Children's clothing autumn / winter 2017

The leaves fall from the trees again, the autumn has made its appearance and the summer clothing is probably stored away again and is waiting patiently in the attic for the first rays of sunshine. But until the spring sun comes to kiss us a good morning, we first have to endure autumn and winter.

Children's clothing autumn / winter 2017

And that of course includes a fun, cool, trendy, warm, new children's clothing! And what can we expect for this autumn / winter period? We have searched for a number of brands and show their latest collection!


For the girls

New at Moodstreet is the FUN collection for girls. Cool skirts, cool cardigans, dresses and nice sitting tops. Ideal for girls who want to play well.

For the boys

In the boys' collection we find sturdy cardigans and comfortable sweaters and pants. Perfectly suited to frolic and romp. Cheerful colors and cool details.


With the Space Oddity collection nOeser stays true to its motto: "be nutty, be nice, be nOeser". fanciful prints in beautiful colors ensure that mothers and children stay inspired. Dream away at tough Melkweg prints in warm winter colors. nOeser also comes with a mommy collection that is comfortable, nonchalant and stylish. A cool gray tunic, shawl with galaxy print, comfy pants, sweater and cool knee socks can be easily shared with your child all week!

Superrebel Kidsgear

Tough, rebellious and stylishly responsible. Kids in Superrebel can bounce into the winter full of positive energy, hollering and dipping. The successful comfortable clothing for boys and girls will have a cool sporting collection with a high fashion content.

Sporty comfortable clothes in which you want to be seen. SUPERREBEL brings this season a tough collection on the market for boys and girls. Also this winter the recognizable style of black and gray items, finished with mesh as an accent on the sleeves and pockets. For the girls, items in which candy pink is processed, a striking accent color that fits perfectly with the cool black items. For the boys this is bottle green, which comes back in a 'Scottish window' and leopard.

Nais Kidswear

Do you already know Nais Kidswear? Nais is launching its first children's clothing collection for the winter of 2017. A cheerful, sporty but also hip and cool brand for boys and girls who like to stand out from the crowd.

The name Nais is inspired by the names of our children Elise and Arlaine. Two letters were taken from both names. "Amen the letters form a clear and powerful name. The collection is also certainly powerful. By using cheerful colors in combination with design and nice datails, Nais is not just a children's clothing brand. But a brand in which every child can distinguish himself from the crowd and can set up his own style.

Like Flo

Tasty and bear what you feel like. With the holidays, that is not always a matter of course. Fortunately Like FLO comes with a special party collection, which you can also attend school!
A festive collection that is also very easy to wear. That is what we want in the upcoming holidays. Combine one of the cool dresses with glitter leggings and you're ready for Christmas. Do you want the dress on again? Combine with a trendy black length stripe imi leather leggings for a cool look.
Real must-haves for your party outfit are the girly gold mesh skirts and glitter leggings. But also with the sturdy black and white striped turtle neck dress you steal the show during old & new.


NONO loves X-MAS. That is why the girly brand comes with a sophisticated party collection. A collection in black and navy with gold accents, for that festive touch.

The mix of fabrics, structures and prints makes the X-MAS collection interesting for not only girly but also tough girls. Because what do you wear during Christmas Eve? Become the golden reversible skirt with a festive bomber jacket. Or one of the beautiful party dresses, like that one with funny bees ...?

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