How do you make your Christmas dinner Kinderproof?

A Christmas dinner often means a lot of testing for children. Often it is eaten with several courses and that means a big seat for the little ones. Small children do not have so much patience, so the chance that they will keep it after the first course is great. And in fact you can not expect your children to endure this whole sitting well. However, you can ensure that it remains as pleasant as possible for them. So to make it as fun as possible for everyone, we have some tips for you.

Sit on and give legs

During the day you can better indicate his old clothes, so that he can play and play outside, so that he can lose his energy before he goes to the table. Dress him up just before you go to the table. That insanely gift-giving Christmas outfit that you have bought for your child, is certain to him, but do not expect him to sit down on the couch. Better you can make sure that he is busy with things he likes himself. Take care of some nice pictures just after he starts playing and eating, as a reminder and then release it.

Christmas dinner at home

The easiest thing is to give a Christmas dinner in your own home, then your child is in his own environment and he can play with his toys in between or just be in his room.
You can choose a menu where he himself is actively engaged, such as gourmet or a nice little pizza oven on the table. He is busy and will not get bored so easily.
If you prefer to cook 'in courses', make sure that there are enough dishes that he likes. Between the corridors someone can read him a Christmas story or play with him, so you can stir in the pans.

You can involve your child in the preparations. Maybe he can put some in the soup or maybe he is old enough to make something yourself? In this way the different corridors are also more fun for him. Because how proud he will be when everyone eats 'his soup' and he gets all compliments about it!

There are also those nice 'Christmas crackers' for sale. Your child will certainly find that fantastic. They come in all kinds of different sizes and price ranges. Usually there is some decoration, a party hat and a small gift.

What does the pot do?

On the internet you can find various websites that mention tasty child-friendly recipes. Recipes without sharp ingredients and most children will love it. We have already selected a few for you, such as here, here and here. Some recipes are also perfectly suitable to make with your child. How nice is that!

Dishes that always do well with children are: chicken nuggets / frankfurters with fries, poffertjes with powdered sugar and pancakes with whipped cream.
If your child is already a year or four (or older), you can also involve him in compiling the Christmas menu. Or maybe he can make menu cards, which you put on the table during dinner? If you involve him as much as possible during the preparation, he will feel proud and involved at the Christmas dinner.

You can also choose to leave one or two entrees completely in their sign, so you know he has enough to miss the rest. After these dishes, for example, he can watch a nice Christmas movie while you continue the meal.

Children like to follow us, so why not give him his own wine glass? You can fill it with its favorite lemonade, but you can also put in a special children's cocktail, which you can make beforehand. You can decide on the composition yourself, then decorate it with an umbrella nap, an edge of sugar around the glass and a piece of fruit on the edge and its drink looks super festive!

With hunger at the table

The temptation is great to snack all sorts of tasty things during the day too, but if you want your child to eat as best as possible during the Christmas dinner, you should not let him eat too much during the day. Simply keep up with his normal rhythm and then you can give something extra with the coffee because it is a festive day.

Don'ts at the Christmas dinner!

If you do not want to transform the Christmas dinner into a tearoom, do not put candles of figurines on the table, such as gnomes, deer or other animals. In itself that is not a problem, but do not put them on ... I can still remember a Christmas dinner when I was a little girl myself. My parents had bought two cute candles for my sister and me in the shape of deer. Both my sister and me, there was such a cute deer. Everything went well until it was lit. It became a tear drop, because how sad it is to see such a deer melting! That was the first and the last year that my parents opted for this kind of candles.

In any case, for safety you can better opt for LED tea lights. That is so much safer and you should not think that your child unexpectedly pulls on the tablecloth and all the burning candles fall over.

Outside the door

If you want to eat with the children outside the door, that is of course also a possibility. There are plenty of child-friendly restaurants in the Netherlands. On our sister site you will find a list with more than 400 addresses of child-friendly restaurants. There is an address between them, in your area.
To prevent him from getting bored, you can choose to bring some toys with which he can play at the table, or a coloring page with some pens. He can also enjoy himself for a considerable time. It is even more fun to bring a Christmas book and to read it between the corridors.

Make sure that there are no burning candles on the table. It may look super cozy, but it remains dangerous with small children. Do you want atmosphere at the table? Just take your own LED tea lights with you for safety?

Funny song 'The Christmas dinner'

Levi-S together with us made the funny song 'The Christmas dinner'. A Christmas song in which is sung how wrong it can go at a Christmas dinner. Not so much because of children, but because adults can sometimes make a mess of it. A song with a wink. You can find more about this here.

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