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There is fasting in school. The children have to pick up empty bottles for school. Actually, I do not want my children to take part in such actions. I do not want them to walk through doors for money or something.

On my door a big "NO" sticker adorns the doorbell. I prefer to find charities myself, products that need to be hung at the door, I do not trust in advance. In addition, I find it annoying to always have to open the door to nonsense and nowadays you are more and more scammers and even house robberies take place.

In fact, it is only logical that I do not want to send my child along the doors. In addition, you never know who they ring and I do not think that's a nice idea either.


A year or two ago the youngest had already come up with a stunt. She sold shells for 10 cents. She said cheerfully that she had already picked up Eu0.50. It went a bit past me. Selling shells for 10 cents? Who buys that now? She was busy playing in the playground when she told it, so I thought for a moment that she was taking it away from other children, but I found it odd. Why would children pay 10 cents for a shell?

Monkey from the sleeve

A little later the monkey came out of the sleeve. Madam proudly came home with the announcement that she had already earned more than Eu 7, - with her shell trade.
That this amount could not come from other children, became clear to me then and so I asked.
"Where do you get that from then?" I asked.
"Just in people's homes," she said
So she went through the doors with those shells! "But, why do those people buy those shells from you?" I asked myself. "Well I say it's almost Mother's Day and I do not have the money to buy a present for you," she said.

Loving and excruciating

Yes it is really true, she did. It was sweet and painful at the same time. After all, every year the children get 5 euros from me to buy a Mother's Day present. Then I take them to the store and I wait outside until they have picked out presents for me. They think that's great to do.
"5 Euro is not enough for what I want to buy for you!" She said with a mischievous voice.
She wanted to get a lot more money, but I pulled a line below that. I also think it is very sweet of all the residents who contributed to my Mother's Day gift! Thanks to this! I have received a nice ring that I still wear.
"Normally does that ring cost as much as 50 euros? But now he was in the offer for Mother's Day. "I just let her into that delusion, offers work just like that. It is about having a beautiful ring from my daughter, even though she is so naughty.

Not along the doors

So she knows perfectly well that I do not want her to go past the doors, because I warned her about that extra time. She suddenly comes home with a garbage bag full of empty bottles, after playing outside.
"What have you got there?" I ask
"Empty bottles, for the fast," she says
"You know I do not want that?" I say a little annoyed that she has sneaked around the doors again.
"Yes, but it is mandatory, we all have to join the teacher." She says. Hmm that 'must' there is something to be said, but I know that the action is for school, so I keep my mouth on, even though I do not agree with it. That gel doorur along the doors I find really a thing.
"You're going to hand them in yourself!" I say
"Yes is good mom" she says cheerfully and she already takes her bike to go to the shops. She comes back a little later. Not all bottles could be returned to the supermarkets in the neighborhood.
Yes, I was afraid of that and the other supermarkets are too far away for her. So I am still the bobbin.

Check on the internet

I decide to look at the Internet for a second which store sells these brands and then I hope that the information is correct and I decide to take them with us, if we are still around because of the swimming lessons.
The children are swimming when I go quickly past the supermarket in the neighborhood, which according to Google these brands should sell bottles.

Lush fur collar

With my newly painted nails, my new thick winter coat with a beautiful lush fur collar on it, I step into the supermarket with a garbage bag. I'm already sorry that I did not take another bag, but yes it happened, I thought. Inquiring people look at me, what I do with a garbage bag in that supermarket. Quickly I walk to the bottle machine, from the five bottles I have with me, he picks exactly one! 0.25 Euro adorns the receipt.

With that receipt with 0.25 euro on it and still the garbage bag containing four bottles, I walk to the checkout and join in the row. Fortunately, someone lets me in. Then I hand over the receipt to the cashier, which removes 25 cents from the cash drawer. She looks at me pitifully. Where would that lady with that garbage bag, that 25 cents now so badly need?

With trash bag

With garbage bag I walk outside again and decide to try again at an adjacent supermarket. I take the inquiring glances of the people for granted. Unfortunately, this supermarket does not take 1 bottle. I do see a large pot of black-and-white salmiak, which is too tempting to pass by. I love sweet salmiak, but I hardly ever buy it, that is a prayer without end, but I have never seen such a big pot of sweet salmiak, I have to have it. So I go back in line, for 1 pot black / white salmiak, still with garbage bag. Stoically, I look at the cashier who, with the question "Is all this?", Just manages to hide a strange look on her face. Or am I imagining it?

Tell the story

Laughing I walk out of the store and after the swim I tell the story to the children.
"Do you now understand why I have something against those actions?" I ask Neline
"Yes, Mom" ​​she says
In the end I gave her the money for those few bottles, because five supermarkets are still in the closet. Maybe I can give them to a child next year, who comes to the door for some empty bottles of action.

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