Never leave your child in the car! # blog5

It was a beautiful day in May. It was not very warm, it was about 21 degrees. It has already been a few years ago. I only had 1 child of about 1 year old. I went with her and my partner to visit my parents and parked the car there at the door under a tree.

Oops, forget something

After the visit we wanted to leave and I put her in her seat. I sat behind the wheel and put the keys in the contact and then I realized that I had forgotten something. I got out of the car and moved, with my pants over the upholstery of the chair and so I charged myself with static electricity. Then threw the door closed and briefly touched the metal of the door. It caused a spark, causing the door to hit the central door lock. Car keys in the contact and my child in the car. The car was parked half in the shade and it was not a very hot day, but I was panicking.


We decided to call the ANWB, to open the car, in order to save the costs of a new window. Meanwhile, I kept a close eye on my little one. She was quiet, she was not crying. She was waiting quietly in her chair. The minutes crept by, what worried me. Five minutes passed and everything was still fine. The ANWB was not around yet. We called again and they said they had to get in quickly, that they had rushed.
After ten minutes they were not there yet and the little red started to catch on. Then we decided not to wait anymore and still put a diamond in to get her out.

Pretty smooth

After 15 minutes the ANWB came up. Pretty smooth, but we did not want to run the risk anymore. Small children can lose their heat even worse as larger people. The regulation of their body temperature is not yet optimal.
It was not even such a hot day and the car was half in the shade, through that tree.

Children die in the car

Then you hear people think they can leave their child alone in the car for five minutes on hot days and then I think: "You do not know what you're talking about. You have no idea "and it happens quite often, because children die regularly in the car. The biggest problem is that those '5 minutes' are often also their sense of time, but in reality they mean 15 minutes. If you are busy, the time flies and I would therefore recommend to those people to look at their watch, how long they really are gone.

Without supervision

It's not just about warm weather, but why would you leave your children in the car without any supervision along the public road? It is not that a car is a very safe place for them to be unattended.
Yes maybe to post a letter or something else where you keep the car in sight continuously, but certainly not if you have no view of the car.
There are many more things that can go wrong if you are not there.

Fast messages are disastrous

I was also faced with the problem that I sometimes had to do a little message and that the little one naturally fell asleep. Car rides often cause them to fall asleep and then you have to wake them up again. Then they are grumpy, they scream and cry, overstress while you have to squeeze them into the buggy. Drama is it, that's right, that's it too, but it has to be. It can not be otherwise.
Then you have to imagine that my children are 1.5 years old and that at a certain moment I also had two. That was quite difficult.


So I always postponed doing small messages until I had a ride of those little messages. 5 pick up messages at 5 different stores, spread through the city. It was a contingency plan and once in a while I went on, it had to be, and yes, then they fell asleep again when I was almost at the 1st store. Buggy out of the car, angry children because they wake up, scream, cry, rage, people who watch, I a red head. Surprising because they are so grumpy that they do not want to enter that buggy. The buggy rolling backwards, while I try to bend that child in a sitting posture, without being too rough, because then it looks like child abuse again.

Sweating and toil

It was sweating and laboring. With crying children in the store, pick up a message and then back in that car. Again the same scene, still grumpy in those seats to cram and then go back to ride and sometimes repeated that a few times, they had just fallen asleep, or they kept on chipping that could also. Pfoeh, how glad I was when it was done, but no hair on my head that was thinking about leaving them in the car. I have seen how quickly the ANWB can open a car. There are enough other people who can do that and then I will soon lose my child? What if someone is driving into my parked car and I am not there? What if she has to spit? What if she panics because I'm gone?

Always kids there

So no how a crime it was to get those messages with the children. If I did not have a direct view of my car and it lasted longer than 1 minute, I always took them out. With shopping, you do so anyways, because in a store you see nothing and that always takes longer than 1 minute. Also in autumn, in spring and in winter. Always.

A mobile to call

Only if I had to post a letter or load something at home (we could not always park in front of the door) would I leave them in it. Never, but never really. Only from a year or 9 to 10, when they could save themselves, did they want to sit down or wait for the store on the pavement. Doors open and then they could also get out. Then they also had a mobile phone to call me (no no smartphone, but just a simple mobile phone) when something was wrong and they did. Mostly to announce that they were quibbling, but I'm glad that I can still just that they are bicker and not ever stitched in a too hot car.

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