Treating is a party

Hip Hip Hooray! There is one birthday. Hip Hip Hooray! There is one party! And of course that means 'treat'!

"Next week my little boy Sem will be two years old. The leader at the nursery told me that they would prefer that he does not treat sweets, while I recently saw Kasper's mother walking with a candy pie. What on earth do I have to hand out next week?
Something healthy, but I do not want other parents to think that I have done anything about it and more importantly ... I want Sem to be able to share something that he likes and likes himself. "

Your child is almost his birthday and the question comes: What do we share? Are we going for the healthy, responsible treat or do we pull everything out of the closet and do we want to outdo the other parents? Some treats at children's centers or schools are huge creations of sweets. Often with gifts and craftwork there and preferably as extensive as possible to impress and surpass the other parents, but why? Do you do it for them, for yourself or for your child?

Treat guidelines

In most schools, playgroups and nurseries, guidelines are recommended for the treats at birthdays, births and farewell parties. Most advise the parents to share healthy treats. Preferably a treat made from vegetables and / or fruit or sweets without sugar. Fortunately, there are now a lot of nice, healthy treat ideas to be found. That's nicer than distributing the traditional but healthy boxes of raisins, does it not?

Allergies and beliefs

Your child can sit in the class or group of your child with an allergy. A nut, gluten and coloring allergy or a lactose intolerance for example. There may also be children in the group who adhere to a certain belief that, for example, no pork may be eaten.

Join the group

Do you have to take the allergies and faith into account? Should not be natural, but for the child in question it is nicer if it can join the group. If you do not choose it, you could choose to treat the child with the allergy or the other faith the same as the teachers. So he has the idea that it gets something special instead of feeling that he is not allowed to participate.

Is there a list?

In some schools there is a list in the class of who can and can not have what, but if you want to know for sure, you can always ask the teacher or teacher.


It seems a trend in recent years. Instead of an edible treat, gifts are handed out. For example, sidewalk chalk, bubble blower, pencils and finger puppets are often seen as a "treat" in schools and nurseries. Gifts are not only used to replace the edible treat, but also as a supplement. Sometimes it seems like a "who-gives-there-the-most-away-game" between the parents.

Nice replacement

It is a nice replacement for a treat when there are many children in the group or class who have an allergy or a certain belief. Keep it simple and do not turn your leg. After all, a child's hand is filled quickly.

Nice tips and ideas

There are many treat ideas on the internet. I will describe five treats, healthy and less healthy. A number of simple but also a number of treats for the tinkers among us.

The banana duck

- banana
- orange marker
- black marker

Draw an eye on the stalk and an eye on both sides and ready!

The grape caterpillar

- grapes
- long skewers
- cold cheese (monchou)
- chocolate crisps

Wash the grapes first before you put them on the skewer. Make the eyes on the front grape with the cold cheese and the chocolate crisps. You can also make the eyes with a glaze tip as the cheese allergy is sensitive. For decoration, you can cover a tray with lettuce leaves or dark green crepe paper.


The pirate egg-cake

- small egg cakes
- red napkins
- drop laces
- drop mats or drop roll
- blue smarties
- candy stalks
- powdered sugar

Fold the napkin as a headscarf, tie the dropveter over it and tie it at the back. Make a mixture of icing sugar and a few drops of water. This becomes edible glue in this way. Stick the smarties as eyelids, cut an eye patch from the drop mat or use a drop roll and stick it over the lace. Finally stick the candy stick as a mouth on the egg cake.


Mandarin fish (Nemo)

- manderines
- orange and white paper
- black marker
- adhesive tape or craft glue
- (silver-colored) tray
- transparent foil

Cut out of the orange paper for each fish a tail (in two fold it is easier to attach) and two fins. Draw eyes on the white paper and cut them out. Then draw on the fins and tail some lines and do not forget the mouth. You can choose to attach the parts with adhesive tape or with a drop of craft glue. For decoration decorate a tray with transparent foil and put the fish "in the water".


Air balloon

- balloons
- plastic (disposable) cups
- colored straws
- adhesive tape
- pen or photo
- popcorn

Attach four straws with adhesive tape to the inside of the cups. Fill the cups with the popcorn. Blow up the balloons so that they fit in the top of the straws. Stick the straws here with an adhesive tape. You can use the marker to write a nice text or greeting on the balloon or you choose to print a photo of for example your child or superhero (in) and stick it on the cup (see photo).


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