information, help is provided by fellow sufferers, both individually and in groups.
T 0900 202 27 23 (? 0.05 ΞΌm)
T 0252 37 06 04
E cka@zeelandnet.nl
W www.vook.nl

Association Parents of Wiegedood children
Telephone emergency service, individual support, information by and meeting days with fellow sufferers.
T 033 475 14 87
W www.wiegedood.org


Working Group Brothers and Sisters
Companion contact for people between about 15 and 30 years who have lost a brother or sister
E cka_ba@zeelandnet.nl

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